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I'm a recent college graduate from Keene State College in lovely Keene, N.H. I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in journalism. Sports are my passion and now as a graduate I can focus more on my love of sports (aka sitting on the couch and watching them). Follow me on

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  • Ashley McCubbin posted 1832 days ago

    Ashley McCubbin

    Thanks for the edits. In reading it now broken up, it does help.

  • Mark Ritter posted 1832 days ago

    Mark Ritter

    Thanks for the edit, appreciated! and Yes, Canada did disappoint me, but a win tonight will go a long way in renewing my faith in them...

  • Alex Peterson posted 1833 days ago

    Alex Peterson

    Thanks for the feedback and edits. Much appreciated.

  • Double G Sports posted 1833 days ago

    Double G Sports

    Thanks for the feedback. The point was to get people to my blog page where there is a little bit more info.

  • Mr. Jones and Me posted 1833 days ago

    Mr. Jones and Me

    Thanks for the edit Jen. The BR team has me working on slideshows like this one, glad it was interesting to you!

  • Kimberley Nash posted 1855 days ago

    Kimberley Nash

    Thanks for the kudos and the edit!

  • Kevin Roberts posted 1855 days ago

    Kevin Roberts

    thanks for the great edits and comments on m cutler/martz piece.


  • Hadarii Jones posted 1861 days ago

    Hadarii Jones

    Thanks for the edit Jen, I appreciate the help.

  • Robert Kleeman posted 1862 days ago

    Robert Kleeman

    Thanks for the edits. I was hoping, though, that you would add two pictures for the final two slides.

    The picture search/upload button was not working on my laptop, hence the absence of those photos. For whatever reason, some commands, such as spell check, do not work properly on my Dell/Internet Explorer.

  • Sharif Nasr posted 1863 days ago

    Sharif Nasr

    Thank you for your edits! Wrestling is a guilty pleasure of mine and I was really bored at work so I decided to do something different with the subject.