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  • BORK LESNAR posted 31 days ago


    Suck it Boreton!

  • The heel of the IWC Sheamus posted 36 days ago

    The heel of the IWC Sheamus

    And the new WWE World heavyweight champion!!! the viper Randy Orton!!!! the best Elimination Chamber match was at 2014.

  • The Villain posted 68 days ago

    The Villain

    You are a true fan dude

  • bruce wayne posted 69 days ago

    bruce wayne

    randy is the best

  • Randy Norton posted 70 days ago

    Randy Norton

    RANDY ORTON RULES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Viva Del Rio posted 129 days ago

    Viva Del Rio

    Viva Del Rio!

  • Wife of Bath posted 180 days ago

    Wife of Bath

    DB could be a rock, he I still better.

  • Wife of Bath posted 185 days ago

    Wife of Bath

    Daniel Bryan could look like a beast and would still be better than Orton.

  • Marine Sgt posted 188 days ago

    Marine Sgt

    @ Legend Killer for his/her stupid ignorant post. It's a good thing when a man has a concussion? YOU ARE IGNORANT!!! WWE is a great form of entertainment and that is what it is. I can see you take this this type of entertainment personally. First off your RKO fan boy, I get it. We all are fans of someone or some people. I am a fan of honorable people. Guess what, go ahead and guess. RKO's Bad Conduct Discharge makes him unhonorable.

  • Best In The World posted 202 days ago

    Best In The World

    "My money is on: Batista.

    Batista will eliminate Bryan & Punk by only one arm. AT THE SAME TIME."

    That is the most stupidest poinion that I have seen,