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  • Les Grossman posted 510 days ago

    Les Grossman

    Look let me start out by saying that i grew up watching WWF/WWE during the attitude era. I am a massive steve austin and the rock fan. And i stopped watching wwe once the rock left in 2003- 2004. Then i started to watch it again when the rock returned in 2010. That too i was seeing only the rock's segments. I was literally not interested in any other superstar. But then i came across CM Punk and i saw in the internet that his work was appreciated a lot so i started following his segments too. And from that point i have loved his work. Definitely he is not the in the class of rock. Rock is way above anyone in the current wwe roster. Nobody comes close to his talent. But what i feel is CM Punk is most talented in current roster. Leave out the part times like taker hhh and all. What i feel is that Cena is at the top because of his good looks thats all. He is a bad wrestler and actor. Even orton too. Orton is a good wrestler but definitely not a good talker. What pisses me off is that when cena and orton marks say punk is not talented. Their fans are 12 year old kids who have grown up watching them and dont have any wrestling knowledge. I have no problem with rock marks saying anything about punk. Rock is a different class altogether. But in the current scheme of things Punk is good. And ya punk's segments are not entertaining as those of rock's or austin's in attitude era. The thing is that his style is different. Was shawn michaels considered greatest ever by many as good as austin or rock in talking?? no. But still he is respected for his in ring work. And i believe same is the case with punk.( I am not saying punk is like shawn michaels. Just giving an analogy.)

  • Colton Gilcrease posted 512 days ago

    Colton Gilcrease

    Sorry I thought you were a Cena fan, as long as you know CM Punk > Cena, we're alright here.

  • Colton Gilcrease posted 514 days ago

    Colton Gilcrease

    You really think that WWE will be better with Cena as champ and Punk gone? You're an idiot. No wonder why nobody likes you on this site. Why do people like you (little kids and virgins) like John Cena so much? CM Punk IS the better on the MIC and IN THE RING. Cena only has more championships because
    1. He has been around longer and
    2. He kisses Vinces ass so much, John decided to make Vinces ass his own property.
    You need to get a life, and stop worshiping Cena. STOP WATCHING WRESTLING. You people are the reason that WWE is sucking worse and worse each week. Maybe if you went to bed at your bedtime, we wouldn't have to worry about the PG era. But NO, God forbid that WWE go back to TV 14 and become really entertaining again. I suppose you like watching the fat hippos dance in the ring, you don't care about the state of the tag teams, you don't care about the midcard titles either. You just want to see John Cena win and heels to lose. I'm sorry this was directed to you, but this goes to ALL you idiots out there that think that Cena > Punk. HE'S NOT. Maybe he's stronger, maybe he's more charasmatic, but he IS NOT the better WRESTLER. I know you're going to come and post some childish comeback on my page and I welcome you to. It will just make you look like a bigger idiot. If I had one wish, ONE WISH, I would wish for people like you to forget what WWE was and go back to watching cartoons. I am glad I got all of this out of my system. Again, I'm sorry I directed this to you, but after reading you're comments, I had to. If only there was a way to get this out to everyone. Feel free to comment back. Bye troll.