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  • Doug Rush posted 830 days ago

    Doug Rush

    You really live up to the troll gimmick, huh?

    As you can see from me responding here, I was never "kicked off." In fact, I still have all of my writing privileges and could always come back anytime I want.

    Do I dare ask why you chose to send me that message? I have moved on from B/R for almost two months now.

  • Doug Rush posted 862 days ago

    Doug Rush

    Howard, I know it's you under another alias. You don't exactly fool anyone with your writing style.

    Trust me, you were the last reason why I left. In fact, I hadn't even thought of you until I got a notice saying you posted on my board.

    Sorry that I won't be around for you to troll my stories anymore Goon. It's been an interesting four years. Now you have to find others to bother, until you get thrown off again.