Lucas Scott


A Business Management Graduate from University of Surrey, England.

Played professional football until injury and now looking to get back into it.

Soccer Agent, sports journalist and entrepreneur.

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  • Zeke Edriss posted 92 days ago

    Zeke Edriss

    Hey Lucas, Can you please email me at, ive been dreaming of going pro all my life but since I live in Canada I dont have many opportunities. im 16 so Id like to get advice from you to help/guide me. Thanks!

  • Normi Bedo posted 130 days ago

    Normi Bedo

    Hello Mr Scott, I'm 22 already and still trying to pursue my dream of becoming a soccer player. I've already quited from my job to focus on my goal of getting pro as a soccer player. I just need to know if there's still any chance for me to reach my dreams as many say nothing is impossible or if I'm really done with that and should forget it. Trust me when I have a goal I'm gonna work as hard as it takes to get to it. I just don't know the way to success yet that where should I start. I would really appreciate your help, if you see my message please reply to my e-mail(

  • Jordan Mastalerz posted 528 days ago

    Jordan Mastalerz

    Could you please send me an email at: I have some questions I would like to as you, thanks.

  • Joseph Rojas posted 549 days ago

    Joseph Rojas

    Hello, Mr.Scott, my name is Joseph Rojas; I am 16 and my goal in life to become a professional futbol player. one reason is to fulfill my childhood dream, and the other is to help my family right now in financial distress. I feel like God gave me a gift to play this sport to use for Him and also to serve others. If you could help me in any way to give me hope, that would mean so much! If you want to contact me, my email address is Thank you (:

  • ike orewa posted 559 days ago

    ike orewa

    hi name is ike i am in middle school i play soccer on a competitive level and my dream is to become a professional football player can you please email me at

  • mohamed khalid posted 625 days ago

    mohamed khalid
    get back to me please

  • Dylan Hood posted 725 days ago

    Dylan Hood

    OK well I think im just going to post my comment on here, why not?

    I have been playing soccer since I was 5 but just not at a competetive level. I am OK at soccer but not great. I am also 19 years old. I am at a community college and I feel like I am going no where with my life. I say I want to go to school and be a doctor but I am just not drawn to it emotionally enough. The only thing that I am 100% completly passionate about is football. I love the game, the supporters. All I want to do is play football. TO be a professional footballer would be my dream come true. Is it to late for me since I am 19? what other suggestions do you have or advice? THank you so much in advance for any help you can give me.

    email me back at

    Dylan Hood

  • Dylan Hood posted 725 days ago

    Dylan Hood


    How do I send you a private message?



  • Rasheed Thomas posted 746 days ago

    Rasheed Thomas


    U can email your response at : or

    PLEASE respond because I am really desperate for your information and I will be thankful for your advice

    Thanks again

  • Rasheed Thomas posted 746 days ago

    Rasheed Thomas

    Wah gwaan Lucas (as we would say in Jamaica )

    I am 15 years and i don't have such a good diet as a kid. I play CAM and I am not the best in my position at my high school Munro College. My passion and love for football would make me do anything to become a pro someday. I got to America in the summers and play soccer there for my church team and at training with the women's team i score loads of goals with plenty assists. During the year at my home I train everyday whether individually or with my colleagues who are really good and run 13.42 on tired legs too.I'm just asking if I can get some tips on how to become a better footballer and how i can become recognized. This is my dream and I really want to fulfill my dream to become a pro soccer player. Thanks in advance ;D :)