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  • Samir posted 1514 days ago


    haha, ok then

  • Samir posted 1515 days ago


    Alrighty then Mr. MARLINS, thank you for the fan btw

  • Samir posted 1516 days ago


    To be honest Mr. MARLINS, I am not quite sure. I think that General Manager Alex Anthopoulos thought the Jays had an unfair advantage with his services, so he decided he wanted to be fair and traded Mr. Mathis. Your owner, Mr. Jeff Lurie, is a bonafide jack@ss trading for the G.O.A.T of baseball, and it is completely unfair.

    Mathis hsould just retire. IT's not fair for the rest of the legue. You Miami fans are très lucky

  • Samir posted 1518 days ago


    Alrighty then, thank you Mr. MARLINS

    Btw, I'm a Jays fan, and you guys are very lucky to have Jeff Mathis. He is quite the Catcher

  • Samir posted 1518 days ago


    It would be an honor Mr. MARLINS, to have you as our head scout. PLus, you could get some inside info on the Miami Heat.

  • Samir posted 1519 days ago


    That's what I though. Thank you for your insight btw, you're lucky to have inside info on the Malrins

  • Brian Cardinal posted 1519 days ago

    Brian Cardinal

    As an MLB fan, I love you're jokes so much. keep up the great job.

  • Samir posted 1520 days ago


    You're an idiot. 10 years 500 million for Zambrano isn't even fair. Should be 5 years 1 bil

  • Eric Jiang posted 1520 days ago

    Eric Jiang

    LOL I don't even follow baseball but this is funny

  • Jack R posted 1523 days ago

    Jack R

    I accept you now, mainly because I love Mathis jokes as an Angel fan, just please don't endorse others when there starts to be INDIANS and METS on this site. That would ruin yours, and all MLB Beanie Ball comedy just like it did in NBA Beanie Ballz.