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  • Long gone posted 1437 days ago

    Long gone

    Lol Emeka.

  • Jens Gehring posted 1568 days ago

    Jens Gehring

    Good to see, you´re still there! :-)

    Yeah, those account-problems really s...

  • Hector Kings posted 1667 days ago

    Hector Kings

    What's your opinion on your teams' picks and trades?

  • Sir Gunner posted 1689 days ago

    Sir Gunner

    No problem :D

  • Hector Kings posted 1699 days ago

    Hector Kings

    You can steal D'Antoni too? :D

  • Jens Gehring posted 1702 days ago

    Jens Gehring

    Good Morning (in german time) Corey!

    uff, hard stuff about your account... and that you had to do all things new. And the comment-counting is also not favorable. For many this wouldn´t b a problem as they post just short, often non-sensing or dissing comments, but you´ve done valuable and often long comments... So it´s a losing thing^^

    So staring with our Mavs :-)
    Honestly, I see really NO SENSE in trading away the pick. I understand that they must give up a first rounder until 2017 as they traded one in the past. And I understand that this draft isn´t that good. But it is a lottery-pick!!! You can give up a first rounder in 2 or 3 years when they are strong again and would have to pick at 25 or so. I mean the 13th pick in a weak draft is probably better than the 25th in a medicore or even strong draft-class^^ However, independent from this, they need youth and if they make a big FA-Splash this summer, they only have imited cap for talent. And 1,3 Mio for a talented player who could be starter if Rick trusts his talent is not much!
    And yes, you´r right. The Draft is before the FA and I wouldn´t gamble too much. If they don´t get Dwight or Paul, the pick is very very valuable!
    But the most annoying thing about trading away the pick is that the media paints a picture, that Mavs seem to must do trade away the pick for Howard. And thats just not true!!! They have to clear about 2 Mio for Howards-Max contract, but they can do it by other little moves^^
    I´m also not a fan of signing 2 PG who were backups and reached their peak already. And Bayless and Jack are both good players, no question, but again they are no true floor generals... Than bette rgo with Calderon :-)
    But Paul would be of course the prime solution for PG-position^^ The article about the benefits were quite fine, yes.

    But I don´t only see the Clippers, Hawks, Rockets and Mavs as a favor destination for Paul. There could also be a darf horse for a Paul run like New Orleans. After a new owner with Benson, he will go a comparable way to success like Cuban. And the Pelicans have talent (A.Davis; Gordon (even id I would trade him maybe); Ryan Anderson; a high pick) and cap-space! The future seems bright in NO, if Benson makes a good job in marketing for NO the place to be relativating the "small market"...

    Seeing Matrix leave would hurt, no question... But for the future I would consider him as a trade-chip... And Carter, yeah, he´s funny and a good locker room guy and now finally has matured a lot :-) That he accepts his role and contributes that well and efficient, that was quite nice to see. And than the highlights from time to time when he posts up and than goes strong to the rim! Super...

    Bobcats or Hornets ;-)
    It´s a funny darft situation for many teams. The Bobcats of course, but also the Cavs^^ They got No.1 pick, but clearly need a SF like Otto Porter. But picking Porter at 1 would clearly a waste of talent. And one thing every team has to consider also is that if the pick is higher, the cap-hold and contract also is higher!
    So trading down for the Bobcats could be a good thing. If they stay with the 4th pick I probably take Oladipo or McLemore over Bennett. If they don´t commit to Henderson, they´d need a 2 also. And Bennet has a lot of upside, but I´m not sure if he is more a 3 or 4. And Bennet on the 4 and Biyombo at the 5. Thats really small. Too small...
    The trade-down scenario with Detroit is also possible, I guess. But the Wolves-trade would be great for Bobcats. :-)
    HAHA, Protect the Nest for the Hornets with Wiggans as a cornerstone sounds great! Too good to be true. And what a talent, they´d had on the roster than with no bad-contracts left...

    You saw the lottery live? Cool, it was too late in germany to watch the lottery^^
    The Wizards will be a playoff-lock next season if they stay healthy.
    Wall, Beal, maybe Porter... And re-signing Webster is also smart. Nene is overpaid for sure, but a good veterean presence. Same for Emeka. Hey and players like Singleton and Co. are good role-player also.

    At the moment I just haven´t a claear enough picture from Adams as I only know about him from what I read... Still not sure about the Boston-destination for him.
    Garnett will play his 32-35 minutes even if he is getting older... SUllinger back healthy and Bass also for minutes. Jeff Green even sometims plays the 4.
    The Hawks could b also a good fit!

    OKC I don´t see as a destination for Admas. They will go for an athletic big like Plumlee in the draft. And they got also a european big "parked" in spain who they still plan to bring in the NBA latest the season after next. I know that because it is our german starting centre at national team ;-) -> Tibor Pleiß. They picked him already 3 years ago as an early 2nd rounder (I gues it was 33rd pick or so) and wanted him to develop in europe, first in the german league and now in spain. The spanish league is a bit better than the german...

    Can´t wait for Draft and FA!!!

  • Hector Kings posted 1702 days ago

    Hector Kings

    I was hoping the Cats would get the 1st pick in this years' draft. I had a really decent opinion on what they'd do, I think.
    Win Now ( a little, I guess ) : Cats draft McLemore. Start him alongside Kemba, MKG, Biyombo and Haywood. Be competitive, win around 21+ games. Have FA from 2014 class recognize their upstart and want to sign there. Draft a big man.
    Win Later : Draft Noel. Have him sit out till New Years. Tank. Hopefully havepick 1 or 2. Draft Wiggins and move MKG to SG ( weird, I know ) or draft Parker and have a Kemba, Jabari, Michael, FA Big Man/Haywood/Biyombo and Noel lineup.
    What's your opinion on my amazingly weird idea? xD

  • Hector Kings posted 1703 days ago

    Hector Kings

    I was hoping for that. I read some Player Capsules by this website called Gothic Ginobli ( the main guy is a huge Cavs & Spurs fan who loves Flopobli ) and he makes articles about each & every active player before/during a season. He made one for Gerald and I really liked it. Have you heard of it?
    I want Pierre Jackson or Peyton Siva. Both have a chance to be a good 2nd string PG or a starter in a good situation. Siva is a great person and Jackson is an athletic guy. I'd consider the draft a success with either those players. I actually really want Archie Goodwin. He's an athletic guard who is very raw but would do great in a veteran-filled team. His favorite player is Kobe, and I really want the Lakers to trade up for him or simply trade for him.
    Otto Porter would be perfect for the Wiz.

  • Hector Kings posted 1703 days ago

    Hector Kings

    Damn, that sucks! That sounds like a realistic trade, the Wolves need a guard alongside Rubio terribly. I was actually hoping the Cats would get the 2nd or 3rd pick so they could get McLemore or Noel. Oladipo is considered to be a MKG, but shorter. Do you think that's a fair comparison?