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live by the sword. die by the sword. that is the credo of wat i stand by and live by.

i will only treat people the way they treat me. i do not come here to become famous just do wat i want to do.

i stay loyal to my friends and only my friends. i dont want to get into fights or problems if i have nothing to do with it. ill play the neutral on this site and that is all.

(This section is for the only real heel girl and I just wanted to say that your the best person ive ever met and your a pretty awesome girl. We talk and understand each other and we been there for each other. many ppl say things about u but idc wat they think about u becuz no matter wat im always gonna be there 4 u and care about u always as a true friend. nothing is ever gonna split us apart and i hope we be in contact 4 a long time. tysm Nicole S. for always being there 4 me and nvr left my side. u are the best in the world at everything u do and the true queen of B/R! :D)

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