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  • The Durantula posted 1 day ago

    The Durantula

    Spurs resigned Danny Green and dealt Splitter. They wouldn't have done that if Aldridge didn't commit to them... Congrats X.X

  • Daniel posted 2 days ago


    If Lakers fans are supporting GS too, then it's for two reasons: One, they think they'll get Curry, and two, they want bragging rights to a winning team, since they haven't had one in a while for the Lakers. Yeah, I'd really like to see OKC healthy in particular. GS will get exposed soon, don't worry.

    I heard LMA is visiting with LAL and HOU first........I don't think HOU has much of a chance, and the Lakers shouldn't have a chance, but whatever. I still think he'll decide on SA.

    It's actually unclear what Portland is trying to do, but if LMA ultimately leaves, and Wes Matthews walks too, then they won't have a choice. A team of Lillard, McCollum, Henderson, Vonleh and Leonard will not contend for a playoff spot. The east is weak enough for teams like Detroit, Boston, Milwaukee and Indiana, not Charlotte.

    Stephenson to LAC......I actually don't know what to think. I see it as one of those wildcard situations. If LAC gets Indiana Lance, they'll be fine, and he'll be another cog for that team joining Blake and CP3, assuming Jordan leaves. If they get Charlotte Lance, they're pretty much screwed at that position, but not enough to fall out of the playoffs.

    For some reason, I'm REALLY hoping Butler leaves Chicago. It adds more room for other teams in the East to make it in.

    Haha, I think the "wait and see" thing is only for financial purposes. He wants to see how the Cavs retool before deciding on a good contract for him. Or, for all Lakers fan know, he could go to LAL with Kobe XD

    Just remember that most of those guys fail in the NBA and are eventually out of the league. Don't be depressed ;)

    Wolves got Tyus Jones, Cavs got picks 31 and 36. Good trade for Minny.

    Dude, how do those spiders get inside those homes in the first place? I mean I guess they crawl in if an entrance is left open for enough time. And I wasn't speaking of Sydney necessarily, I'm not the biggest fan of that place. I was thinking more Melbourne, Brisbane or Perth. Although Perth might be more dangerous...

    If marrying the country of New Zealand, an Australian girl and a Swedish girl all at the same time is illegal.....then I'll do it. At least I'll have internal.......satisfaction.

    I think the spiders would die in the ocean before getting anywhere near New Zealand. Those folks are safe.

    Dude have you seen the Straight Outta Compton trailer? And yeah I may go watch Southpaw, if I have time.

  • Donovan Griffin posted 4 days ago

    Donovan  Griffin

    Clearly, the pick was the Kobe Bryant replacement. They'll be counting on free agency for a giant.

    The Sixers are a joke. How many times are they drafting big centers?

    Actually, the Cousins trade talk was a teasing lapdance.

  • Donovan Griffin posted 4 days ago

    Donovan  Griffin

    God, those mods worry me. We shouldn't be seeing Superman in a GTA game , period. LOL XD!

    When it comes down 2 comic book popularity, I can't think of anyone... but Sups. Plus, the crossover movie next year will be insane ( good or bad ). True, Sups doesn't run... but he can fly through anything. That's the biggest adventure he has over Bats. You can be a God among mortals.

  • Donovan Griffin posted 4 days ago

    Donovan  Griffin

    Forbes. com bashed Daredevil. So let me explain why Daredevil doesn't deserve criticism.

    Storyline wise, it's good. Daredevil fights going outside the law ( knowing it's corrupted ) while Foggy, Ben and Karen fight using the law. Seriously, if nobody understands dat, they're retarded.

    Character wise, everyone looks good 2 me. Karen Page is the disturbed Lois Lane
    of the series, not the nurse. And was anyone surprise that she made mistakes, had dumb moments and slipped up? She's crying over death and the wrath of Fisk. Duh! Every single show / movie has these kinda bitches. Foggy = drunk humor. Plus, the guy is Leo Gets of Daredevil. Besides, he's the one that keeps Matthew, MATTHEW... not a dark murderous avenger with no soul. Ben Urich's heart... wants to report crime and stop Fisk. But his head is telling him '' Don't do it DUMBASS! You're already on the enemy hit list for incriminating mobsters decades ago. Fisk will kill your hospitalized woman if you expose him.'' So Ben knows what he's doing... and what Kingpin can do. If people are bashing Ben 4 relying on Daredevil, they should be ripping 2 shreds Commissioner Gordon trusting Batman 4 everything. Plot points? They're acceptable. Like Nelson & Murdock's rocky relationship. First of all, it's understandable why Foggy was upset. What Matthew was doing on the streets went against everything Foggy stood for. And they built something together since college. They were closer than blood brothers... but Matthew lied to Foggy and played him. And again, Foggy is immature, not tough and childlike at times. So, Elden reacted the way thre character was SUPPOSE to. Most of these critics do not understand the chracters at all. Matthew is calm and defiance. Daredevil is 100% badass and angry. Karen is the typical frightened hottie that needs assistance... caught into a web. Foggy is a comedian... but wants 2 do things the right way. How about Fisk's masterplan? It's making more money by working with dope dealers? Um... yeah, what's the complain? Drugs sells the most money... and money is POWER! And... there's not enough scenes / episodes for Rosario. Yes, this makes the show ''overrated'' according 2 Forbes. Wow, I'm done. I mean... I can go on and on. But it's laughable now.

  • Donovan Griffin posted 4 days ago

    Donovan  Griffin

    Okay, Marvel goofed up finally. You go from Andrew Garfield... 2 Tom Holland? Can Peter/Spidey be ( um )... older and respectable? It makes me wanna apologize 2 Ben as Bats and Tobey as Spidey. LOL XD! F Spidey 3 or New 1. Jesus, it's a reboot of a reboot anyway!!!!!

    Only the first flick centers around the WW2 era. The rest of the movies are placed in the modern era. See, Cap stopped a drone bomb and it exploded and flung him into the freezing waters of the Arctic, So, he was frozen alive. 7 decades later, he was freed from the ice berg. The movie version is a little different.

    AC reminded of a great movie franchise going south. The gameplay was awesome and the indepth stories became addictive. It can be too repetitive at times...but that made gamers wanna play more. Revelations didn't have many assassination plots despite the improvements. Brotherhood was very short. The scenery in Black Flags was attractive and huge. But they shouldn't be crying about a few bugs in AC4. If there is frustration, it's tied 2 the story itself. Free running relies on momentum. And Ezio should be a consistent target while targeting others. It makes sense.

    Do you? If so... I'm sorry. Watchdogs wasn't even worth the hype.

    Naw. There was discussion about Atom solo. Luckily, they used their brains and realized, he can't draw without role players. Same goes 4 Firestorm. So, we're getting Legends of Tomorrow.

    Ollie will embrace the Green Arrow, Damian Darhk debuts, Thea is actually big brother's sidekick and Felicity stays witty, oversensitive and hot as F keeping Ollie pure. How can Thea be the star of... ARROW?????? Sure, Ollie retired. But... do main heroes ever stay away from the game? Look at Tony Stark at the end of IM3. Was he done? LOL XD!

    Screw the Simpsons and South Park, etc! Daredevil embarrasses those disgusting, animated formats. We shouldn't even associate Daredevil with those programs. This show is so good, it rivals any hot show on TV and streaming wise. I heard some critics call Daredevil overrated. Of course, when you reach success, this will always happen.

    Still gotta wait on that particular game. And so far, it's split down the middle. I've seen 7/10 stars, 4/5, 2/5 and 7/10 from GameSpot.

    In terms of software use, PS3/4 is where it's at for me. So much can go wrong with
    PC. And when you upload dat much storage, expect freezes and lags. By making a game big... you're run the risk of damaging the experiment.

    A quote 2 live by.

  • The Durantula posted 5 days ago

    The Durantula

    Aldridge would be really stupid to chose the Lakers over the Spurs. And Duncan is gonna resign at a bargain price so the Spurs can add someone like LMA. Look at Melo, he chose money over rings/wins, safe to say that hasn't worked out too well.
    Yup, the Spurs saved Green from the trash and made him the player he is today, time for him to cash in. Should've been finals MVP in 2013 tho X.X

  • The Durantula posted 5 days ago

    The Durantula

    Nah lol Harden carried the Rockets solo the entire season. Butler still has a long way to go to catch him. He's currently battling with Klay and Wade to be the 2nd best SG in the league.
    I think Davis is gonna be insane with Gentry at the helm in NOLA next season. Lol they told Monty he wouldn't get fired if they made the playoffs, they made it and he still got fired. He's an assistant coach for the Thunder now so it's all good ;)
    Wow, that Indian guy really started from the bottom then :0 Cuban is a genius man, u don't become a billionaire by being stupid lmao.

  • Daniel posted 6 days ago


    Two can play the long post game :P

  • Daniel posted 6 days ago


    I wouldn't say the title was handed to the Warriors, rather they happened to catch enough breaks from other teams (Pelicans being inexperienced, Grizzlies with Conley out, Rockets with seemingly everyone folding, not just Harden, and Cavs with injuries). They're a bit overrated, but it's not the team that's overrated. It's Curry that's becoming a bit overrated. I swear more bandwagon GS fans know Curry's family more than the rest of the team, besides Klay and Iggy (only because of finals MVP). Curry's a great player, but lol 3rd all time???? Not even close yet....

    As for Lamb, he's now with Charlotte. Dang man CHA are making a lot of trades. Lamb, Batum, etc. Do you think they could push for a bottom east seed? I don't, since Detroit, Milwaukee and Indiana are all better. Plus, it's the Hornets. Only the Kings beat them on the dysfunction spectrum.

    I figured Thibs would go eventually. I'm actually curious to see how Hoiberg will do. If Butler leaves CHI though, they're kinda screwed. And with the Bobby Portis pick, they have to trade either Taj Gibson or Noah. The Bulls are a bit of a wild card right now, like the Pacers, Raptors, Hawks, Blazers, Mavericks, and (to a lesser extent) Grizzlies and Clippers.

    OH MY GOD I totally remember that!!!!! Lol LeBron's such a d-bag, it's not even funny anymore. Did you hear he's opting out of his contract and taking a "wait-and-see approach with the Cavs roster?" XDDDDDDDD This guy's so whack sometimes....

    It's not that DET is into LMA, it's that his agent (Arn Tellem) works for the Pistons staff. He may be able to convince Aldridge to join Detroit. We already have Ersan though, so we don't exactly need him, although we'd have the best PF stable in the league if he joined. LMA/Ersan/Tolliver is quite good.

    If anything, LMA will go to Spurs or Mavs. He'd be stupid to stay in POR, with the way they're pretty much gutting the team.

    As for Gasol, there's an off chance he goes to SA. But yeah I think he'll opt for more money in Memphis. MIL will most likely sign Brook Lopez or Tyson Chandler. Both good options.

    Minny drafted Towns, and traded for Tyus Jones from the Cavs. Lol did you watch the draft?

    Lol Swedish chicks are some of the hottest bombshells in the world. If I go there, I am marrying a Swedish girl. Book it! :P And yeah, I heard you get paid, which is cool, but I think it's only for the Swedes.

    Australia super nice though, and it's a stunningly well rounded country. I'd also argue it's the most unique nation in the world. And I have a thing for Aussie girls.....XD

    If New Zealand was a girl, I'd marry it! Lol but yeah it's super nice there, and geographically, it seems like a relatively remote place. One of my dream countries to visit. And yes, LOTR territory ftw!

    Oh I've heard of Southpaw. I think it'll be good. I haven't gotten the chance to watch the trailer though :(