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  • Iron Man posted 532 days ago

    Iron Man


  • Mr Skull posted 841 days ago

    Mr Skull

    Nice pic.

  • Mr Skull posted 941 days ago

    Mr Skull

    Lets team up when I turn heel after 5 years. Then bury everyone.

  • Mr Skull posted 941 days ago

    Mr Skull

    You kill Sting then I'll bury him.

  • Superman Reigns posted 943 days ago

    Superman Reigns


  • Randy Norton posted 949 days ago

    Randy Norton

    Great Pic.

  • Championship Material posted 950 days ago

    Championship Material

    lol keyboard warrior

  • Mr Skull posted 951 days ago

    Mr Skull

    Don't be so offensive mate. Cena is love Cena is life. BURY DAT.

  • Mr Skull posted 952 days ago

    Mr Skull

    I never said Cena will do that. He's a social and civilized guy. I said that Orton needs permission from his seniors to do that.

  • Mr Skull posted 953 days ago

    Mr Skull

    No, he shouldn't do what he wants to do. He should take permission from Cena to do so.