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  • BORK LESNAR posted 19 days ago


    Suck it Boreton!

  • And the new WWE World heavyweight champion!!! the viper Randy Orton!!!! the best Elimination Chamber match was at 2014.

  • The Villain posted 56 days ago

    The Villain

    You are a true fan dude

  • bruce wayne posted 56 days ago

    bruce wayne

    randy is the best

  • Randy Norton posted 57 days ago

    Randy Norton

    RANDY ORTON RULES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Viva Del Rio posted 116 days ago

    Viva Del Rio

    Viva Del Rio!

  • Tonks Lupin posted 168 days ago

    Tonks Lupin

    DB could be a rock, he I still better.

  • Tonks Lupin posted 172 days ago

    Tonks Lupin

    Daniel Bryan could look like a beast and would still be better than Orton.

  • Marine Sgt posted 176 days ago

    Marine Sgt

    @ Legend Killer for his/her stupid ignorant post. It's a good thing when a man has a concussion? YOU ARE IGNORANT!!! WWE is a great form of entertainment and that is what it is. I can see you take this this type of entertainment personally. First off your RKO fan boy, I get it. We all are fans of someone or some people. I am a fan of honorable people. Guess what, go ahead and guess. RKO's Bad Conduct Discharge makes him unhonorable.

  • Best In The World posted 190 days ago

    Best In The World

    "My money is on: Batista.

    Batista will eliminate Bryan & Punk by only one arm. AT THE SAME TIME."

    That is the most stupidest poinion that I have seen,