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  • Abz posted 1300 days ago


    Which winger would you go for? Sanchez isn't likely in my opinion.
    Cuadrado is a good shout.

    Vidal would literally be a dream come true, heck, I'd even be happy with Carvalho. Although he'd be overpriced too.

    I know right, it's so annoying. But you Rodriguez hasn't been great for his club. At CAM he seems like a new player, it's great to watch.

    Who'd you think will win out of Colombia/Brazil?

  • Abz posted 1303 days ago


    Hey man, yeah, it's been ages :) I've been good, thanks, just chilling in my one week off from anything significant lol. Today's going to be a lazy day since there isn't any WC.

    Yeah man! Last time we talked Moyes was still manager, and we were all depressed, how
    things have changed...

    Out of the available managers, LVG was the most experienced and most suited for the United job, someone like him really should've replaced Fergie to start with but hindsight is a b*tch.

    LVG is a tactical genius, and I cannot wait to see him tear up the PL :D

    Herrera and Shaw are brilliant acquisitions and I'm very excited. We need a CDM now along with a CB and a winger.

    What'd you think?

    Yepp, the WC has been amazing so far :D easily the best one I've seen, since my first one was 2002.

    Lol I'm used to it with England, nothing to talk about!!

  • Abz posted 1381 days ago


    I agree, Moyes prefers inverted wingers. Pienaar and Mirallas were inverted and then Baines and Coleman overlapped, so hopefully we get better full backs like Luke Shaw and Rafael stays fit and improves his game, so lets hope for more of it next year.

    I still think Reus is a better CAM than a LAM. Just feel he's better off the striker, like we saw vs Madrid this week.

    Right, but then all that hard word went down the drain yesterday. Ahh what a game. So frustrating how we threw it away so quickly. 22 seconds we were in heaven and then we were back down to earth. Embarrassing how we switched off. Then, they had the confidence and tore us apart. Rooney should've scored at least one though, I felt even after our defence tired, we could've won because we had chances in Rooney and Shinji. I guess Rooney's injury was serious after all.

    About Moyes. He has my support until December this year, and if we're still not in the top 4, then I think I'll be forced to jump onto the #moyesOut Bus.

    He did the right thing vs Bayern and almost got us to the last 4, but he just didn't have the luck, for example RVP injured, Rooney's toe, etc. He could've easily got a 2-2.

    I think we should aim to get top 4 and a cup next year. Failure is not acceptable, but again we must be realistic, with so many new players potentially coming in, and losing so many leaders (Rio, Giggs, Vida, Evra etc.) will be tough, so 3rd would be a good achievement. We should target the title but what I'm saying is, top 4 is the priority.

    I still think we'll end up in the Europa League this year, not sure if I want it tbh, but I see us overtaking Spurs by the end of the month or at least by May week 1.

    October 2015, we'll be back in the CL, I'm sure of it! But it'll be tough seeing the other PL teams there. I hope we can still attract big names, Moyes keeps saying "everyone he's talked with wants to come to OT", let's hope that's true and we buy 3 players before the WC, it would be nice to get them captured before the WC. Something like Luke Shaw, W. Carvalho, and Gundogan would be nice. Would be 80m just for those 3 tho, which leaves us with 70 odd million. Which I hope we don't waste on Cavani like the papers say! He was poor vs Chelsea. Wow.

    Haha no problem about the long comment, I enjoyed reading that. Nice one.

    Anyways, next game is at Everton in 10 days, not looking forward to that. Moyes might actually cry on live TV if Everton do the double on us.

  • First Name posted 1383 days ago

    First Name

    I've always liked wide players at United aswell, because that has been our tradition, but recently narrow wingers seems to be working even though we have no real width. Kagawa and Mata's interplay at times was a beauty to watch, but playing like that makes us vulnerable to the counter-attack. If you can remember last season, Moyes' Everton also played a similar way with narrow wingers helping the midfield and their full-backs pushing forward, providing the width, all the pundits were eulogising over it, if you can remember; I seem to be the only that remembers. But I'd still prefer wingers who do their traditional job well and can cut inside to either shoot or create play i.e Marco Reus.

    Now, a bit late, but what did you think of the Bayern Munich game? A brilliant game and performance by the whole team. David Moyes deserves credit here for pulling it off and getting a result, I don't know why people are writing him off, did they expect him to play to Bayern's strengths and get steamrolled just like every other team they've played this season. If that was Ferguson it would've been a masterclass in tactical nous (Real Madrid 2012/13 Last 16), but because its Moyes, its disgusting tactics. I posted this comment on an article to those who slating us and Moyes:

    'Lol, I find it funny that every non-United fan were writing them off before the game, expecting us to get thrashed 7-0, then when it's not the result they expected they berate them same United fans (and Moyes) for using tactics against a great team and tactician in Guardiola, that worked and not only got us a result but kept us in the tie somewhat and got Bayern rattled.

    What did you expect? United to go out all guns blazing when they beat us in every single department on the pitch and make the same mistake Barcelona made by getting annihilated 7-0, no thanks!

    On paper, Bayerns' second team should still beat us comfortably, because that's how good a squad they got. Only a fool would use an attacking line-up. Moyes played his hand and deservedly got a result. The fact of the matter is Moyes couldn't even play his strongest side with an injury-ravaged defence and a midfield that is just lacking everything except age and experience. All he could do was he did do: pack the midfield and give Bayern no space to play between the lines, the game-plan worked out perfectly, Bayern didn't really create anything except the goal they did score, some would even say United had the better chances, and on paper it's true, 4 shots on target compared to their 3.

    Funny thing is, everyone thought United would get demolished, taken-apart, hammered, you name it, yet they couldn't beat a team that were playing two centre-backs way past their best, a right-winger playing right-back, a right-footed centre-back playing left-back, and a certain midfielder playing through his 40s. Not to mention the rest. Considering all that, I think that tactics were played out perfectly and a great result even though we could've won it. But don't forget that, we should've won that game if it wasn't for a disallowed goal and a welbeck miss!'

    I, personally, think the tactics were played our perfectly apart from a defensive lapse by Fellaini that led to the goal. Everyone worked hard and played their hearts out. Even Kagawa, in the second half, was in the six yard box marking Robben. We should've won the game but Welbeck decided chip, but oh well, at least he learnt a valuable lesson. The disallowed goal, in my opinion, should have stood. What was Welbeck meant to do? Let Martinez have the ball; he went in as softly as he could under the circumstances. Martinez put his head in a dangerous position for me. Nevertheless, it was a good result. 1-1 at least keeps us in the tie and gives us a chance. And you never know we might go through, yes I have hope! Pep is going to play an attacking line-up with probably only Lahm the sole defensive option so it gives us a chance, because we can get at Lahm, how big is he? 5ft 6in or something? Jones can eat him for his breakfast and make one his famous faces.

    Counter-attacking with pace is key here with what looks like a slow defence with Dante and Boateng being the most likely partnership at back. Luckily, Rooney is fit, and as I guessed Moyes is playing mind games (well what do you know? he might be growing into his role as Manchester united manager) with Pep. Welbeck is obviously playing since he was completely left out the Newcastle game (great game by the way, Mata and Kagawa and Hernandez! Absolute bliss!) and I think Valencia will be the other man in the top 3 of a 4-3-3, there is no other plausible formation really, except a 4-2-3-1 which is basically a 4-3-3/4-5-1 when they're defending.

    Anyway I got to go I'll finish my comment off later, lol. Sounds weird saying that, lol.
    Wow, I didn't realise how much I wrote, sorry about that.

  • Abz posted 1400 days ago


    Haha yeah! Amazing stuff from everyone. Finally a good formation. Not sure why people wanted narrow wingers at United, I'm always for wide players. 4-2-3-1 wide should be our formation from now on, no more narrow 4-2-3-1 with Mata and Adnan!

    DDG was amazing! They all were. Rooney too, what an unselfish display. RVP, Giggs were actually insane, ah man, what a perfect night.

    Haha. Stupid Luis Figo giving us Munich. Madrid would've been harder imo.

    Not feeling confident at all but hey, stranger things have happened. No Mata, No RVP and No Evra but it might allow us to play a more direct formation.

    Something like:

    Welbeck Kagawa Valencia
    ---------Carrick Giggs--------

    Lets not try to be too defensive, let's just go for it! If we sit back they'll pick us apart. With Welbeck and Valencia on the wing they offer a lot of defensive cover anyway.

    Anyways. West Ham tonight. Should be a good game. I'd like to see this team:


    *Young because his pace might damage the slow pokes at West Ham (Collins etc.) With Valencia out, I think Young should come in. Januzaj will get harassed on the pitch and the refs hate him for some reason, so i'd like to leave him out.

    **Fellaini's height will be useful vs those long balls from the Hammers' defence. Giggs needs a week off at least haha. Carrick probably needs rest too but he's too crucial to our team and I don't trust Cleverley.

    *** Vidic suspended. Evans/Smalling didn't travel. So Rio needs to play twice in a week! Hope it's fine and i think it'll be OK because Carroll isn't exactly rapid and neither is Kevin Nolan.

    I think we'll win 2-1. Tight game but let's get this season back on track and build some momentum before Munich destroy us haha.


  • Abz posted 1406 days ago


    I'd sell RVP too but after his recent comments and the fact that no other big club will offer RVP 250k a week, I think he'll end up staying. Also, Moyes can't really take the risk of losing a world class player, without a replacement, I can't see a world class striker replacing him for us. With Hernandez mostly on his way out, I just feel that RVP will stay. Hopefully he pulls his finger out, and tries though because at the moment, Danny Welbeck looks better than him.

    Today's game was a fu*king ridiculous display from the players, all of them should be taught a lesson, they expect to go there a win games by just showing up. I feel really bad for Moyes because his team selection was decent, but after that why didn't he change anything? Absolute joke how he waited until 75 mins to bring Welbeck on, it was screaming for a player like Welbeck or Valencia who'd stretch their defence, but no he plays Mata out wide. Cleverley, and Rio coming on too? WTF is he thinking there?

    CL next, and I think we'll win but no chance will we go through, not the way these lot are playing...

    I can see us getting some players this summer. Greizmann, Gundogan/Kroos, Shaw and Benatia would be my guesses. Pogba, Reus, and Vidal might be a tad too far in my opinion. They'd surely want CL football?

  • Abz posted 1423 days ago


    Can you see us qualifying now?

  • Abz posted 1427 days ago


    Hey, I think RVP will end up staying simply because there's not much of a choice for him else where. United is the best he's got at the moment. I can't see Barca/Madrid/BVB/Munich signing a 31 year old...

    Yeah, Rooney looks very happy. I'm absolutely delighted, you and I saw this coming for a while now. Next Captain too.

    I initially posted this on someone's wall:

    "I reckon we'll play this team vs Palace:

    De Gea

Rafael Rio Smalling Evra 

Fellaini Carrick

Mata Rooney Januzaj


(And this team in the CL:

------------De Gea------------
Rafael Smalling Vidic Evra
-------Carrick Fellaini-------

    What'd you think?

    Also, who would you buy in the summer?

    I feel we need a LB (but keep Evra on the bench), CB, CM and potentially a winger. Plus, Powell, Lingard, Henriquez, and Keane back into the squad.

    And, who'd you sell?

  • Dan Riaz posted 1452 days ago

    Dan Riaz

    Lets hope we finish strong enough this season to up our transfer power.

  • K L posted 1454 days ago

    K L

    The defense is a mess so I won't even touch it.

    Imo, the best lineup would have Rooney in midfield.

    Interchanging 3 between Januzaj, Kagawa and Mata. That line up would be the strongest we have. Rooney is more than capable enough to play in center midfield as he's demonstrated.

    That would solve our midfield problem temporarily. I feel Kagawa should be given a chance to play with Mata and Januzaj as they compliment his style. We may see him at his best with Mata.