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  • Hack Writer posted 130 days ago

    Hack Writer

    Trade (formally Conner I guess), if you are referring to the "Aids" comment that was made by Conner I accept your apology. All of us say things that we shouldn't have said. It's people like you, who own up to those things, and are willing to take the time to say they are sorry that I can accept the apology.

  • Andy Keith posted 136 days ago

    Andy Keith

    Andy Keith
    Keith Andy
    Kndy Aeith

  • Hack Writer posted 156 days ago

    Hack Writer

    Conner you are a real piece of $h!t with your Aids comment.

  • My Opinion posted 188 days ago

    My Opinion

    yeah it's pretty annoying cause people actually think i say garbage like that. Oh well

  • Alex F. posted 190 days ago

    Alex F.

    It's Price or nothing for us we're not an ideal signing destination the only reason Price would come is because we would be re-signing him. We have no chance with Cueto and Greinke. I think we'll maintain Price not necessarily because we're rewarding him but because we can't let the guy we traded our top prospect for just walk away after 2 months with the team and after he choked our season away.

  • Eric Hosmer posted 191 days ago

    Eric  Hosmer

    In my opinion, the Jays ARE the second best team! Great power hitting club, and I love it!

  • Eric Hosmer posted 193 days ago

    Eric  Hosmer

    Hacobo, congrats to your Toronto Blue Jays for a great season!

  • Alex F. posted 200 days ago

    Alex F.

    Even if you don't get tickets to the WS if they make it follow this advice. IF THEY WIN BE DOWNTOWN FOR IT. That's a party you don't want to miss. After game 5 this is the stuff that went down:

    -Pot smoking in the stadium
    -Toilet paper being thrown on fields
    -Mosh pits with the CP24 crew
    -High fives galore
    -A street sign being torn off

    I saw all that and that's just the ALDS. If we win it all this city is going to burn down it would be a party for the ages which you would totally regret if you missed.

  • Alex F. posted 201 days ago

    Alex F.

    That game man... I have never and will never be to a better game in my life. Those hours I was in the dome were some of the best of my entire life.

  • Alex F. posted 210 days ago

    Alex F.

    You saw the Martin HR game? Damn you saw a good game. I got ALDS game 5 tickets and ALCS tickets. Game 5 isn't guaranteed so I'm praying that we can advance to the ALCS (like we should) so I can just see the play. I don't care if they win the game I go to or what I just wanna see them play... unless that's a win or go home game in that case they MUST win.