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My first and foremost prioity is my son, whom I manage to spend quality time with, whether its going to the movies, playing games, taking him to practice, games and various sporting events. Born in Houston, Tx, but have reside in Kansas City, since 1980.
I consider myself a strong advocate of sports and tend to converse about them frequently with family and friends. I give most of my knowledge and ability to play from my father, who too is a sports advocate.
I enjoy applying my opinions and tend to dig deep into particulars and disect sporting angles. I'm a firm believer that discipline should be weighed heavily with sportsmanship and a greater emphasis might need to be applied for certain situations. This has a direct impact on our youth of society and should not be taken lightly. Think of myself as the middle of road advocate and value the opinions of other around, as this sparks interest and conversation more easily.

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