Bill  Walton

Bill Walton

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  • Spidey posted 362 days ago


    R u proud of ur son sir?

  • Samuel S. posted 485 days ago

    Samuel S.

    I'm am fully aware of your unrelenting hatred for your son Mr. Walton, and I assure you that I have no intention of giving him a contract.

  • Arvydas Sabonis posted 486 days ago

    Arvydas Sabonis

    Good to see you on B/R my friend. Us injury-prone Blazer centers need to stick together.

  • Luke Walton posted 486 days ago

    Luke  Walton

    be quiet dad we all know i am the superior player and you cant hate on me since i have as many championships as you.

  • IT'S YO BOI TINKY WINKY posted 487 days ago


    You must become a fan of this page Bill

  • Samuel S. posted 487 days ago

    Samuel S.

    I've put in a good word with Stone Coggins, our Head Coach for you Bill.

  • Samuel S. posted 487 days ago

    Samuel S.

    Well Bill i will certainly go ahead and forward that request to the head coach, as he handles rotations, lineups, and offensive and defensive schemes.

  • Stone Coggins posted 487 days ago

    Stone Coggins

    Good. I want you to channel that aggression and use it in tomorrow's game. Should be perfect. By the way, although you'll be getting the majority of your minutes playing with Allen Iverson as part of our bench mob, he won't be practicing with us tomorrow. So you'll just have to learn on the fly. Hope that isn't a problem.

  • Luke Walton posted 487 days ago

    Luke  Walton

    hahaha idiot we have the most stacked team ever assembled, and already have learned to play as a unit. the dictators are TRASH

  • Stone Coggins posted 487 days ago

    Stone Coggins

    You don't sound too happy with your son there, Bill.