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Eric Rhymer

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My Name is Eric Martin Rhymer. I live in Greeneville, Tn. A small rural town where the teenagers go and hang out at the local Wal-Mart..Thatll get your hear racing. I came out of the womb a Redskins, Bulls, and Tennessee fan. Though I was born into a Braves family, as soon as i saw the Cubs as a young one, I instalty fell in love. The Cubs are now my 1st and one love. I was on the track, bowling, and baseball team in high school, but soon learned I could not advance my career after witnessing a curve. So, i write, i paint, and i watch sports and study sports. Fun fact, I am Han Solo and Princess Leias' offspring...Just kidding...I really dont know why i just lied about something so unrealistic? Anyways, I was head writer for my school paper and now attending Walter State studying Business Management, though my passion is sports. I keep my W flag waving high every day and that is the summary of my life. If you have read all of this either you are very creepy or I am doing something right.
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