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  • I didn't get the red carpet;(;(

  • Donovan Griffin posted 1 day ago

    Donovan  Griffin

    Ratings, clicks, responses and reviews... that's what motivates ESPN. So you
    can expect juicy stories, over the top headlines and throat shoved mentality. I'll
    place another media creation on the list... Jeremy lin. What the F ???? The fact
    that he was jammed in the same b-ball conversation of Allen Iverson, Shaq and
    LeBron James... defines ignorance, mania and stupidity. I understand the
    business aspect of it. But usually... a sports fan reads and watches for actual
    sports coverage. If we want gossip... we'll tune to channel E.

    See... that's the thing here. ESPN, CNN, TMZ, Access, Extra and the media
    outlet rest... could careless. It's all about the money and relevacy. Every single
    time they share the story, replay the footage, add new twists, bring on experts
    and interviewing lying ass golddiggers like Robin Givens... that's putting high
    dollars in their pockets. They're making a profit, feeding off the misery of Janay
    and Rice. That's TMZ for ya. And women's groups and butt kissing stooges
    are using Ray Rice as a prime example of DV, man behavior, troubled black
    athletes and justification for ( their ) pushed agenda. ESPN doesn't get much
    blame. I'm sticking my middle finger up at dirtbags TMZ... because they bought
    the rights to the tape and leaked it without any regard for Janay and her family.

    #1. Oh yeah, we got football... after they were done examining DV. And they
    even cut Jay-Z/Rihanna's intro since she dealt with DV six years ago! You
    know... just in case you abandoned how serious DV is! Yo Chris Brown,
    remember dat? Because CBS does. I never been more disgusted in my
    sports life... after this week.

    #2. '' Well who cares about Americas greatest tragedy when we can spend our 2 hour pre show talking about Ray Rice for the 10,000th time right?'' - My point exactly!

    #3. Um... yeah, let's just move on.

    #4. Saying Tebow throws like a girl demeans Tim Tebow. Now saying a tomboy
    ( girl ) throws like one... is telling it like it is. The pitch forms, arm releases and
    velocity isn't the same because we ( men & women ) are not categorically the
    same That's common sense. Equality will forever be horsecrap because God
    made us differently. And besides, women don't even want equality. Nope... they
    demand superiority. And they will NEVER, ever reign supreme in the NFL. The
    only way women get the upper hand is if they distract the players. You'll need
    Kate Upton banging the whole locker room and that's just for blackmailing
    purposes. Physicality wise? No chance. Now... perhaps a woman could read
    pro defensive schemes. But she can't physically do the iconic things that made
    Drew Brees a guaranteed HOFer... and Andy Dalton a franchise QB. A GM can
    protect the female pocket passer assembling the strongest o-line ever. Hell... sign
    LeSean McCoy, Megatron, Larry Fitz, Dez Bryant and AJ Green. It doesn't change
    a damn thing. The QB still needs to execute and eventually, she'll get hit. And
    since we live in a feeble world, you can't ( under no circumstance ) ever hit ladies... remember? As much as I love me some Ronda Rousey... she can beat Floyd Mayweather Jr... if Floyd doesn't strike back. LOL XD!

    #5. Indeed... they mock Ray Rice if Janay picked him apart. Valid proof ? The Jay-Z
    elevator incident. SNL spoofed him and Solonge. Yeah, I bet the farm they won't
    reenact Rice/Janay and why? Dude... we know why. DOUBLE STANDARDS. So...
    men can be attacked from head to toe by women, lose their personal belongings
    by women, get treated like a vagina whipped slaves by women... and do absolutely
    nothing to defuse the distressful situations? Wow... that's a terrible message and
    every frustrated feminist in America loves it. Roger Goodell may have swept the
    tape under the rug. But in actuality... something deeply essential is getting
    ignored and swiped aside. The REAL message has not been delivered. Women...
    also should be held accountable for DV. Men don't snap... just to snap. There's
    always two sides to a story. I probably wouldn't punch a girl out cold if she
    assaults me first... but I'll be clever and aggressively push her or apply a sleeper
    hold. Nighty-night bitch! In my opinion, that's a lesson every chick should learn immediately. Whoopi Goldberg said it best. If you pop a man... don't expect him
    NOT to pop you right back. Plus... most of these women step up to men, challenge
    men, wanna be men... until they get their asses tore up like men.

    #6. No one can end DV. One of the reasons ( nobody mentions ) is because of
    erroneous sent messages in today's brainwashed realm. '' You can never hit a
    woman.'' You see... that arrogant statement continues the cycle of DV cases.
    Women feel untouchable and they heavily use beauty, delicate forms, tears and
    this >>> '' You can never hit a woman'' assertion to their advantage. And there's
    no mystery that girls can be... mouthy! You're right. DV doesn't end like rape,
    prostitution, drug use and war. We ( as human beings ) must avoid complications.

    #7. Ray Rice doesn't have a track record of woman abuse. Janay ( money hungry
    or not ) is giving him a second chance. So... why can't we? The best course of
    action is moving the F on and stop cannibalizing the NFL. One ex-player made a
    huge mistake out of 1,000. AP beating a child's ass with a tree branch is an
    entirely divergent case. Frustrated feminists and zombie stalking tools like TMZ's
    staff junkies are ruthlessly targeting a royal commissioner... that didn't even
    commit the crime. I don't believe they care if Roger is honest or deceiving. They're
    just trying to drag a powerful man down. He should only resign... if he saw the
    second vid. I don't think he was extremely pompous to sweep the tape copy
    under the rug, suspend Ray for only 2 games... knowing there are other copies of
    the tape floating around, soon to be purchased and leaked after the case was
    closed. Goodell can stay or quit... because what's done is done. DV and criminal activity... isn't going away.

    Unreal. I mean... this came out of nowhere and AP screwed up big time. You can
    whip your child's ass with yo hand. But tree brances, sticks and even belts are
    out of the question, especially switches. In this sensitive, depraved country, you're
    simply asking for it. The belt beating era is over. So... what the hell made AP
    think... a tree brance is now legalized? Deep down, AP's season is practically
    over already. I won't rule out a return in the near future tho. But... this ain't
    looking good at all. Adrian Beaterson. LOL XD!

  • Randy Norton posted 1 day ago

    Randy Norton


  • Randy Norton posted 1 day ago

    Randy Norton

    Saliva ..........................,.,.,.,.,.,

  • Hey........hello my Alex friend.

  • Donovan Griffin posted 1 day ago

    Donovan  Griffin

    Alright... here's my response to the Ray Rice incident. Buckle up.

    Yep... it's gotten annoying and sadly inaccurate. Domestic violence is a
    serious issue. But it's not an NFL issue. Society continues to be plagued
    by this. ESPN craves clicks and ratings. So... is it really surprising that
    they covered Donald Sterling, Aaron Hernandez Floyd Mayweather Jr. and
    Ray Rice? Since they're high paid athletes... they couldn't escape media
    sports outlets. And credibility for that network got flushed along time ago.

    I can describe the Ray Rice case using one word... sad. It's very sad this
    particular domestic violence suit is overshadowing games and production.
    In fact, they opened Thursday Night Football discussing DV. In my sports'
    bubble, I was beyond disgusted for countless reasons.

    #1. The dark cloud lingering over the entire league. I watch football... for
    football damn it. And James Brown ( CBS broadcaster ) delivering a '' powerful''
    speech about DV... made me sick to my damn stomach bro. Listen... these
    were some of his words that probably brainwashed viewers >>>>> '' Now let’s
    be clear: this problem is bigger than football.''
    True... but that does not mean Thurdsay Night Football was the time and place
    to review DV. Again, we are watching pro football for the sport itself... not for
    intervention. Constant talk, DV statistics and ''strong'' passages sickened me.
    So... imagine how the faithful fans and players felt deeply. The feminists, TMZ
    and catering mouths like JB just gave the NFL... a black eye more than the
    elevater footage itself.

    2#. The Ray Rice scandal easily made so many... forget to honor the lives lost
    by 911. You didn't hear much about the darkest day in America... because
    scumbags like TMZ and primetime networks such as CBS... can't make a profit
    off 911. But with Ray Rice/Janay... that's a completely different story.

    #3. James Brown's speech couldn't be any further from the f-ing truth. Just read
    this crap dude >>>> '' There has been, appropriately so, intense and wide-spread
    outrage following this video showing what happened in the elevator at the
    casino. Now... wouldn’t it be productive if this collective outrage could be
    channeled to truly hear and address the long-suffering cries for help from so
    many women, and do something about it? men must be educated — and
    must be willing to be educated — about how they treat and view women.''
    Hmmm... something is missing here. I wonder what it is?..... Oh, oh, I know.
    What about the long suffering cries for help regarding MEN... in troubling
    relationships???? We... gotta seek education and help? Perhaps a majority
    of us... should. But... women definitely need to be greatly educated on exactly
    how to respect men and avoid... dangerous ones. HOW BOUT THAT?????????
    Oh yeah, the way they view men is hurtful. Here's an example. Robin Givens
    viewed Mike Tyson as a dumb, rich, black negro that she ( and her gold digging
    mother ) could take advatange of. Remember the time Robin embarrassed Mike
    on national TV? She was basically pleading... for an asswhipping.

    #4. Oh, JB doesn't stop there. > '' When a guy says you throw a ball like a
    girl or you’re a sissy, it reflects an attitude that devalues women and attitudes
    that will eventually manifest in some fashion.”
    Are you freaking kidding me? I seriously doubt saying Manziel throws like a
    sissy creates mayhew and causes him to snap on his honeys, visa versa. That's
    not what sparks DV... not even close. Saying a boy throws like a girl or runs away
    like a bitch... devalues the boy straight up. A real man shouldn't be running like a
    helpless bitch in a Jason movie, especially during man fights. He's not suppose
    to throw like a girl. GIRLS DO! After all, they sure as hell... can't throw like Drew
    Brees or Russell Wilson. Okay? That's why you'll never, ever see a female passer
    in the NFL. They got WEAK ARMS! So, if they wanna prove us wrong... I'm all for
    it. Dawg, I can't wait... until a woman shatters the mold and becomes an elite
    passer ( facepalm ). Move over Aaron Rodgers, Look out Peyton Manning and
    retire Tom Brady... you got some competition in the near future. LOL XD! Bottom
    line... there are things women and men do naturally and can't ( shouldn't ) do,
    period. Outraged feminists and manipulated yes men... always missed that boat.

    #5. Sweet buttery Jesus, James Brown won't shut the hell up!!!! >>>> '' Domestic
    violence experts estimate that three women a day lose their lives at the hands
    of their partners. That means since the night of February 15 in Atlantic City
    [when Rice was caught on video punching Janay Palmer], more than 600 women
    have died. So this is yet another call to men to stand up and take responsibility
    for their thoughts, their words, their deeds, and to get help. Because our silence is deafening and deadly.”

    Notice how JB says MEN... never ( once ) women. And since he likes to pull
    out mathematics... 1 in 10 men in the good ol' US have experienced physical
    violence and death by their partners everyday since Janaury 2014. So... add
    that up. Here, I'll even do percentages for ya. 40% of domestic violence victims
    are males! Sure, American women take up the remaining 60%. But... 40% is
    a respectable, chunk percentage. So... why didn't JB bring these stats up?
    Why doesn't anybody present live coverage? Simple... nobody gives a rat ass
    about abused, murdered men. Violence by women against men is rampant,
    but unreported meaning... they're overlooked. It's the deadliest secret ever.
    The US is highly sensitive to women abusers. But... if men are viciously
    abused... does anyone care? Does America even cares? Well... let's ask Jay-Z
    who got whooped in the elevator by Beyonce's sister. LOL XD! Late night hosts,
    peers and buddies of mine thought it was... HILARIOUS! But... what if Jay-Z
    lost his cool and defensively punched Solange? He's a villian, despite the fact
    Solange physically assaulted him from the beginning... and this was captured.
    Double standards can kiss my black ass.

    #6. Is domestic violence... a men's issue or a woman's issue? The answer?
    Please... it's EVERYBODY'S ISSUE!!!!! So, they need to cut the crap about
    men acquiring help to end DV. The message is still not clear. Men and women
    should keep their hands to themselves. Guys should learn from Jay-Z. Be smart...
    but women should be SMARTER!

    #7. Like you said... Ray Rice got busted, his pro career got destroyed and his
    wife forgave him. Um... what else do they want? Roger Goodell's resignation?
    The National Organization for women are calling for his head... like he decked
    Janay?????? You know what might transpire? Roger forced to quit. Your thoughts?

  • Donovan Griffin posted 1 day ago

    Donovan  Griffin

    Prepare yourself... for the rant of all rants.

  • Donovan Griffin posted 3 days ago

    Donovan  Griffin

    First things first... are you still here?

  • Dangggggg. Look at him. posted 3 days ago

    Dangggggg. Look at him.

    And what happened?

  • Donovan Griffin posted 5 days ago

    Donovan  Griffin

    '' Well......I have to ask, what's your opinion on the Ray Rice matter?''

    I almost dominated the Ray Rice cut/suspension article on B/R, posting
    my opinions. But I'll say... right on your board this. Rice got what he
    deserved, period. As for the woman? NO SYMPATHY. The video doesn't
    lie and the NFL will quickly move on from this despicable case. TMZ can
    pat themselves on the back. But the truth is... they made the situation
    worst than it previously was... releasing the footage.