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Tim Nellis

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I grew up in Vancouver, BC, Canada. We have the Canucks, the BC Lions and for a while we were lucky enough to have the Vancouver Grizzlies. Oh my poor Grizzlies. Also, I grew up watching the triple A baseball team the Vancouver Canadians. Like many sports, I grew up playing soccer but was never got into the local team Vancouver Whitecaps.

Ever since I saw Patrick Roy play for the Habs, that sold me. I've been a strong supporter of my Montreal Canadiens for as long as I've been a fan of sports.

When it comes to the NFL, I became a huge fan of the New England Patriots just before the 2000's. I would receive lots of merchandise and memorabilia from my fathers colleagues who worked in Boston and one thing lead to another, that quickly became my team. I've been spoiled in that regard and defensively I've had to supply a back story as to why they're my team due to an overwhelming amount of bandwagon claims!

In short, I love all sports and appreciate most athletes and feel that I am a very realistic fan with strong opinions that I try to keep reasonable and diplomatic. I love a good debate and encourage them!

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  • Sean Keane posted 445 days ago

    Sean Keane

    when I heard he didn't drop a single pass in 2012 that caught my attention. I went and watched his footage and was very impressed...YouTube him if you haven't yet. Then I read what Cosell said about him and the pretty much seals it for me. Thanks for reaching out