Dr Charlie  NONAME

Dr Charlie NONAME


True Washingtonian. Born in the outlining subburbs of DC and grew up in a very sports orientated famiy and era. Redskins, Cap's, Bulletts' and so on. Loved the Birds before the Nationals came too towne. Love boxing. Grew up in local Washington DC gyms and have a strong releationship with some world champions. Love the skins and have family seasons tickets for 45 years. Can not watch another hearrt breaking hockey season in DC. Still love them though. I have a great sence of the tradition and pride in our local professional sports teams.

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  • Dr Charlie NONAME posted 2550 days ago

    Dr Charlie  NONAME

    .Albert Hainsworth,
    This guy is the truest example of what’s wrong in the league today. These players think they deserve the right to make demands or even dress up for a game. NO! They do not. These types of players come from a generation of takers, not givers. They come from nothing and make money playing a GAME for a living and still cannot get that right. I am so enthralled by coach Shannahans handling of this guy. There are 209,019 hits on comments about this guy and is position he is taking on the team. 99.99 percent of those comments are in favor of the skins and the current class filled way they are handling this guy. Way to go Coach. Pride is a terrible thing. Being the size of this guy, it obviously carry’s an enormous amount of pride and arrogance. He knows where his bread is buttered per say, so he skirts the preverbal line when it comes to ethic and team rules. The obvious answer to this issue is to let him go. You say there no other team that would absorb that remaining monies owed to him, and that he is a cancer. So here’s the answer. Bench him. Don’t let him suit up, and bench him for the remaining six years of his contract. Better yet, put a cheerleaders uniform on him and place him back with the girls. He is the very worst example of what’s wrong in this league today. Coach, Teammates, please fight through the porous attempts by Albert Hainsworth to pull you down into his pit of hate and distain. Stay the course. Your fans are proud of you. Your fans totally approve of your handling this guy the way you are. Loved watching him in the 4th quarter with the third team on National television. I ask this last question. What is it that Albert tells his son as to why he is not giving 100% to his contractual obligation? What precedent is he setting for his own child?

  • JW Nix posted 2787 days ago

    JW Nix

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