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Alex Riley is the best 2.0

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  • Lil Ray-Ray Jr. posted 3 hours ago

    Lil Ray-Ray Jr.

  • Been to hell. Just survivingXD

    Oh its been a while alright. Whats happening with you?

  • Lil Ray-Ray Jr. posted 4 hours ago

    Lil Ray-Ray Jr.

    Lol. That song is fire.

    I loved the Super Buu pic.

    Lol, nope. The most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life

    Lol, my memory fails me. Who said it? Someone from the Frieza saga?

    Yeah, Fast 5 was the first one where it started getting overboard, but I loved the vault scene. It replaced the 3rd as my favorite because it was just so badass, and we finally got see the the entire crew unite for the first time. The cast breaking scene with the Rock was too much as well lol.

    Ehh, jobs are way off par with slavery IMO. I mean you gotta work to survive (most people do anyway). Sure some people may have horrible bosses, but it's not the same as slavery. If someone hates working for the man that much, they can try to start their own business. People used to work 12 hr days every day of the week. Some people still do, but the average american works 40 hours (8 hrs a day), 5 days a week, and has a lot more leisurely time as compared to the folks who lived 100, 200 years ago.
    Oh yes, if we ever get another Hitler, forces will work to stop him right away, because we already have history as an example of what will happen otherwise.

    I think I get what you're saying with the blue cup, red cup thing. All I can say is, evil is one of the results of mankind's imperfection.

    One of the greatest things in life is when you disagree with someone, but you're able to comprehend their reasoning enough to say, "We're at odds, but that's okay. I accept you."

    Give Akira a little credit. The z warriors have a few wins. Geats killed Guldo and Jeice. Actually, I think he killed Burter and Recoome too (but only after Goku had knocked them out and was going to spare their lives). Actually, IDK if you've ever noticed, but Geats went on a damn RAMPAGE in the Namek saga. He kills Dodoria, Zarbon, Cui, Appule, Guldo, Jeice, and I believe Recoome and Burter. He killed android 19 (saving Goku's life) later on. I know he killed someone in the Buu saga aboard Babidi's ship, but it was an assclown, so I won't count that. I think Geats has more kills over all of the Z warriors.

    Gohan got Garlic Jr., Cell, Bojack, and Dabura. Piccolo got Raditz (thanks to Goku's sacrifice) and technically Goku..... Krillin (and Tien I think) Saibamen.....Chiaotzu got Nappa's saiyan armor. Yamcha got.......Yamcha.......he got......he got...............................
    Tien got a shining moment by doing his tri-beam over and over on 2nd form cell, buying some time (that's actually pretty impressive to me)
    Trunks killed Frieza and King Cold.

    Toriyama not liking Geats? That's strange. Never would've thought that. Is that just a rumor? Hmmm, I think I'm glad Toriyama didn't let the rest of the series revolve around Gohan after cell. Actually, it kinda did for a while at first, when he meets Videl in school and becomes Great Saiyaman and all that BS. But Gohan went so soft after Cell. Yeah, you can blame Chi-Chi for that, but it doesn't change the fact that he went soft. I remember it saying that Gohan actually was weaker at the beginning of the Buu saga than he was when he fought Cell, because he didn't train as much. Yet he was still labeled as the strongest Z warrior in the universe, which is really BS considering how much Geats trains. I think he should have surpassed Gohan IMO.

    "Oh Em Gee." Why did I find that so funny? XDXDXDXDXD. Dang. Goku just wanted to see if other people could kill Buu so he just sat aside? I didn't know that. Well in that case, it majorly sucks that Goku got to kill the last big villan in DBZ. I swear DBGT did injustice to Trunks and Goten. These little gremlins could turn ss1 at ages 7 and 8. I don't even know if Broly did that shit. They should've evolved into like the strongest z warriors. God, and I hated Trunks's attire in GT. I f**ks with Future Trunks heavily (no homo), but not GT Trunks.

    I looked up those power levels too and I see that Broly is listed with the higher power level by like 500mil.

    I didn't watch the movie. I started watching Naruto Shippuden lol. I'll get around to it maybe 2moro. God I love Shippuden. Have u ever seen Naruto at all? This show is up there with DBZ for me, and DBZ is my #1 anime of all time. If it wasn't so deeply engraved in my childhood, I would possibly like Shippuden more.

    "He's about as useless as that f**king talking Pig." Oh my God dude, you have me in tears. How you gone compare Yamcha to Oolong? You wrong for that 1 XDXDXDXDXDXDXDXD

  • Donovan Griffin posted 7 hours ago

    Donovan  Griffin

    I saw your extended post 2 Ray Ray about Broly & Cell. Recheck history... Perfect Cell is WAY stronger.

  • Lil Ray-Ray Jr. posted 9 hours ago

    Lil Ray-Ray Jr.

    These pictures look pretty dope. Zarbon looks like a pretty girl a swear....And Hercule look like a f**kboy lol.

  • Lil Ray-Ray Jr. posted 10 hours ago

    Lil Ray-Ray Jr.


  • Lil Ray-Ray Jr. posted 10 hours ago

    Lil Ray-Ray Jr.

    I was never big on that water malone shit, but I knew you ate it up lol.

    What're you referring to with the "did you do something to me while I was asleep?" Sounds familiar but can't recall it.

    Oh yeah! I forgot when Dom lift up the car like it was nothing lol. It didn't turn into some Michael Bay shit indeed. They do some really cool stuff sometimes, but some stuff is just too much.

    "I get you when you say we learn from the Holocaust but why does it take millions to die to finally be like "Hey....that's not right" should we as humans know that's wrong?"
    I wish we did, but I'd say probably not. Hitler himself committed suicide with those same principals. You'd be surprised how different some people's beliefs are, even nowadays. I mean I'll go back to slavery as an example. Shouldn't we as humans know that that was wrong too? Nowadays most of us would say that it is inhumane to enslave people, but back then, people treated it like it was just a normal thing. So when you're talking about humanity as a whole, it is never safe to assume that people will just be like "hey, this is wrong, we shouldn't be doing this." You'd be surprised the type of mindset that can play out when a group of people join together.
    "Do we want to be controlled? No does free will make sense? Yes, at times. But why build a race where evil exists? Why does it have to be there? There can still be free wil without evil. Free will isn't a synonym for Evil."
    But likewise, free will is also not synonymous for good. And I'd have to disagree. If people didn't have the ability to hold evil intentions in their minds, I wouldn't call it free will. The term "free" implies that you are not under the control or in the power of another; you're able to act on your own/do as you wish. I believe this is the way that God wanted it. The world is our home, and if someone wants to be destructive, they have the choice to do so (So like I said, it is up to those who stand for good to put a stop to it). This is God's gift to mankind. The power to do as one pleases. He does not want you to be bad, but he will not override one's thoughts. Because of free will, no one has to be forced into believing anything. Because of free will, God even allows people to reject him.
    But alas, we're in disagreement. There's no reason for us to argue in circles. I'll explain to you why I believe something is the way it is, and you'll always question why.

    That was nice of you to go out of your way, buy something, then give that man the rest of the money. Props to you.

    "That is what I love about religion. It gives people help. It gives them something to rely on. If it weren't for God I don't know if that guy I met in the parking lot will still be alive. I don't know if God exists, I can't prove it but the idea of God is very real. And the idea of God saved that man. It's saved so many people so that is why I will never put someone down for what they believe I because even if we are homeless with no food to eat we'll always have hope if we choose to. It not something we can hold but it's in us. That's what I choose to believe in and I believe that same feeling you have for God is the feeling I have for hope."

    This is literally the wisest, and most respectful thing I've ever heard you say in my entire life. Thank you man. Whether you become a believer, remain agnostic, or turn atheist, you have my respect.

    Yes, Goku always gets the win. It's just a formula that most shows follow (and yes, it's pretty annoying sometimes). LMAO, at first I thought you were gonna say something like "Goku doesn't put over the villains" and I would've been like "is my n***a supposed to just lay down and die????" XDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXD. But the whole "put over" thing doesn't work the same way for Goku because the way they set it up is like Goku is the only one whose capable of defeating the big villain. Think about it. Goku's always coming to the fight late. Nappa wreaked havoc on the Z warriors prior to Goku finally showing up. The Z warriors do try to defeat the bad guys, they just fail to do so. They couldn't beat Nappa, so Goku had to step in and beat him, and then go on to fight Geats. Geats, Krillin and Gohan weren't strong enough to beat the majority of the Ginyu force, so Goku had to step in and beat them. Geats couldn't kill Frieza, Piccolo couldn't kill Frieza, so Goku had to step in. As we've mentioned, Cell is the only big villain that Goku didn't beat, but his son beat him, which is like his protige basically. Geats couln't beat Buu, Gohan couldn't beat Buu, Gotenks couldn't beat Buu, so Goku had to step in. Vegito was strong enough to finish the job (so Geats would've gotten half the credit), but the idiots goofed off instead of finishing Buu off fast, which backfired. Anyway, do you see my point? Lol, every fight is like all the Z warriors (minus Goku) trying to beat the bad guys, but they can't so Goku has to step in. It even happens in GT. I don't remember it all, but I know at least Majuub tried defeating baby and failed, so Goku had to do the job. It happens every single time. Soooooo, in short (actually, that was kind've a long explanation...) the "put over" thing doesn't work here, because the Z warriors get chances (from the weakest ones like Yamcha, to the strongest ones like Geats).

    Cool. So Broly has the official strong power level. Even if someone didn't previously know that and they thought Cell was stronger, they'll still come up with some excuse as to why Cell is stronger, but unless I hear Akira Toriyama himself say that Cell is stronger than Broly, I will always think Broly is stronger.

    Thanks man, I think I'm gonna watch that movie right now actually.

    Aahhh, u don't like Uub? Lol. Uub is my n***a (literally). He should've had a shining moment in GT, perhaps even beating Cell. Goku leaves his family to go and train with Uub and all that hard work didn't even f**king mean anything because they just let Goku be the only one strong enough to ever freaking beat anyone.

    Cmon man. Yamcha is like a baseball player or something, so he's super rich. He's attractive to the ladies, so he can get that p***y. He may be the weakest Z warrior but he can still kick any other person's ass, probably even master roshi (who used to be like the strongest fighter on earth).

    Hehe, playing with action figures with a son would be fun. But I don't even wanna think about having kids right now lol.

  • Donovan Griffin posted 14 hours ago

    Donovan  Griffin

    Petty does just enough 2 be superior than Hundley. Accuracy isn't an issue for Bryce and he'll make Geno sweat. Devin Smith actually benefits greatly alongside Marshall and Kerley. Jets added different layers 2 their game which is extremely rare. The draft was a super A + ) and pre-season decides who's starting QB and my gut feeling has Ryan Fitz. Idzik's failed Geno experiment is just that... a failure. Petty needs time 2 grow. The Eagles drafted pretty damn good as well. The only thing they ignored was o-line.

    I changed the photo particularly for tonight's mega fight. As much as I would love 2 see that punk ass Mayweather drop, Manny is gonna run into some traps. Floyd can lose... but the wrong man is in the ring. Stylistically, Mayweather likes these kinda matchups because Mexican Filipino boxers want bloody, prideful battles. Floyd will wait for Manny 2 engage aggressively. This is what he does every single fight. Flody is never the aggessor fearing the knockout. A washed up Shane Mosely caught Mayweather... so it's possible. Manny Pac has the speed and KO power... but lacks the knowledge. My heart goes with Pac... but my head picks Floyd in 12. We'll never hear the end of this. May runs his mouth forever... but he will NEVER be the greatest. Isn't that right, Ali?

    No... Videl surpassed him learning Kai. Krillin and Yamcha are way better fighters than Hercule. Even by human standards, Hercule is lucky 2 be top 10 in DBZ. There's Uub, Tien, Olibu, Chi Chi... yeah, you get the point.

    We sure as hell did not create the universe. A powerful being mapped it all out. Free will is not false advertisement. You were put here 2 make your own decisions, 2 follow your own path. Whatever you chose 2 do with have results, guaranteed. The Bible = the Word of God recapping humanity, violations and flaws. But again, the choice is yours. Keep in mind that are 2 kinds of Kabbalah. One is the original Jewish mysticism.

    Like I said previously, we don't understand why God lets certain things happen. Everything is planned ahead. Tragedies and triumphs doesn't always mean, God is dictating play.

    You never know. How can you be so sure? God works in mysterious wa- alright... I'm stop trolling. LOL XD! - ''Anyway. I'm his son and he's supposed to love me wether I'm gay, straight, boy, girl, Christian, Jewish, or anything of that matter.''
    So... what makes you think you'll be angel blocked?

    Since day one, it's been... me. I got no help. I thought strongly about web... but everything needs 2 reach my satisfaction first. This is very experimental and fun. It's a off work hobby. So far, the projects are 65% completed. That includes Spirit Rivals, Activity X, Whoredom, Stargasm, DC movies, among others. My new favorite is ''GOAT'', an insane licensed sports series. One of these days, you'll see the art work. But, I can tell you everything that's happening tho. Most of these volumes and adaptions... features actors / actresses ( illustrated ).

    Well here's the thing bro... I'm not even reverend D-von. If someone asks me about God and religion, you will get my ( brutally) honest answers. Considering the fact my written series is centered around faith and divine purpose, It's damn near impossible 2 avoid questions and counter arguments.

  • Real NBA Fan posted 17 hours ago

    Real NBA Fan

    I don't even know if I'll listen to Tyga's album when it drops...
    If I do, I'll probably just skim thru it

  • Real NBA Fan posted 17 hours ago

    Real NBA Fan

    The last time I listened to TPAB, front to back, was 3 days ago.
    I remember because I was on a bus ride for over an hour. Lol
    But yeah, I'm still studying that album :P

    I hate it how some people say it's "dickriding" because I like TPAB and they don't.
    But if they like a wack rapper like French Montana, it's not dickriding...pisses me off.

    Is there any real statistic that calculates the chances of getting arrested, comparing a Black Man and White Man? I really hope there is.
    Blacks and Whites probably both have an equal amount of Marijuana use, but I can almost guarantee you, blacks get charged more than them...

    Bro... I never even wanted to think of that, but it's been on my mind a few times. I guess, everybody has to die one day :(

    Dammit... Chance didn't drop his album :(
    I REALLY NEED to hear that Andre feature!!!!!!
    My favorite Chance song is probably Smoke Again. That flow was amazing!
    I love Cocoa Butter Kisses as well. Vic Mensa's verse on that was FIRE!

    Speaking of... Have you ever heard Mensa's mixtape "INNANETAPE"?
    I BEEN sleeping on it for WAY too long!!! I recently heard it a few days ago... And it's a really solid tape! Besides one song, I liked the whole thing. Looking forward to his album "Traffic".

    Which album you think will be better? Chance's Surf vs Rocky's ALLA?