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  • Youjewel G. posted 2270 days ago

    Youjewel G.

    Okay, dear Kevin, how are you? Little did I know you were using all your sports "savy" on these bleacher reports, but because of your proud mama (and very proud granny) your Auntie Ani and I are now fans of yours on this site!!!!! One of these days, I will send you two bobbleheads we got at the Giants' games: Manny Paquiao and Tim Lincecum...Yes, they're sitting around here just waiting to be boxed up for you. So now I've got lots of reading to catch up on... By the way, all of your boxing knowledge comes from your middle name: Alfred, oh yeah, good ol' Grandpa Fred gave you all that!!! We still watch boxing, every major fight, because your uncle has that gene within him as well...ay, ay, ay! TAKE CARE and I look forward to reading your "bleacher reports"!

  • King J posted 2772 days ago

    King J

    Send in your official prediction statement in one or two sentences on who will win Mayweather vs Mosley ASAP.

  • john p. posted 2842 days ago

    john p.

    Definitely excited to watch Lincecum. Shut up Windsor-Sanchez. Stay cool.

  • john p. posted 2842 days ago

    john p.

    Definitely excited to watch Lincecum. Shut up Windsor-Sanchez. Stay cool.

  • john p. posted 2844 days ago

    john p.

    HI Kevin, I rarely get interested when it comes to baseball. Actually, it doesn't interest me at all. But you just converted me. I mean, you introduced me into the sports perfectly - by writing about Tim Lincecum. Thanks Kevin. By the way, I am a diehard pacquiao fan too. I Never missed a single fight.

  • black nazarene posted 2846 days ago

    black nazarene

    Despite Pacquiao accomplishing a great deal as a fighter, Jackson thinks he still hasn’t he’s a top fighter, saying “Until he beats a [Floyd] Mayweather or a [Shane] Mosley, then I don’t know if he is the top fighter.” Pacquiao has the chance to fight Mosley before the Cotto fight, but Pacquiao and his team selected Cotto to fight instead of Mosley for some reason.

    It seemed like a strange choice in hindsight, because Cotto has been pulverized by Antonio Margarito a year before the Pacquiao fight, and hadn’t looked good in a subsequent fight against Clottey in 2009. Some people felt that Cotto was a shot fighter at the time he was picked by Pacquiao’s management to fight the Filipino star.

    Mosley, for his part, has beaten Cotto’s conqueror Antonio Margarito by a 9th round stoppage in early 2009. Based on that win, it would seem that Mosley should have been selected by Pacquiao’s team to fight him, but for some reason Mosley wasn’t picked.

    Pacquiao has the chance to fight Mayweather as well, but that fight didn’t happen because Pacquiao didn’t want to have blood taken from him for blood testing for drugs any closer than 24 days before his fight with Mayweather

  • Francis Garcia posted 2848 days ago

    Francis Garcia

    Hello Kevin. Great articles there. I am now a follower. It's me who emailed you at rocketmail. Best regards.

  • Pablo Lerma posted 2854 days ago

    Pablo Lerma

    So thank Mayweather for yours medals!!!!

  • Pablo Lerma posted 2854 days ago

    Pablo Lerma

    First and foremost, Mayweather and Pacquiao are both great fighters and hopefully they meet someday. I try not to judge them for what they do outside ring, but what they do inside. I would also like to thank Mr. Kevin Riley for inspiring me to right this article and is the main writer I am referring to regarding this article. If the shoe fits anybody else, then wear it. If not, then this article is not directed towards you, but read it you might enjoy it.

    After joining Bleacher report in January 2010, I have come to an obvious conclusion. Pacquiao fans are the majority and Mayweather fans are the minority, probably not only on this site but in the boxing world in general. I would like to focus my attention on the “Boxing Community” on Bleacher Report. After analyzing the boxing articles and achievements (or medals) on this site over the last couple of months, I’ve come to the another conclusion: pay tribute to Pacquiao and bash Mayweather , do both or at least the latter the most you can on an article; and you will achieve rewards and medals on Bleacher Report. But you will only achieve the higher medals if you mention Mayweather, post a picture of him or headline “Mayweather” on your articles, so make sure you do it. Now I am not saying Pacquiao isn’t mentioned too on these articles or doesn’t get medals when his name is mentioned, but when Mayweather’s name is headlined in tends to do much better. Now this is according to the articles and the achievements attached to them, and it is not my opinion.

    Now this tells me three things:

    1. Mayweather’s name, although it is probably infamous in the realm of boxing, sells (if not $$$, then at the very least reads and comments on this site).

    2. The writer who despiseS Mayweather so much should be at least thanking him for “some” of his success on their Bleacher Report medals and career.

    3. If this writer hates him so much than why is it, all he does is talk about him, he seem to be more infatuated with Mayweather, then Mayweather’s own fans.

    For instance, take a look at Kevin Riley, “FEATURED COLUMNIST”, read his articles if you haven’t so already. He can’t seem to get over Mayweather, why? I wish I knew… All the articles he has ever written have been about Mayweather, and some Pacquiao, except for one that he doesn’t mention Mayweather. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against Pacquiao, I think he is a great fighter and I am not here to discredit him as an athlete or a person. Now Mr. Riley, on the other hand, writes some pretty ridiculous articles and he is awarded these “PLATINUM” , “GOLD”, “SILVER”, and “BRONZE” medals for, which is fine. BUT how did he get them if it wasn’t mentioning Mayweather, his highest medal without mentioning Mayweather was on an article with 1 silver medal. Now I know look at me I have none, but that is okay at least I will have face and something to write about if and when Mayweather and Pacquiao fight and regardless of who wins. All I am saying is that he would be just another “contributor”, just like me if it wasn’t for Mayweather’s name and Kevin’s infatuation with him.

    To give another example, BUT by a GOOD writer, look at Mr. Joe Oneill’s article (“Floyd Mayweather Jr. Might Be Dumbest…”) headlined by Mayweather. The highest award I saw in the “Boxing Community” on B/R in the last couple of months. He received a Sapphire medal for his article on Mayweather, which I enjoyed and respected because he gives both sides of the story, overall respects the characters in his article and gives good reason why he feels the way he does. He does mention Pacquiao on the article, but it was headlined with Mayweather’s name not Pacquiao’s. By the way Mr. Oneill, I gave you a “like” on this one.

  • Carlton Johnson posted 2871 days ago

    Carlton Johnson

    Kevin your article about Mayweather and Pacquiao was a strawman argument. Nobody has accused Pacquiao of using any specific substance, they just want him to take a Olympic blood test, period.