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  • Taylor TwoTimes posted 1426 days ago

    Taylor  TwoTimes

    Your a Colts and 49ers fan???

  • Long gone posted 1440 days ago

    Long gone


  • Brandon Alisoglu posted 1661 days ago

    Brandon Alisoglu

    Thanks for the post, Alex. And I understand your points, but I'm not totally on board with the Colts yet.

    The offense lost Bruce Arians. While the Luck is familiar with Hamilton, the rest aren't. Bradshaw is an injury risk and I wont' begrudge you the WRs, but it'll be interesting to see what Wayne can produce this year. Constanzo has turned out to be a great pick, but I won't give Cherilus a gold star yet. I watched him struggle in Detroit until his contract year; that's concerning, but you are correct: the Colts could have a top-5 tackle duo (at least). As for the interior, it is improving.

    As for the defense, that's a lot of faith in a prospect who hasn't played a snap in the NFL yet. And Landry had a decent year, but that's putting a lot of faith in an unknown.

    There won't be a ton of competition for the Wild Card, but, like I said, teams have a hard time winning that many close games again and again (aside form the early-2000s Pats). The Titans are going to be improved, as are the Chiefs, Dolphins and at least two teams from the AFC North. I said they're going to need some luck to get back. I'll stick by that.