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Alex Riley is the best 2.0

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  • Small Fundamental posted 9 hours ago

    Small Fundamental

    Yeah it is... You would think Wiz Khalifa ruins it, but nah lol...

    Yeah.. The first movies were awesome. But then it got kinda stupid, IMO, trying to be like The Italian Job lol.... I'm all for action flicks, but for me, the realism, or lack of realism, kinda turned me away from the fast and furious franchise.... I still watched it, just because my friends dragged me to it, lol...

    For example: In the Furious 6 ending, how f***ing long was that runway???

    Oh okok that makes sense... I was watching a The Hobbit Desolation of Smaug in the movies, in my country and halfway through the movie, the audio stopped lol... And they had lots of problems trying to resume to the position where the audio stopped, which is why I asked lol...

    I know you like rap a lot, but do you listen to any other song genres?

  • LeeXD posted 16 hours ago


    And this all happened yesterday?

  • Real NBA Fan posted 17 hours ago

    Real NBA Fan

    Legend has it that the Cole/Kendrick album will be released after Detox :O
    Lol what if that "It's Alive" song from the Beats commercial will be on Detox...
    We're gonna have to wait 15 more years for that song to come out :(

    I think it was a written that was scrapped off the album...
    But either way, still a reallyyyyyy good verse!

    "Cause I only make classics, what that take, timing"
    Cole under pressure, what that make, diamonds"

    That's probably the best Cole line in my opinion.

    Wu-Tang number 1 :D
    Beastie Boys? Lol I never heard of them, but over Mobb Deep?

  • LeeXD posted 18 hours ago


    The awkward moment when I have no idea what you're talking about.

  • Small Fundamental posted 1 day ago

    Small Fundamental

    See You Again is now #1 on Billboard Hot 100 :(

    It's going to start playing on the radio more than ever now....

  • Small Fundamental posted 1 day ago

    Small Fundamental

    Ah well... That's cool... People used to watch Fast and Furious for the cars and racing lol... That's why I asked :P The first few movies were epic for a car junkie lol

    Irony killed him :(

    Ohhh so connected to the big box-projector-thing there is no screen, right.... So if something goes wrong and the movie gets stuck somewhere, how would you know where it got stuck to resume playing from that position?

    For example in Fast and Furious 7, if the movie got stuck in the place they were stealing the car from Dubai, how would you know to resume playing from that scene? Is there like a progress bar or something like that...?

    Lol I'm extremely interested in these kind of stuff... Dunno why... X_X

  • CM Mox posted 1 day ago

    CM Mox

    Yeah I totally will, I am a fan of the Fast & Furious franchise, have watched every movie but the last one so far. As soon as I get the chance I'll watch it :)

  • Donovan Griffin posted 1 day ago

    Donovan  Griffin

    Oh, religious talk... sweet. First, let me explain my stance with God and tragic earthly events. If our creator crafted all of us perfect... that means the world is flawless. No challenges, no thrills, no adventures, no nothing. Our mistakes ( big or little ) risks, decisions and agony is what defines us. We're not archangels or gods / goddesses. We're human... and that's the way it should be. God has already given people the ability to overcome greater odds. It's not about finding a pathway. God wants you to create your own. The man above... doesn't really enjoy destruction, evil tactics and death. What God does 24/7 is spectate exactly how da people respond and carries themselves. In fact, he already knows the outcomes, but prefers witnessing the results. Seeing is always believing. These are spiritual tests. Losing the battle to cancer doesn't mean you actually lost. You win by presenting yourself as a pure spirit, treating others well, going after your dreams and staying strong til the end. Hey, that's pretty much life itself. Besides, curing cancer is now a myth. If there's a cure vaulted by intelligence beings reaping the benefits, why should God step in? It's up to them... a.k.a the government to save their own kind. Also, Kids, women and men diagnosed with cancer could basically be God's phone call 2 people saying '' Look, I need you guys to come home now.'' Earth is humanity's pit-stop. Heaven awaits us.

    Dogs beaten 2 death? Rape, grand theft, kidnapping and murder? You think God doesn't know? Sure, these heartless bastards can laugh cowardly in their domains. Witches can do wrong and think their beauty and figures entitles them to simply get away with crap. In the end, where are they going? To the fiery pits of hell. And where's the dog, the homeless man, sick children and da rest? Up top, enjoying paradise, true paradise. Many would say that when you die, that's it.
    You'll just be staring at darkness eternally. I gotta question for those vocal doubters. Do they ever close their eyes and have day and night dreams... then wake up and they're back 2 reality? If they say yes, then what the f do you think happens if we sleep permanently? You'll see whatever you wanna see. Your family, your companions, your idols, hot ass bubble-butt chicks... the dog? They're all waiting for you.

    Okay, as for protection. Weaponry have been biblical since day freaking one. Humans need protection... but from other humans? God doesn't endorse dat and there's always a thin line. Demons exists and are planning day after day to rob you of your happiness. Physically, that's what they want. It's the only way they can get you. Once you ascend to the afterlife, demonic assholes are directionless. Satan versus God ( which is a mismatch in actuality ) pretty much kicked off mythologies. We see it on TV. We rent the movies, read comics and even, spotting real sequences of it. Seriously, what else was gonna inspire us? Who was gonna inspire us? Well, it has to be Jesus Christ. Satan started it... but God will finish with a mighty sharpshooter. In fact, Jesus is God's ace in the hole. He's the ultimate trap card for Luce. So, everybody and everything has a story. That's inevitability.

    Of course, evolution is real. Pokemon... alright, I won't go dat far. LOL XD!

    Only God dictates play. The world was suppose to crumble in the year 2000. Then, they suddenly moved it up to 2012. Now, it's present timeline ( 2015 ) through 2021. The sun was '' scheduled'' to negate power electricity last year.
    These are psych ward theories. And this goes right back to evolution. The sun and fire was originally considered our light resource. Now in the modern era, we got back-up regenerators, fuse boxes, chandeliers, and underglow vehicles for illegal street racing. God already came up with these bright ideas mentally. Humans just built them, discovering the phenomenons. Perhaps pornography ends the world. I knew a couple of perverted friends erupting 2 Christy Mack.
    LOL XD!

    Non believers usually have a complete misunderstanding of what the Bible is. The bible was never intended to be a science text or history book. The game telephone can be inconsistent at will. The bible never changed it's substantial message. Human agents failed to translate. The texts were copied incorrectly.

    You dare disrespect son Goku like dat?????????!!!! The greatest hero in manga history falls in the same category of SuperCena? Dawg, that's like comparing Tupac Shakur 2 Lil Wayne. As far as I'm concern, 80s Hulk Hogan was Goku and Randy Savage was Vegeta. John Cena dangerously lacks so much, it's not even funny. Cena eats out of a bowl and so does Goku. They're both heroes, overcome the odds and win. So... they're the same? Hell naw! One is beloved and the other is disliked to the fifth power. Goku has natural charisma, beautiful forms, selfless nature, talent, adaptability, etc. One more thing, Goku was never a heel, doesn't pander and... he earns respect.

    Bulky Broly was nothing... but a non canon warmup for Goku meeting Perfect Cell. And when antagonist Beerus pimp slapped Bulma, Vegeta finally surpassed Goku... for about 30 seconds. LOL XD! Vegeta fighting 2 protect Trunks and Bulma raised his awesome power level to extraordinary heights. In the past, he never cared about anyone. So, his saiyan power could never top Goku's long term... and the main hero of Z received training from Master Roshi and King Kai. Plus, the afterlife greatly helped Goku surpass SS1 and even SS2. Vegeta never had an instructor and trained only to be the strongest saiyan ever. Goku trained to be stronger than everyone else... and that's always been the differences between the two.

    You really don't need to follow Dragonball 2 understand the story of Z.

  • Matt Rogers posted 1 day ago

    Matt Rogers

    Got one. Not the full thing but it's something

  • Small Fundamental posted 1 day ago

    Small Fundamental

    Kinda sorta feel like a bandwagon fan now lmao....

    Are you into cars and stuff?

    Yeah in an interview, he said if he could ride in a Carrera GT it would be a dream come true or something like that....

    So is there a computer connected to the projector? Because whoever starts the film can stay in the projector room and watch the movie on the computer.... I hope you get what I mean lol... Sorry if I sound stupid, but I seriously do not know and I have always wanted to work in a movie theater lol...