Rodolfo Barros

Rodolfo Barros

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Former Boxing fan turned off by the sport after the Holyfield vs Lewis draw fiasco.

Started to follow K-1 World Grand Prix instead.

First MMA fight ever watched: blinded in one eye that same night, 154 lb Yuki Nakai submits 250+ lb Craig Pittman (Vale Tudo Japan 1995).

Started watching PRIDE with friends. With its imminent fallout by the end of 2006, I switched to the UFC with Hughes vs Penn II. In few months I saw the fall of old icons (Ortiz, Lidell, Penn, Hughes) and the rise of two of the UFCs greatest legends: GSP and Anderson Silva. Around this time I became a mma devotee.

Favorite Fighters:
Most Technical: Lyoto Machida
Most Durable: Dan Henderson
Most Underappreciated: Gegard Mousasi
Most Unpredictable: Genki Sudo
Most Intelligent: Kazushi Sakuraba
Most Influential: Royce Gracie
Most Entertaining: Anderson Silva
Most Vicious: Wanderlei Silva (PRIDE version)
Most Well-Rounded: Fedor Emelianenko & GSP
Most Dangerous: Cain Velasquez & Junior dos Santos
Most Talented: John Jones
Most Courageous: Yuki Nakai

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