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  • Dylan DeSimone posted 1584 days ago

    Dylan DeSimone

    Hi Garrett, thanks for the edits and looking that 49ers video piece over. Also really appreciate the feedback, too. Thank you. Definitely a project I was passionate about this offseason. Grateful for the opportunity to reach a much grander audience with it on B/R.


  • Jameson Sempey posted 1585 days ago

    Jameson Sempey

    Thanks for the edit, Garrett. I'd like nothing more for Philadelphia to be competitive next season, I just don't see it. Hopefully for your sake I'm wrong!

  • Bob Fox posted 1593 days ago

    Bob Fox

    Thanks for all your help and input today, Garrett.

  • Sam Lopresti posted 1604 days ago

    Sam Lopresti

    Hi, Garrett. Thanks for the edit. I ended up miscounting Di Natale's goals, he had Quags beat by one 10-9. He had two hat tricks the first half of that year and I think I counted one of them as a brace instead. I'm going to go back and rephrase, but I appreciate the catch.

  • Stephen Skinner posted 1607 days ago

    Stephen Skinner

    Garrett, thank you for the edits. I truly appreciate them.

  • Justin Bedi posted 1620 days ago

    Justin Bedi

    Thank you very much for the edits!

  • Giulio Romano posted 1629 days ago

    Giulio Romano

    Thank you for editing. :)

  • Simon Edmonds posted 1632 days ago

    Simon Edmonds

    Thanks for the Edits Garrett!

  • Garrett Baker posted 1634 days ago

    Garrett Baker

    Thanks for the edits, appreciate it!

  • Mike De Moor posted 1636 days ago

    Mike De Moor

    Hey Garrett, thanks for the edit. I wanted to ask you though, if two players have the same last name on the same team, do they need to be referred to by their first and last name for the entire article? I've made the mistake of calling players by their full name more than once per article and I came across that situation today with Gaby and Tony Sanchez. Thanks.