1. Haynesworth In Honolulu Blue?

    With the news that Albert Haynesworth isn't reporting to voluntary off-season training camp in hopes of a trade I see that the Titans and the Lions are teams showing the most interest...

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  2. "Take The Best Talent Available"

    Last year the Detroit Lions selected Pettigrew despite needs at OL,DL and CB...why? because Pettigrew was the player with the best overall talent still left on the board and Schwartz ...

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  3. The Best Time To Be a Detroit Lions Fan: The Offeseason Hopes and Dreams

    The best time of the year to be a Lions Fan imo is in the off-season right after the combine. Free-agency hasn't started yet so multiple players are available, you know who is available in the draft and more importantly no bad draft picks have been made..

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  4. If The Lions Plan On Improving The Offense In 2010: Call Martz For Help

    Ahhh memories, the Lions had just beat Minnesota. The Offense looked potent, they stretched Minnesota's vaunted secondary thin throughout the game and we got a glimpse at how special Calvin Johnson was going to be...

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