The Yacman Ron Yacovetti

The Yacman Ron Yacovetti


Ron Yacovetti’s background has many levels that eventually came together in concert with his MMA career endeavors. Ron’s connection with combat sports began at a young age, with his interest and success in wrestling during junior high and high school as well as a few years spent as a student of Judo, where his coach had hoped to groom him for an Olympic bid.

Ron also competed as a Junior Lightweight bodybuilder, capturing a variety of local and regional titles, all leading up to his two time runner-up status in the Junior Mr. USA. As a result, Ron was asked to be a writer for Natural Physique Magazine.One of the many things that stayed with Ron after Judo, Wrestling and Bodybuilding was the excitement of participating in any one on one sport. It sparked a reintroduction to a sport that his late grandfather had spent so much time watching and sharing with him…boxing.

The Yacman went on to write for two syndicated Sports Entertainment television shows, “Thunderbox” and “Heavyweight Explosion”; both boxing oriented programs. Shortly afterwards, Ron had an ongoing, exclusive column as a writer for It seemed Ron had sharpened all of his skills…well almost all. The Yacman eventually took on audiences all over America, hitting them night after night with strong, well-crafted Punch-lines, as a national headliner in Stand-Up Comedy, touring for over ten years, in places like New York City, Las Vegas, Reno and Atlantic City.

The Yacman eventually found his niche, realizing that he had unknowingly spent his life preparing for his current career as a Correspondent and Host in Mixed Martial Arts. The spontaneity on camera, the likability and the wit to think swiftly on his feet helped Ron become a welcomed face in the MMA community, as well as the face of the MMA social networking website Ron has also done fight commentary for the Korean Mixed Martial Arts Promotion, Spirit MC (Spirit Martial Challenge) and co-hosts a weekly Web TV series entitled "MMA with Yac & J's MMA'- a comedic news magazine style show, similar in its format, to The Daily Show on Comedy Central ( coming soon! Start new shows 10/15!

Ron is now signed to a multi-event contract to do play by play commentary cage-side, as well as post-fight interviews in the cage, for the new MMA Promotion CALL TO ARMS. (

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  • Justin Orel posted 2809 days ago

    Justin Orel

    Thanks! I'll let you know if I go to the next one, it's a little far off from where I live.

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    Dann Khan

    Hey mate.
    Did my first slide show today. It is supposed to be humor. Tell me if you like it

  • David K posted 3124 days ago

    David K

    Hey Ron, Id like to share my ufc 98 experience with you. U can check it out at

  • Blaine Spence posted 3125 days ago

    Blaine Spence

    MMA community:
    It is not too late to make a difference!
    You can help. Please give a read and "pay this forward" Some things are bigger than sports.

  • Anthony Ascue posted 3131 days ago

    Anthony Ascue

    Check this out, and please do take part in this. Should be fun!

  • David K posted 3137 days ago

    David K

    Hello! i need your constructive input on my 2nd piece when you get a chance. Thanks!

  • Mike Leanza posted 3149 days ago

    Mike Leanza

    MMA rankings are back, email me your picks (, top five fighters of each division – lightweight to heavyweight and your top ten p4p. if you have any questions on anything let me know.

  • Huwebes Fernandez posted 3152 days ago

    Huwebes Fernandez

    freddie roach was not also the best but also the most kind trainer we ever got in this boxing world.

    pls read and enjoy. ^^

    comments are well appreciated.:)

  • jason hughes posted 3154 days ago

    jason hughes

    just an opinion on judo ron check it out

  • Huwebes Fernandez posted 3156 days ago

    Huwebes Fernandez

    My newest, yet deep and dark article.

    Enjoy! ^^
    Huwebes Fernandez