Alex Riley is the best 2.0

Alex Riley is the best 2.0

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  • Alex F. posted 17 minutes ago

    Alex F.

    No seriously Phoenix doesn't give a rats ass about their team I don't even think half the city knows they have a team.

    That's a big link but that's where the projected arena would be built so it's right beside the rest of the sports facilities in Seattle.

    Blue Jays confuse me. They sweep Baltimore, the get swept by Tampa Bay. I don't trust this team at all I could see Boston running away with the division. What do you think of the Mets? Personally I think they're the real deal and will be a WC team. There's no way the Nationals stay this cold for a long period of time.

  • Donovan Griffin posted 2 hours ago

    Donovan  Griffin

    Asa Akira porn flicks? Hey, why not Google up Gianna Michaels vidz while we're at it. LOL XD! You asking for a peaceful, unblemished realm. So they will be no GTA games, shoot em ups, Mortal Kombat, anti heroes and etc. I'm not saying evil = awesomeness. But... God cleansing and changing everyone rids free will. You'll be a programmed robot basically... with the inability to choice right or wrong. If God chose to do this, there would be no meaningful relationships between him and his creation. God gave every human being a choice to be... whatever. Sadly, most embrace evil. For the record, God did not create evil. Lucifer paved the way. Again, it's about choice. That's God's test to us. Scrolling down the wrong path means, you don't deserve wonderful things.

    Who says he did? There's no way you can blame God for our mortal errors. You present a deeply philosophical question. Of course God knew... but he also knew that screwing up and sinning brings a curse down on all of nature. The horrible things that we all wish weren't exactly in the world are a direct result of free will and rebellion. Cancer is one of those things. It is a result of the curse. It's like making three wishes for wealth, six pack abs and Britney Spears' vagina... after the genie warns you about the repercussions.''WTF cares genie? YO, GRANT ME THOSE WISHES NOW.''

    God would be a stupid ass... if he awards sinners and people worshiping false gods ( or particular ones over him ) the membership cards 2 heaven. Again, we can live our lives like Bruce Jenner changing into an ugly woman... as long as you remember and appreciate the man who made everything possible. Why would you wanna worship somebody else... when that figure doesn't compare 2 God? The GOAT ( upstairs ) thought of ice cream, PCs, Seahawks and Kate Upton's cat daddy. Sorry... but God should be worshiped unlike the others. The purpose of our worship is to glorify, honor, praise and exalt. A simple text, Hi-Five and money exchanges isn't gonna cut it. Day after day, God is doing something for us... or even to us. No, good atheists won't automatically suffer eternal damnation. You're not rejecting God or hating on him, twitter style. You making a choice to believe in your own theories. George Carlin is not burning in hell. Murder, molesting and grand theft is unacceptable for everyone. Also, atheists don't actually believe in after life events. So, it shouldn't matter to ya'll, right?

    Right now, it's currently in development. It's kinda a thing ( to myself ) at the moment. Well, I'm simply using blank pads, MS paint, cel animation and inspirational sites like Deviantart and 2 script and draw my universe. In fact, the series are pretty much... like the biblical discussions we're having on B/R. It's called Spirit Rivals and the major plot is two gifted brothers ( embracing their destinies ) combating Satan, his greatest forces and earthlings morally corrupted. It's not cartoon land or anything like that. This is the real world... covered with evil spirits and demons. Besides angels, only the two protagonist brothers of Spirit Rivals could see them. And their self destructive mother ( a medical genius ) is an atheist... also known as '' the non believer.'' Spirit Rivals was 2 blend kai anime ( DBZ, Yu Yu, Bleach ) comic anthology ( DC / Marvel ) TV ( Supernatural & Heroes ) movies ( Ghostbusters, Rocky & Bloodsport ) arcade gaming ( MK, Street Fighter, etc ) with religious arches and themes. Yeah, the collection is pretty much gonna be everything for everybody.

    I refuse 2 believe that. We'll end up somewhere... like a dream. Before, it was all darkness and boredom. Suddenly a switch was turned on. All of this could be unexplainable. The clothes we wear, the food we eat, the vagina we touch, the cars we drive... it's happening. That's the award for being... alive. One thing is clear, something will happen in the end. Like dreaming, pleasurable or nightmarish for others.

    God's existence and universe constructing by him... is not a guarantee. Scientists and space explorers will never, ever figure it out. Maybe... that's a good thing.

    No, no, no, no, hell naw! Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart and Steve Austin overcome the odds and fought fearless against superior opponents as well. They can't all be...Gokus and Supermen! Calling Cena> Goku is a disservice to the greatest manga character of all time! Broly? What a joke. Yo, did you ever hear about DB multiverse ( non canon )comics? My God, Broly was holding his own against Vegito SSJ2!!!!!! LOL XD!

  • Small Fundamental posted 11 hours ago

    Small Fundamental

    Lmao did you make this video??

  • Real NBA Fan posted 12 hours ago

    Real NBA Fan

    I first heard Cole from a cousin who introduced me to his music. It was 6-8 months before Cole's debut. I think the first song I heard was Back To The Topic. I got hooked on him, so I checked out his mixtapes. Enjoy FNL more than TWU :P

    I don't really have too much against Work Out, but it simply wasn't what I expected... Still a catchy ass song tho.

    Yeah, same. I was listening to GKMC all week, and that flawless storytelling still is amazing. But whenever I think of TPAB, I think of the poem, and how he broke it down so well. I don't know if he started out with that poem, and then kept building, or added in the poem a couple tracks later.

    Is it just me, or does Rapsody's verse on Complexion give you chills everytime too?
    Kendrick called and she DELIVERED!
    And how that beat was set up SOOO perfectly for her to start her verse... ERRR MA GAWD! Probably one of the most important songs on the year.
    "We all on the same team, blues and pirus, no colors ain’t a thing"

    Oh yeah, I agree there. Cole's "vibes" are so diverse, you can listen to him in any mood you're in.
    Kendrick's music is probably more dark because of where he came from, but nonetheless, both are carrying hip hop today.

    Dammit! Lol you beat me to it. I was gonna make a joke out of Barter 6 like "11/10, confirmed classic!"

  • Small Fundamental posted 21 hours ago

    Small Fundamental

    "all his movies contain the same thing, fancy cars, hot chicks, and explosions"

    You talking about transformers or Fast and Furious XD

    She has beaten up people and gone to jail, bro, lol... She's still single as well. I wonder why...

    Lol I didn't know you watch basketball! Sorry :P Which team you support? Lakers? If you watch Luda's music video of Get Back. He looks EXACTLY like Leonard.

    Doesn't he have like 4 kids with 3 different wives?? That's not exactly sensitive is it, lol...

    Stan Lee said the most powerful person is the person who makes the comics. Which is kinda true since he decides who wins and who loses, but honestly... one on one with no plans whatsoever, no way Batman beats Superman...

    SWEAR TO GOD.. Not hating on Batman.. Batman is my favorite and most realistic as well... Darksied almost killed Batman. The only thing which stopped him was the fact that Batman rigged Darksied's planet to explode lol..

    It's honestly one of the best movies of all time... They just don't make movies like them anymore.. V for Vendetta, The Usual Suspects, Se7en.... *sigh* I love that mystery genre

    I only watch Green Arrow so I can't speak for The Flash but they are kind of ruining it :/ In the last episode, Green Arrow actually took over from Ra's Al Ghul to lead the League of Assassins... What. The. F**k. If anyone can lead the league of assassins its motherf***ing BATMAN!!! They are ruining it

    Hmm around 20 million... Not much but eh.. We had a war which finished in 2009 or something.. So we are still rebuilding... Try to visit if you can :) One of the better tourist destinations lol... Not great for living, but awesome for a holiday ;P

    If you stay in India for 10 days, 7 out of those 10 days you will be stuck in traffic. True story.

    I also can't imagine Joker sitting in his cell touching up his hair roots lol... I sincerely hope they did not overdo it :( It would be such a disgrace to Heath Ledger, RIP

  • Matt Rogers posted 1 day ago

    Matt Rogers

    I knew it was over when Bostick dropped the kick. I just couldn't believe he did it. His job was to block and let either Nelson or Cobb grab it but for some reason he went for it.

    I know Ha - Ha is just a nickname. A lot of people don't seem to know that though, so it's funny watching them try to figure out why he goes by the name he does. I'm not sure what he was doing on that play either. He was in the zone all day and had 2 picks already so I'm not sure what happened.

    Letroy Guion is a player on the D line for the Packers who got arrested right around Super Bowl time for having a shit ton of weed on him. I can't remember how much he had but it was some ridiculous number that has me wondering how he isn't going to jail.

    True, very true about Rodgers. And McCarthy as well. I didn't think Cobb was going to resign, so that's a huge for next year. The offense came out slow the first 3-4 games last season after losing James Jones and Jermichael Finlay and having Davante Adams still learning the offense so hopefully we don't have to go through that again.

    Don't need to be a Seattle fan to know how awesome Lynch is. I've heard the Lynch-Lacy talk before but I'm not buying it right now. Lacy isn't quick enough atm. Too often he gets tracked down from behind on plays that should be TDs. Right now I think I'd rather have a guy in front of him than behind him(because Lacy will rape the guy in front of him). Still plenty of time to develop though.

  • Real NBA Fan posted 1 day ago

    Real NBA Fan

    The 2nd part of Appartently is FIRE!
    "Cole is ur phone on 0%, going off!"
    But yea, not my fav on that album.
    To me, FNL > TWU. FNL was the first Cole project I heard.
    But everything on that list is perfect lol

    Oh yeaaa, that skit was on Money Trees. It started off with his mom saying "Kendrick just bring my car back man" right after the song Art Of Peer Pressure, where he is in that car with his friends robbing a house. So I think the purpose of that skit was to blend those 2 tracks together, and make them fit.
    Also in the end of that skit, Kendrick's dad was talking about wanting to have sex. Right after that skit, Poetic Justice comes on where Kendrick is with Sherane and that skit helps transition to Poetic Justice's "sexual vibe".

    I love the skits man. They make every track's transition THAT much better!
    So yeah, same with TPAB, GKMC is different if you listen to it out of order.
    We need that mini movie ASAP!

    I remember you was conflicted
    Misusing your influence
    Sometimes I did the same
    Abusing my power full of resentment
    Resentment that turned into a deep depression
    Found myself screaming in a hotel room
    "Loving you is compliCATEDDD!"

    Lol, I went off track :P
    It's amazing how Kendrick turned a poem into a 16 track album!
    The whole thing is one poem.

    "I'm not a businessman, I'm a business, man."
    That's probably Jay's best line lol. I agree, and I hope Cole keeps looking for more young talent to make his label bigger.

    I love Cole lol. But he isn't on Kendrick's level mostly because of that album (u know what I'm talkin bout) and how Born Sinner wasn't that great musically.
    But he HIT HOME on 2014FHD! Everything was done so well, and he started that album in Jan finished in Sept!

    Just need at least one more album that's on the same level as his mixtapes, and he'll be there with Kendrick ;)

  • Small Fundamental posted 1 day ago

    Small Fundamental

    Lol you caught me JUST as I was going to sleep, so last post of the day XD

    Yeah but see.. He is lucky his movies have a good basis, so to speak.. I mean, who doesn't want to watch alien robots fighting other evil alien robots to save OUR planet. Appeals to the 6 year old in all of us lol...

    Lol Michelle Rodriguez is more manly than me :P I am impartial on Ludacris. I like some of his songs, but that's it... Bro, remember when Ludacris had braids?? There is an NBA player called Kawhi Leonard (the guy in my pic) they look like brothers lol

    Vin Diesel is alright... I think behind the tough guy look, he is actually a very good person, but he won't be winning any Oscars anytime soon lol

    It's really hard to control a jet lol.. Did you do it on PC or on console? It's insanely hard on PC lol...

    Action increases in the 2nd and 3rd films.. Promise, lol... Well.... Vanessa Hudgens was 14 or something when B.Identity was released, so they had to settle for Franka Potente

    Batman is sitting down to dinner with Superman. All of a sudden, Sups goes crazy and starts thrashing everything. I know Batman likes to be prepared, but even he cannot anticipate that lol... In an improptu fight, Superman beats Batman

    Aw but Equalizer is good.. Try to watch it if you can... Denzel Washington plays a Batman like character lol...

    Yup.. :D I used to have an Anonymous quote as my pic lol.. The part where he says "All you have are bullets....." One of the most bada** quotes ever uttered in any film, ever lol

    Do you watch the DC TV Shows Green Arrow and The Flash?

    I'm Sinhala. While Indians are mostly Tamils.

    They tried to build a bridge between our countries and claim Sri Lanka as part of India!!!! That's like Russia building a bridge to USA and saying USA is now part of Russia lol.

    When I posted the link on your wall, I hated it, but now I don't know what to think :P I guess if you think about it, they have really gone for the crazed look, but maybe they overdid it a bit lol.. Joker was always simple but scary.

  • Small Fundamental posted 1 day ago

    Small Fundamental

    Did you see the new Joker????

    What. The. Actual. F**k.

  • Daniel posted 2 days ago


    I remember you wanted to do a fantasy football league, I believe a couple summers ago...