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  • Phoenix Jones posted 1605 days ago

    Phoenix Jones

    seriously off the comment sections and without 10 others chiming in our conversations, please stop replying to my comments and I will do the same for you as well. we clearly have polar opposite opinions of the topics in mixed martial arts and that will never change. I can listen to other opinions and have a friendly debate but you can't and want to get into a "how many likes can I get while being as negative as humanly possible" argument. now don't take that as an insult, it's merely an observation through the months of leaving a comment then coming back to being called things like a "bigot".

    I used to go back and forth with people like yourself in these comments sections on numerous sites but frankly, it's a little too immature and petty for me to be doing at this point in my life. Again, don't take any of this as offensive or insulting as a don't want to get a 1,500 word essay on how I'm "such an idiot blah blah blah etc." I truly wish you the best and hope you can one day learn the differences between friendly debates and competitive arguments.


  • james kirk posted 1618 days ago

    james kirk

    Where did you get the idea I'm British?

  • Antonius Block posted 1686 days ago

    Antonius Block

    Learn to read shit-heel.