Mike Eagan

Mike Eagan


Mr. Eagan's eclectic sporting interests are derived from the patchwork quilt that is his life. Descended of an Irish-Catholic, lawyer-breeding family from New Orleans, Eagan was raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and graduated in 2005 from the University of Notre Dame du Lac in South Bend, IN. While studying in London during the Spring of 2004, Eagan acquired a taste for Premiership football and Westminster's finest pubs. He recently relocated from San Francisco to the hilly terrain of the Stanford University campus, where he is attending law school. Go figure.

Eagan has had the opportunity to have attended some very memorable sporting moments in his 25 years of life, including:

- Game 4 of the 1989 World Series (not the Earthquake game that would have been much cooler)
- Barry Bonds' 1st game/HR as a Giant, 1993
- 2000 Rose Bowl, Stanford vs. Wisconsin
- Game 5 of the 2002 World Series
- USC at ND, 2005
- 2007 Sugar Bowl, ND vs. LSU
- Barry Bonds' 756th HR, 2007

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  • Pedro Gonzalez posted 2811 days ago

    Pedro Gonzalez

    Hi Mike I want to know what you think of my newest article

  • Keith Schlosser posted 2981 days ago

    Keith Schlosser

    Thanks to BR, I recently interviewed Knicks legend Earl Monroe. Here is what he had to say on a variety of topics, including the current state of the Knicks!


  • Tyler Lambert posted 3076 days ago

    Tyler Lambert

    Hey, I am currently trying to become a Duke Football Featured Columnist. This is something that would really mean a lot to me, so please take the time to read the article and comment on it. Tell me what you think about it, what I could change to make it better, etc. Thanks in advance!


  • G D posted 3288 days ago

    G D


    When I think of someone who deserves a Super Bowl ring, I think of Larry Fitzgerald. Who do you think of? Let me know what you think.


  • Bleacher Report posted 3308 days ago

    Bleacher Report

    AWESOME profile pic. One of the hidden perks of that signing will be seeing that video over and over. Love the look on Randy's face when he realizes it's not his hat.


  • Tony Bishop posted 3314 days ago

    Tony Bishop

    Thanks for the pick and comments Mike!

  • Patrick Read posted 3458 days ago

    Patrick Read

    Well Mike, I assume being from N'alens that you like the Saints, you're team looks very strong, especially with Shock-Me, he will open up the whole offense fo The Saints.
    Thanks for the post.
    Youre a good writer so write some Irish News - I get the Blue and Gold if you need info
    they need some good press nowaday
    Go Irish

  • Patrick Read posted 3458 days ago

    Patrick Read

    Hey Charlie! Where you goin with that there shot-gun??
    Nice pic Mike
    - his boys finally take over the whole team this yr, no more Ty drafts. Cant wait!
    Pop has 4 season tickets and Ive been going for the last 12 yrs or so...since the Snow Bowl vs Penn St. Seems we have some background in common too - lived in Biloxi and then NE Miss. for about 4 yrs...miss Paddy O'Ryans too! Hurricanes!

    You've got some great articles there my man, are you going to pen for the irish this year?
    St Pat..... well, not quite-

  • Robert Lewis posted 3465 days ago

    Robert Lewis

    Thanks for the add