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Just a huge fan of the sport who loves to write and talk about boxing.

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  • Granville Ampong posted 2353 days ago

    Granville Ampong

    Dear Publisher:

    A very good friend who writes for Bleacher Report has just provided me a link to James Foley's article about me. I am surprised at the enviousness of this "kid" that has infected him about me. For next time, kindly tell him to be extra careful. I am warning him. I'd high respect for Bleacher Report but not this "Foleyssness".

    Just to let you know, I write for broadsheets, Tribune-USA and California Examiner and Nevada Examiner and for internet outlets, such as Yahoo-Associated Content and Examiner. These are all US-based publications, plus other Filipino-American newspapers.

    Contrary to Foley's impression of me, I am a US-educated fellow and not based in the Philippines.

    Kindly tell him to VERIFY his facts! I would not take further shots to embarrass him. Writing is simply my passion.

    Here's the link of his article: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/695662-floyd-mayweather-jr-vs-victor-ortiz-is-just-a-rumor

    All the best,

    Granville Ampong

  • Richard Bowler posted 2848 days ago

    Richard Bowler

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  • black nazarene posted 2865 days ago

    black nazarene

    Despite Pacquiao accomplishing a great deal as a fighter, Jackson thinks he still hasn’t he’s a top fighter, saying “Until he beats a [Floyd] Mayweather or a [Shane] Mosley, then I don’t know if he is the top fighter.” Pacquiao has the chance to fight Mosley before the Cotto fight, but Pacquiao and his team selected Cotto to fight instead of Mosley for some reason.

    It seemed like a strange choice in hindsight, because Cotto has been pulverized by Antonio Margarito a year before the Pacquiao fight, and hadn’t looked good in a subsequent fight against Clottey in 2009. Some people felt that Cotto was a shot fighter at the time he was picked by Pacquiao’s management to fight the Filipino star.

    Mosley, for his part, has beaten Cotto’s conqueror Antonio Margarito by a 9th round stoppage in early 2009. Based on that win, it would seem that Mosley should have been selected by Pacquiao’s team to fight him, but for some reason Mosley wasn’t picked.

    Pacquiao has the chance to fight Mayweather as well, but that fight didn’t happen because Pacquiao didn’t want to have blood taken from him for blood testing for drugs any closer than 24 days before his fight with Mayweather

  • Lord Hughey Windsor-Sanchez posted 2871 days ago

    Lord Hughey Windsor-Sanchez

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  • black nazarene posted 2878 days ago

    black nazarene

    Did Pacquiao beat any fighter in their prime? We are giving credit to a fighter who has hand picked his fights to get to the top.
    The same can be said about mayweather cause it doesn't matter who ever he fights there are other fighters he should of fight instead. That brings me back to pacquiao. Let's see who is available to fight pacquiao right now before he fights joshua clottey, some of pacquiao fans says that joshua clottey is the best available welterweight available - BULLSHIT
    when mayweather does the same thing you, the casual boxing FANS, say that mayweather is ducking other fighters in the same division.
    how can we know that you're the best in your division when you never or you are afraid to make any type of defence in that division.
    In 2008 manny pacquiao fought david diaz who was knocked out by kendall holt in the ninth round, and timothy bradley beat kendall holt so that makes bradley the true champion DID PACQUIAO DUCK TIMOTHY BRADLEY@ light welter weight. the answer is YES. Because pacquiao passed over him to fight david diaz who is a weak light welter weight when timothy was available at the same time .
    Pacquiao's next fight was against Oscar De La Hoya, how does fighting these fighters make you the best in the world? who did pacquiao beat in their PRIME? nobody.
    to make matters worst de la hoya had to come down to 147 lbs to fight manny pacquiao which is sad cause when de la hoya fought mayweather he was @ 154.
    Pacquiao's next fight was against Rickey hatton @ 140 which is light welter weight
    Back in the day, which casual fans know nothing about, you have to at least face the other belt holders in that division to be considered the true champion in that division. Did Pacquiao do any of that? NO CAUSE HE DUCKED ALL OF THEM.

  • Oliver Suarez posted 2892 days ago

    Oliver Suarez

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  • King J posted 2894 days ago

    King J

    Hope this answers your questions!

  • Oliver Suarez posted 2895 days ago

    Oliver Suarez

    will be running a new site for fighthype.com...http://boxing.fighthype.com/...message me if you are interested in contributing..thanks

  • Richard Everett posted 2896 days ago

    Richard Everett

    Hi Lorne,
    Thought you might like to know-I have since posted the second and concluding part to my 'fighters of the decade series, hope you enjoy!

  • Bryant Maxwell posted 2898 days ago

    Bryant Maxwell

    I am planning to do a Boxing rankings article every month, exclusively for B/R. But I need you and other respected writers help for the rankings process. I need you to send me your top ten rankings and I will compile them into one B/R rankings list. 10 points for the number one ranked boxer. 9 for the two number boxer. All the way down to one point for the number ten boxer on your list. I will compile the rankings into one of my articles and give credit to each writer who participated, and links to their pages. This will make sure for an unbiased rankings each month. Just send me your rankings if you are down.