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Let's talk wrestling, shall we?


I. A LOT of people take parody accounts seriously and actually try to argue with them.

II. The IWC (at least here on B/R) is a fickle bunch. No denying that I am apart of the IWC, but my loyalties as a fan do not waiver. Once a wrestler gains my respect and following, I don't just quit on them because I don't like something that they do. I voice my grievances, and move on, all the while remaining a fan of that wrestler.

III. Dolph Ziggler receives more unwarranted hate and ridiculous criticism than any wrestler alive. This is coming from a guy who thinks Ziggler is good, NOT GREAT, good. He's a talented wrestler, nothing more, nothing less. He isn't the best wrestler on the roster; I don't make any grand claims about him. So if anyone wants to come on here and call me a Ziggler mark, I'll just shrug it off and immediately dismiss it.

IV. The terms "mark", "buried", "heat", and "jobbing" are misused frequently.

V. Nostalgia, especially when it comes to wrestling fans, ALWAYS clouds judgement.

VI. The worst kind of wrestling fans are those who only judge wrestlers based on appearance. They don't judge wrestlers based on overall abillity. You know those people. The same idiots that call Punk a skinny-fat ass and have big men fetishes. These people are living in the past. This isn't your Grandfather's wrestling anymore, where every wrestler looked like a body builder. Get the hell over it. Don't get it twisted. I'm not the type of fan that oozes over every Indie guy. However, observationally speaking, most big men can't wrestle for shit, can't go on the mic (except Big Show and Mark Henry and that's only because they are veterans that know how to work a crowd), have NO charisma whatsoever, and their matches often suck. Sheamus is a great worker, but lacks in charisma and mic skills.


I. University of Michigan football has the most arrogant fans, as well as the most bandwagon fans.
NOTE: Notre Dame fans are actually far more stupid than Michigan fans, however, they aren't as arrogant. They are just so delusional that they are actually come off as stupid rather than arrogant.

II. Whenever the Miami Heat win a game, people will always complain about how the refs helped them win the game. They could win by 50 points, only going to the line 8 times, and still people will say the refs helped them. These people are unrealistic.

III. There is actually a Miami Heat Hater bandwagon. It's the biggest bandwagon in ALL OF SPORTS. Keep mind that I am a Detroit Pistons fan, but Jesus Christ, never before have I seen a team this hated, for seemingly NO REASON.

IV. The Detroit Lions are a good team with an incredibly inept coaching staff.

V. Don't allow ESPN to mindrape you into believing BS.

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  • Impeach Sharon Glencross posted 463 days ago

    Impeach Sharon Glencross

    After a 7 day absence, Anti CM Punk Moron has come back, just in time for the show of the immortals, TNA: One Night Only X-TRAVAGANZA. Thank you for the appreciation.

  • Two Face posted 474 days ago

    Two Face

    ziggler mark

  • Matt Rogers posted 474 days ago

    Matt Rogers

    Gotcha. Your distain for Michigan lead me to Ohio State.

  • Dan Riaz posted 474 days ago

    Dan Riaz

    Intriguing bio, I respect you for holding true to what you believe in.

  • Matt Rogers posted 475 days ago

    Matt Rogers

    Are you an Ohio State fan?

  • Corey Mac posted 475 days ago

    Corey Mac

    The streak will never be broken.

  • Michael Tarver Gang posted 475 days ago

    Michael Tarver Gang

    are you sergio?

  • Rational Thought posted 475 days ago

    Rational Thought

    Check #6

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    Rational Thought

    Check #5