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Lawvol ... Yep you guessed it, I'm a degenerate shyster (lawyer) by day, but the keeper of the flame over at in my spare time, and Tennessee fan far more of the time than is really healthy.

I have an unnatural and unwholesome fascination with the color orange, and am an unrepentant fan of the Tennessee Volunteers. Focusing on the SEC, I take a tongue-in-cheek look at the world of college sports through the only eyes I have -- those of a Tennessee alum.

I am also the architect of the "Tennessee Home for the Visually Offensive" a museum of college sports farks (photoshopped photos) which is hardly the Louvre' -- but you gotta' start somewhere.

Oh yeah, and while everyone on the web knows me as "lawvol," I have also been known to go by the name "Matt."
** Note: Unless otherwise indicated, all of my articles on Bleacher Report are syndicated from my blog:, and at present the process of importing my posts has left many denuded. Thus, I apologize for any formatting irregularities, missing images (or even worse captions without an image), omitted audio and video clips, and other problems with my articles. If you wish to see the articles as they were intended to appear, feel free to visit

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  • JW Nix posted 3164 days ago

    JW Nix

    check this out

    I think you may like it

  • Michael Shibley posted 3397 days ago

    Michael Shibley

    Here is my latest report card:

    I appreciate the feedback!

  • Will Shelton posted 3459 days ago

    Will Shelton

    You should also know that I get compliments from everyone I know on the fancy new graphics at SESB. Well done you.

  • lawvol posted 3516 days ago


    To anyone reading...

    I am sorry for the typos and the missing images in my posts, although I've been blogging over at for a while, I'm not having much luck with the formatting controls here on Bleacher Report when I import my posts (coming from WordPress). My approach to sports writing typically includes a fair number of images (which I know Bleacher Report somewhat discourages, but it's my style) and while they show up in the editor, they aren't displaying in the actual post.

    I am sorry if my posts are less than perfect, and I welcome any tips from anyone who can give me some help on getting my posts to display correctly.