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CJ Daconta


I am an Amateur Martial artists Who wrestles and does Taekwondo, and now train in a Mixed Martial Arts gym.

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  • Zander Freund posted 2765 days ago

    Zander Freund

    Hi CJ—Zander here.

    Your recent behavior violates Bleacher Report's Terms of Use—since this is the second time you've been warned, further behavior of the following nature will result in your account being terminated:

    "your a loser who can only argue online. you fuck off!

    You seriously need to kill yourself. If not then atleast contract Testicular Cancer, we dont need you reproducing."

    Avoid the profanity and personal attacks CJ.


  • Zander Freund posted 2885 days ago

    Zander Freund

    Hey CJ—this is Zander Freund, Bleacher Report's Community Director.

    I had to delete this comment as it violates our Terms of Use:

    "WTF?????? Is this an article or just an old hag telling us her life story??? Seriously, what is the point to this, that you love MMA??? I guess writing 50 something articles on the subject doesnt show what a big fanatic you truly are.

    I thought you told me you wanted to be a champion horse rider, not a martial artist...Sounds to me like someone is contradicting themselves. I also have to ask, why do you write such random crap???? Like the poetry one, or that what would jesus do article. God that was such a piece of shit I couldnt even finish it.

    How about actually taking the time to think of a well thought out article, something that challenges someones thinking, instead of just writing the first thing that pops into your head. Another thought would be to make sure it relates to MMA.

    BTW your giving Christians a bad name. There is a passage in the Bible about the man who prays allowed in public (you) is sinning and the man who prays silently and alone is looked fondly upon in the eyes of God (every other self-respecting Christian)"

    Please refrain from making personal attacks and using profanity in the comment threads. Consider this a formal warning.


  • Dorothy Willis posted 2885 days ago

    Dorothy Willis

    CJ, My email is justdee1@comcast.net please drop me a line. I would love to help you.

  • Dorothy Willis posted 2885 days ago

    Dorothy Willis

    CJ, I may not have commented on all of your articles, but I have read every one of them. I will pray privately and silently for you to recieve the success you desire before you are as ancient and dried up as I am. Love you Honey! JUST HANG IN THERE, YOU WILL SEE.

  • Ryan Wales posted 2885 days ago

    Ryan Wales

    It seems you are getting frustrated about exposure, if I could give you a couple quick things. To get on the main page you article has to be edited, preferably by someone that does a lot of editing on the site. Even the top writers won't be posted on the Front page if their articles are unedited. The quicker they are edited the quicker they hit the front. Timing is also important, any article will get bumped by another article that is released then edited. If an article is ranked well by others than it may stay up longer but not always. I know it can be frustrating but sometimes you just have to write for the sake of writing and everything else will follow. I can guarantee that the regulars are reading your articles but the web traffic may be low because of lack of name recognition or key phrases that web searches hit on. Thats why every damn Kimbo article gets 10,000 reads even if it's a piece of crap. If you enjoy writing don't give up and keep working hard and everything will fall into place. I just thought this might help, all the best to you CJ!

  • www.MMAPools.com posted 2904 days ago



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    Thank you for supporting Mix Martial Arts and contributing to the future growth of the industry.



  • Jon Grilz posted 2914 days ago

    Jon Grilz

    well, timing is everything. Articles tend to come in waves especially right before and right after big events. Middle of the day is usually pretty good, beginning of the week tends to be good as well.

    If there was just a big fight, wait until the middle of the next day so that there aren't a lot of other articles immediately posted that get you bumped.

    It happens to everyone. I posted a results article less than an hour after the fights last night and it got bumped by articles that came hours later. My article has about 100 hits and the others are close to or over 2000. It isn't always best to be first.

    Just keep plugging away and you will get the credit you deserve.

  • Jon Grilz posted 2932 days ago

    Jon Grilz

    I don't think there is anything wrong in having speculation in your article, but I would suggest that there be a little more substance overall.

    You covered a lot of time (over a decade) and a lot of information in very broad strokes that could have been tightened up a bit. A lot of the information could have been summed up a little better, but you are doing much better with paragraph length.

    Just make sure you don't sacrifice content for format. Paragraphs can go a little longer if the information is important.

  • Jon Grilz posted 2940 days ago

    Jon Grilz

    Sorry it took as long as it did for me to get back to you. You analysis seems solid, but the major chance I would recommend is take the "I" out of the piece.

    There is nothing wrong with having a personal edge to the piece, however, it can distract from the article and set you up as a professional, which can leave you open to criticism about what your authority actually is. Especially the recommendation that Matt Hughes take a year off, the advice (while sensible) doesn't have a lot of teeth if it isn't another MMA veteran giving it.

  • Jon Grilz posted 2947 days ago

    Jon Grilz

    It is a start, I would recommend that you go back and edit your article to include how you think his fight against Alves will be. Did you catch the UFC Countdown on Spike last night? It showed some good interviews.

    It is good to have an open ended question for readers to provide comments, but I would recommended supporting your points stronger. You listed the well known fights like Newton (which you left out the solid chance that Hughes had blacked out when the slam occured), the Trigg fights and St.Pierre's second and third fight, but you didn't highlight his performance in the first, or his win over BJ Penn.

    He is a 9 time champ, give up nine reasons why he is still great and then, if you think so, show us why he is in danger of fading away.

    You have a solid structure, now it will be about adding the important details and brushing the extra stuff away.