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  • Mark Schipper posted 499 days ago

    Mark Schipper

    Hey, Farts, if you think I am going to stand for being called a scoundrel by the likes of some Emerald Isle methane effusion, you've got another thing coming buddy! I've read Sir Thomas More's Utopia twice & seen both A Man for All Seasons as well as Beckett on multiple occasions. I also count a crusader's cross purchase from the descendant of a Templar in Jerusalem as one of my dearest possessions. I believe all of those things establish beyond the shadow of a doubt my fondness for the Roman Religion & clear my name of your baseless accusations. Good Day, Sir.

  • Mark Schipper posted 500 days ago

    Mark Schipper

    That should say: "chasing a football league" - but you knew that, Fartsy.

  • Mark Schipper posted 500 days ago

    Mark Schipper

    Hey Fartsy, How's things?

    Poor Big East, eh? I think losing their best football schools, then forgetting what their DNA called for them to do and instead chasing a league that was going to be spread nearly from coast-to-coast - then losing their best basketball schools & essentially dissolving only to reform under the colloquial name: The Catholic . . . whatever - only without Notre Dame . . . are a few of the manifestations of what I meant when I said the Big East had problems.

    Loved that Big East tourney, though Fartsy! Great to hear from you!