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  • Donovan Griffin posted 1 hour ago

    Donovan  Griffin

    Ha, Mr. Satan is a very good at basic martial arts. He's been World champion at many of it's traditional tournaments. But... none of them featured DBZ fighters like Goku, Krillin and Tien. It wasn't until the Cell Games that Hercule realized... super alien fighters exist. Plus, there are stronger human fighters like Krillin and Uub. Hercule can easily die combating Cell, saibermen, Nappa, Buu... basically anybody and everything lethally strong. Forget Goku, Vegeta, Roshi and Piccolo. Hercule is no where near his own daughter Videl after she was tutored by Gohan ( how to unleash energy and fly ).

  • Donovan Griffin posted 1 hour ago

    Donovan  Griffin

    If we do a side by side comparison, where's the flaws at? Perverts win, flaw-less victory. LOL XD!

    Alex, there's different categories of atheism and Christianity. One side of atheism is the collective group of people, not bitter, unhappy or evil with based opinions. Then, you got the heartless kind, digging the '' cool'' factor and sinning. I doubt a large partition of those individuals... follows the devil. Obviously, the major point of atheism is believing in nothing... but themselves. No God goes over the main man they don't believe exists. We see the sun, clouds, grass and buildings. This is their confirmation that God and supernatural forces don't exist because they need to see it 2 believe it. So, you aunt and grandma are terribly misinformed. Atheism is polarizing 2 certain Christians especially the insane factions. They don't want any doubts creeping in their minds that God is imaginary. These are weak minded fools playing the '' YOU'RE EVIL'' card 2 ( try ) getting the upper hand. It's like saying to a Michael Jordan fanatic - '' Kobe Bryant is a 1,000 x superior at scoring.'' Just like that, Pandora's box is open. You get MJ fans attempting to save Kobe fans. So, are you a demon for voicing your opinions? Naw, every response has a counter response. So, a lot of things have been twisted about religious beliefs and sadly, Christians should NOT be confused with zealots. Take Tebowmania for an example. I've been called a hater, a devil worshiper and a soul-less loser for questioning Tebow's ability 2 play in the NFL. Maybe, I need to be saved, right? No. If you don't think God is real... you'll still be okay booking no flights 2 hell. Judaism is kinda tricky. They don't accept original sin or Satan tempting anyone. Check out Kabbalah. Is that evil? No way. Aging whores like Madonna made it look demonic when it's really nothing... but a marketing ploy.

    Unfortunately, death is apart of life. And again... our actions dictates world events. God is not working 24/7, opinion wise. He's already done enough. Now, it's
    up to society to act better, get better and embrace whatever comes our way. A tsunami is apart of earth's continuation of natural processes. By not allowing the earth to do so could... result in even larger, ( unreal ) global disasters. Let me reply 2 '' God works in mysterious ways.'' I think it has more to do with the fact that God's thoughts are not our thoughts. Our ways are not his particularly. God = superiority and that goes way beyond our human comprehension.

    Oh, I hear ya. Agnosticism is not criminal activity.

    I pretty much answered this question above. And remember... God works in mysterious ways. Say goodbye 2 yo head. LMAO.XD!

    Dude, you got nothing to worry about. Eat, wack off 2 Sasha, sleep and enjoy the Manny / Floyd fight. Nothing is gonna change because God already knows you... the real you. God is against sinful behavior. So, having a different perspective and browsing porn doesn't count. LOL XD!

    Agreed. Since day, I've been voicing... what I've learned and spiritually believe. Perhaps the answers have been in front of us the whole time. Or, we just have 2 wait a bit longer or die.

    Yes... but not anytime soon. The best I can hope for... is 2017. I can fill you guys in on character development, plots, ideas, casting, etc. Man, I wish a company was backing me up. Jeez... that would make my time a whole lot easier. I got fed up with Hollywood, TV and comic volumes. So... I started crafting on my own projects. Spirit Rivals was just the beginning. You can ask LeeXD. Yeah, I got so many ideas in store.

    Sorry... but there is only ONE Goku. Just like there's only one Superman. And the fact he's been compares 2 John Cena presents to you... my profile picture.

  • Small Fundamental posted 4 hours ago

    Small Fundamental

    Eh to each his own, I guess... I like cars more than I like robots but there is something about Aliens fighting for Earth which reels me in... Mark Wahlberg being in it just helped its case even more.... Shia LaB**ch screams so much, I broke my headphones

    Michelle Rodriguez the type of girl who will ask you if you like an*l, then turn up with a 10 inch you-know-what

    Ah... Now known as the Oklahoma City Accident Ward. I mean Thunder...

    Baby Faced Assassin be hitting treys and breaking hearts.... Biggest threat to my Spurs... Besides the Clippers... And Houston... And maybe Cavs. Or Bulls.

    Lol Ludacris might be gay?? Did you watch that movie called Tropic Thunder??

    There are supervillains who Batman has not beaten, right? I think Darksied is one... When I say beaten I mean knocked out. Batman has beaten Darksied intellectually but not physically....

    Darksied is so OP... He is the Superman of supervillains...

    Yep. They just don't make them like they did... Have you ever got that feeling when you want to watch a film but then you feel like you have watched every good film ever made?? Lol..

    Don't watch Green Arrow lol.. It starts off good so you are sucked into watching it, then it just derails itself, with bad acting, bad story, and Green Arrow can apparently bend the laws of Physics with his arrows. They have also ruined the following characters:
    Black Canary (This was such a mess lol...)
    Red Arrow
    Ra's Al Ghul
    Talia Al Ghul (his daughter, I'm not sure if its Talia....)
    Atom (this is not 100% ruined, but they are getting there)

    That's all I can remember... I'm sure there were more. Green Arrow is the only character which they kind of not ruined, YET. But honestly.... How the hell can Arrow lead the League of Assassins...

    The only list India is on top of is ******* ***** *** ****


  • CM Mox posted 10 hours ago

    CM Mox

    Boy, girl or abortion?

  • Lil Ray-Ray Jr. posted 11 hours ago

    Lil Ray-Ray Jr.

    *also just reading the reply you posted on my board about me not replying yet*

    Well, I got to it!

  • Lil Ray-Ray Jr. posted 11 hours ago

    Lil Ray-Ray Jr.

    *"Jerome Happy" LMAO. I forgot all about his alter ego.

    *DBZ voice* Take this!:

    Man I died the first time I heard that. Everyone in abridged has good lines, but Geats is my fave.

    I think you really liked these too...

  • Lil Ray-Ray Jr. posted 11 hours ago

    Lil Ray-Ray Jr.

    Finally saw Fast 7 on Sunday. Good movie. Some stuff was too over the top for me, like both Shaws being alive (1 after the airplane explosion, the other after falling through the ground, having chunks of concrete fall on top of him, and not even broken bones), Dom curb stomping the ground and it breaking, and a few other things. Not my favorite Fast, but it was still a good movie. The flashbacks of Paul at the end were sad, and the monologue when Vin Diesel was talking. I seriously think they should have ended this series with this Fast, leaving Shaw dead from the last film, and killing his bro in this film. It just won't be the same w/o Paul, and it just seems like an appropriate point for everything to end. Tokyo Drift finally fully connects with the full franchise and everything. It was just perfect. I'd hate to see this epic series just fall off because they want to make 10 movies, ya know?
    And again, RIP Paul Walker.

    Yes, that's right. You have the ability to turn into Mother Teresa, likewise you can turn into Adolf Hitler. The Holocaust may have been the worst massacre/genocide in history. But Hitler didn't just pop out like some type of Broly, ready to destroy the world all on his own. He somehow managed to influence millions of Germans during their depression, which is what gave him the real power. Yeah, you could say that some of those soldiers were just following orders, but he had a lot of support from the common people. So basically, you have a collective group forming very radical ideals. A lot of the world didn't even know that the Holocaust was going on, so when reinforcements finally got involved, substantial (and very horrific) damage had already been done.
    Why does God give us this much power with free will? We as humans learn and grow with this power of free will. Our experiences make us who we are, and they can also make lasting impressions on the people around us. Do I want people dying for this to happen? Hell no, but I don't see how you could truly be the same person if you had limitations on your free will. Slavery was some really f**ked up shit and I'm mad that it ever happened (not just for blacks, but for anyone) but I'm glad I live in the U.S. Yeah, I don't know my ancestry because of slavery, and yeah, not all parts of Africa are bad, but I am glad that I lived in the U.S. Otherwise, I don't think I, or many others, would be in America today. Does that mean that slavery had more positive impacts (I guess you could argue that it did for the economy, but I think the effect it had people's livelihood greatly out rules that positive) than negative impacts? Hell no, but even something as horrific as that did have something good come out of it. You have to remember that for every bad thing like that that has happened, many of these things have come to an end. There is slavery going on somewhere in the world (including sex trafficking IMO), but it's nowhere on the scale that it used to be. And the Holocaust ended after what, like 4 years? I know that the bad things happened, but the good will of others work to prevent these things from happening in the future, and to eliminate it where it already exists. That's the best that can be done man. The fact that you've been able to go to the grocery store on a regular basis, or anywhere without being robbed on a regular basis, or killed just shows that although there is a lot of evil out there, it is not not to the point where it's just complete madness.
    I think we need free will in the world man (Even you said you wouldn't want to be controlled like a puppet). I couldn't imagine not having it. And I just don't see how the good could exist without the bad along with it. Like I said, the double-edged sworded.
    I can think of tons of things that would be a worst way for a child to die than from cancer. One more day on this Earth is promised to no one. Doesn't matter how young or old you are. There is nothing that says we are all going to live until we get old, then die. That's why no one should ever take what they have for granted, and live every day to the fullest, no matter how simple the day may seem to be.
    You know why there's more negative news than positive news on the TV? Because positive news is "boring." News anchors aren't rushing to the scene to report "Oh, this young woman is helping the community by giving money to "such-and-such" or, "this little boy saved a man's life today." And you know why? The media buzzes like crazy when something off the shits happens like, "This man got shot today" or "Riots break out in Baltimore!" That is why you see so much negative stuff in the news. So yeah man, don't let the news misrepresent the world to you.
    And I get what you're saying. You did not need all that for you to learn not to do drugs or abuse people. I honestly can't answer why that happened to you man. You're gonna have to find meaning to it yourself (or not, if you believe there was no purpose for it).
    But we agreed on the love thing I mentioned. Cool, we agreed on something LOL.

    Cena as a bumbling fool and Goku as a bumbling fool are just on 2 whole nother levels lol. Goku literally CAN'T HELP himself sometimes. The guy does not have a basic education. I don't even know if he can read. You don't see him popping corny jokes and stuff. I get what you mean. Goku gets to do everything, and he beats all the big villains except Cell. It's a problem that most shows have, the main character having all the glory.
    I know for a fact that Buu is stronger than Broly, but I have my doubts about Perfect Cell. Perfect Cell is the only form of Cell that is debatable IMO. I read a good argument about how even though Broly took on 4 super saiyans and a super namekian, he took them on separately, and so the powers weren't combined into one entity to make them stronger. IDK if that proves Broly is stronger or not, because I was under the impression that if 4 super saiyans took on 1 super saiyan 2, I thought the 4 super saiyans would still still, but IDK. Teen Gohan beats Cell, but adult Gohan couldn't beat an UN-empowered broly by himself? That seems a little fishy to me. Basically Gohan heard Goku's voice calling out to him when he was fighting Broly (with Goten and Trunks) the same way he did against Cell. So while Goku didn't sacrifice himself like he did against Cell (he was already dead), his presence was still there, which was VERY significant.
    Please link me the battle of Gods movie. Is it in English? Please tell me it's in English lol.
    I get what you mean about Vegeta. When you see him fighting for his loved ones, it feels more special because it seems out of character. It is cool and provides an awesome "feel good" moment for sure. He's probably the best example for something like that. It just touches my heart more when a bloodthirsty killer like Gaara (he's from Naruto) can turn into a pacifist, and for it to be believable.
    Did you watch Dragonball GT? Lol, I will always have love for Yamcha because of Dragonball. OMG I remember playing DBZ all the time when I was in 4th grade. It was soooooo fun. We'd play irl and with action figures. Man it was some great times. You know what man? Sometimes I just want to get all my action figures out of the attic and have an epic war break out with them. I'll admit that.

  • Real NBA Fan posted 20 hours ago

    Real NBA Fan

    Nas gonna top Illmatic!!!!! Lol jk

    I hope it's the Nas/DJ Premier collab

  • Real NBA Fan posted 20 hours ago

    Real NBA Fan

    I seriously don't remember how I got into Kendrick O.O
    I think it was the summer of 2012, a few months before GKMC came out.
    That was the time where I started looking up a bunch of underground rappers like Joey, Logic, and Krit.

    Oh I didn't even see that question, my bad lol.

    I don't think I can chose between Ready To Die and GKMC.
    But TPAB > Life After Death.
    LAD had some filler tracks you can skip, but that certainly isn't the case for TPAB.

    Overall..... I say Kendrick first 2 albums > B.I.G's 2 albums.

    Lmao HELL NAH!
    I didn't even know he released it until a few days ago.

    Lil B (Based God) is wayyyy better than these scrubs...
    Lol worst rapper is probably Young Thug. Dude doesn't know English. Disgrace to rap.

    Ever heard G-Eazy? People compare him to Logic, but that's only because of the skin color. He's no where as good as Young Sinatra!

  • Alex F. posted 1 day ago

    Alex F.

    No seriously Phoenix doesn't give a rats ass about their team I don't even think half the city knows they have a team.

    That's a big link but that's where the projected arena would be built so it's right beside the rest of the sports facilities in Seattle.

    Blue Jays confuse me. They sweep Baltimore, the get swept by Tampa Bay. I don't trust this team at all I could see Boston running away with the division. What do you think of the Mets? Personally I think they're the real deal and will be a WC team. There's no way the Nationals stay this cold for a long period of time.