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  • Paul Tannehill posted 2035 days ago

    Paul Tannehill

    Lu Ann, I don't disagree with your assessment of Adam James being lazy. I am old enough to remember when Craig James was recruited by SMU which landed them the death penalty so I don't have a lot of regard for the man's character. I do know that the attending physician for TTU diagnosed Adam with a concussion for which he received punative treatment. All I said is if that had happened to my son, I would also be concerned.

    As for reading the entire story, I have not because I believe it to be largely negative and I try not to dwell on negativity. I have been a follower of TTU athletics for years and I am in close touch with a former TTU coach, not to mention numerous TTU althetic alumni. The former coach opined that Coach Leach thought he was larger than the school administration which led to his demise.

    As to character, no one can take a person's character away from him. I believe that Coach Leach still possesses strong character and I believe this is proven in his ability to become the HC at Washington State. I also believe he will do well there.

    So before jumping all over my analysis, I suggest you read all sides of this issue. I also believe that trashing James doesn't help you in the long run. You have a good coach who will ultimately win you a championship, if given half a chance. Now is the time to regroup and support the program. Whats past has past. My opinion only.

  • Bob Stewart posted 2862 days ago

    Bob Stewart

    Hey Hey Lu Ann - If you haven't caught it yet, here's my latest:

    Thanks for dropping by...