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PTA's ten commandments

1.PTA is not part of the IWC it has it's own organization (millions strong infact)

2. PTA is neither face or heel it's in a class of it's own "trollers"

3.PTA will invade and take over bleacher report

4.the WWE section is the PTA's head quarters

5.every like you give a PTA comment will make PTA expansion on B/R more stronger

6.PTA shows no favortism to any teams wrestler or anything it does what it does best and that's trolling

7.PTA is consistanly funny read all PTA comments and see for yourself

8. PTA is going to be the only B/R account to last longer than your average troll/parody account 2 weeks (PTA is a active and longtime member)

9.It seems the IWC and PTA got a partnership in hand dispite the comments PTA made about their lord and savior CM Punk? maybe PTA can help IWC eliminate everyone's resident enemy John "WWE's queen of queens" Cena

10.If PTA comments on your profile you got PTA's full attention...or maybe it's a troll sighting just for you profile trolling For The Win

profile update!!!!

props for Daanish and Matt for helping PTA get back to trolling on profile announcements bonus!!! here's what you didn't know about PTA the PTA has 20 trolls using the account so almost and PTA means almost every troll here has a favorite profile to troll if you can find the difference between the way PTA comments then the PTA will give you info on what troll is interested in you.Only three trolls don't got favorites and it's a secret!!! (ok a little hint the leader has no favorites as of now but pending on one person you know who you are)

also thanks to Mattacluar with the best looking face on the face of the earth!


PTA's beta allies list to be on this list you have to support PTA it's PTA's returning of thanks for spreading PTA
PTA gives you guys a big Trolling THANK YOU from all twenty members!

-Danimite (Daanish Riaz)
-Mattacular (Matt Rogers)
-shasvainator (Shashvat Chitransh)
-Christy Misty (Cristina Teager)
-VKO (VIperkat)
-SCJA (Julia 3:16)
-Bret Alden Warrior (Alden Heathcliffe)
-Shawn Michaels of B/R (Ryan L.)
-Sports favorite superfan (Sports lover)
-Sin Botcha (Sin Cara)
- Morden War Kombat (Mwk360)
-B/R heel (WWE Heels)
-Moxie (CM Mox)
-Rick Roll's brother (Richard Warrell)
-Six pack abs (Abz)
-Die Yo! (Dyro)
-HEEL of HEELS (HEELS of Wrestling)
-The HEEL army (HEEL and his prototypes)
-one half of the Jeriholics (Y2j is the best)
-The awesome one (Chris Awesome)
-Little R and R Junior (Lil Ray ray jr)
-Oll-E (Olli Seppala)
-Paris Iced Z (Parastou Zadeh)
-egg killer (Sonic)
-B/R Lita (Undead Warrior)
-America's Wrestler (JBL is the best)
-Ambi (Amber Lee)
-Nikki Le Awesome (Nicole Le Saux)
More will be added as you guys continue to support PTA

PTA zones

-more section

personal info- the PTA leader has made a appearance with his own account! come speak to the creator and leader of the PTA
Another PTA member has arrived!
Meet the trollers of PTA
Ken: The leader of the PTA, his trolling is unmatched! Also created the PPD
Alex: He's 75% behind most of PTA's trolling. He's also the other half of the PPD
Alexis:PTA's queen troll!
Adrian:He puts logic and trolling into one!
Nick:Youngest Troll in the PTA but he can troll like no other!
Kayla:Emocicon radar. And they say no trolls got feelings :D,:),:(,:p,XD,:o,>.> etc
Breonna: The PTA's telecom, She answers distress calls from you guys!
Johnny: The oldest troller in the PTA, he uses profanity and such and also was the first to make PTA's first troll
Tyler: He makes the Damien Sandow part of PTA's trolling (THANK YOU!)
Christian: He loves John Cena's Spinner belt so much he wants it on his car
Dante: PTA said something sexual? Look up Dante from the PTA, It's how he rolls.
George: The other part of Damien Sandow (YOUR WELCOME!)
Rajsha: She as random as it comes to trolling so keep an eye out on that!
Evan: Twitter is his domain! #PTA
Sergio: He has all the characteristics of a pure IWC member but doesn't wanna admit it. Loves CM Punk Hates John Cena routine.
Brian: He tells you the news about what is going on with the PTA.
David: He's the one that sends out the praises to people when needed.
Ashley:She cuts the best trolling promos since Johnny's debut trolling promo.
Troy: He updates the PTA's profile and pretty much is the one that gives the PTA a article to troll on.
Kevin: He's the recon watcher for the PTA. He sees all thatis happening!

remember folks this announcement is brought to you by the public trolling announcement
Troll of the week: Cena Won, You know what that means....let's get the pitchforks and torches ready!

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  • Patrick Star posted 360 days ago

    Patrick Star

    Sup sir troll?

  • Michael Tarver Gang posted 422 days ago

    Michael Tarver Gang

  • Sports Lover posted 430 days ago

    Sports  Lover


  • SCSA biggest fan posted 430 days ago

    SCSA biggest fan

    great pic !I like trolls

  • Auranga'BAD GUY' posted 448 days ago

    Auranga'BAD GUY'

    Something about trolling or me:
    1.When I seriously troll, I troll and when I am not so serious I well........Troll.

    2.Trolling is something that can not be trolled about.

    3.When you think I am disrespecting Leo Tolstoy, no I am not. I have got better things to do like let me think trolling.

    4.I believe in the......shush not Shield........... I believe in the GTS (Good Trollers' Society.)

    5. there's no no. 5 just trolling

    If you feel like trolling a fellow troller. you can troll me. anytime. nice to meet all of you. but I didn't meet you. so basically I just trolled. :)

  • Sports Lover posted 454 days ago

    Sports  Lover

    "I'm just coming in to announce OPERATION PROTEST. ViperKat has been BANNED, and so, I'm organizing a full on protest! Email Jeff Chase about it people!! Lets save VKAT!"-Daanish

  • Sports Lover posted 454 days ago

    Sports  Lover

    Whats Randy Creaseman's nickname?

  • Sports Lover posted 455 days ago

    Sports  Lover

    Check out:

  • Michael Tarver Gang posted 456 days ago

    Michael Tarver Gang

    Are you dead?

  • Lil Ray-Ray Jr. posted 457 days ago

    Lil Ray-Ray Jr.

    Are you gonna leave the links to more people's profile pages so we can check them out?