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  • Gianni Verschueren posted 1212 days ago

    Gianni Verschueren

    Thanks for becoming a fan!

  • Tre Gulley posted 1333 days ago

    Tre Gulley

    Kroos would be a good fit, but imo Koke is a much better fit.

  • Andre Rodi posted 1403 days ago

    Andre Rodi

    The reason he's on my list and would be the second if it was ranked is, he's a traitor who betrayed the team he played from 1987 to 2001 and went to Rio, probably for the parties.
    Also stunted his career by drinking and going out, he had two magical years at Barcelona but he could have had more, in the end of his Barça careeer he was taking a lot of his teammates with him, some of them even ended their relationships thanks to him.
    And last, this is one of the dirties plays possible:

  • Andy Doubleday posted 1418 days ago

    Andy Doubleday

    Hi, Hari!

    In regards to Cristiano, he has vastly improved under Ancelotti. He has dropped back more than usual (he never even dropped back under Mourinho, due to counter-attacking philosophy). He still has many improvements to make under this department. His passing has been more frequent, but it still isn't anything to gloat about. Hopefully, the progress continues. I'm just happy di Maria's workrate more than makes up for Ronaldo's contempt towards running off the ball.

    The BBC, or as I like to call it: the BRB, has been clicking. Many thought Bale would struggle being the second-hand man (even though he'd do anything to please Ronaldo), and they were wrong (comes as no surprise). I just hope the progress keeps up. And hopefully Jese gets some minutes, too!

    Let's just keep that "T" word hidden for now. As long as Bayern Munich are on the loose, nothing is a certainty. Of course, we look primed to win some silverware this season, but it will be an almighty challenge. So, for now, talks of a treble are nothing more than lingering whispers. We can't forget 5 months of hard and depressing work only to act like cocky and arrogant fools. Madridistas tend to have short memories.

    Thank you for the questions!

  • Handdy Manny posted 1484 days ago

    Handdy Manny


  • Jazel Morffe posted 1488 days ago

    Jazel Morffe

    Sorry for not getting back to you quicker. I'm not getting any notices by e-mail when someone writes to me. Anyway, I thought Montoya was a premier prospect. That moment when he rattled a shot off the crossbar against Real Madrid made me foster high hopes for him. However, he didn't get enough playing time under Tito and he has lost some luster lately, like he can't deliver a decent ball when attacking, even though he times his runs really well. I don't know, but Alves was already in decline before his injury and I thought Montoya could have taken over. Now, I don't know. This could be another problem position in the near future if Montoya doesn't develop further.

    As for Pedro, I'm very loyal to him. We watched him become a starter in one of the best teams of all time. He can still be very useful, I believe. However, I suppose if Barca could get a good price for him, maybe they could sell him given the surplus of attackers with Deulofeu coming back soon. There's also Tello, though he seems to be very one-dimensional, and I wonder what the hell is going on with Cuenca, who I thought could be a pretty damn good player.

    As for Tata, wait and see I suppose. I find myself not enjoying Barca games lately, not as much as before anyway.

  • Sam Tighe posted 1491 days ago

    Sam Tighe

    PSG for me are very capable of winning it. They'd be the dark horses for me. I don't think Atletico can do it.

  • Tre Gulley posted 1493 days ago

    Tre Gulley

    I like Montoya. He gets a lot of slack because he's not as good going forward but he's as solid as we can ask for defensively in a fullback. A lot of people think that being a defensive fullback means you have to be as good as Abidal, but those are hard shoes to fill. I would prefer he stay and take Alves's role in the coming years, but impatience might drive him out before then. I honestly don't know what we'll do when Alves is gone if we don't have Montoya around. Tata seems to like Patric, but I'm not sold on him at all.

    As far as Pedro goes, the larger question is why is he still even on the team? It's good that his playing time has dropped so dramatically, as it seems Tata knows how poor he's been.

  • Abz posted 1493 days ago


    Man City.

  • Andy Doubleday posted 1494 days ago

    Andy Doubleday

    Hey, Hari. Thank you for the compliment! I'd give criticism/praise to any player once they earn it. Sure, there are some fans who get a bit touchy when Bale/Ronaldo is questioned, but there are also many RM fans on here who have fair judgement.

    Now onto your question: Messi or Ronaldo? As you can probably guess, I love Ronaldo much more. But the best player has to be Lionel Messi. He has done things that nobody has ever seen before. He can dribble, shoot, pass at an exquisite, and fantastic, rate. I truly believe that should he become a champion in Brazil, he WILL be the best of all time.

    That's not to say Ronaldo hasn't done the same, either. He has more attributes than Messi, but I think Messi's brilliance triumphs Ronaldo's tenacity and athleticism.

    The way I see it:

    Messi got to the top by God-given talent. Ronaldo got to the top by hard work. Both are fantastic players and both should be respected. I do think Ronaldo had the better 2013, but Messi is the better player based off of his career.

    So, in short, Messi, in my opinion, is the best player in the world.

    Thanks for the question :).