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  • Dave Kuhn posted 1731 days ago

    Dave Kuhn

    I saw your ranking as to who you said had been the best IN the Champions League (domestic form excluded)

    Bayern and Barca have had IDENTICAL Champions League campaigns and Dortmund have been better than both and yet you put Barca #1?? And Bayern #5??? WTF?

    Game by game
    Spartak vs Barca at the Camp Nou - Barca was trailing 1-0 until very late when Messi rescued them for a win, but Spartak very nearly won that match because a shot also hit the post late

    Celtic at Camp Nou - again, Barca found themselves behind for most of that game but Messi saved the day late again. Either way, not even remotely convincing

    Benfica - Barca won, but nothing exceptional

    Celtic away - Barca loses

    Spartak away - Barca wins convincingly but still nowhere NEAR #1 calibre football through the group stages

    AC Milan away - Barca lose 2-0

    AC Milan at home - Barca masterclass 4-0

    OK, so now PLEASE explain to me how that is better than THIS:

    Dortmund vs City at the Etihad - 1-1 but if not for Joe Hart Dortmund could have won 5-1 not to mention that even Mancini admitted City didn't deserve that penalty which tied the game so really that SHOULD have been a Dortmund win and also admitted Dortmund blew his team off the park.

    Ajax at Dortmund 1-0 win for Dortmund. Cagey game, but a win for BVB nonetheless

    Real Madrid at Dortmund - VERY impressive 2-1 win for Dortmund in which they looked in complete control

    Madrid away - Dortmund was winning 2-1 again all the way up until the 90th minute when Ozil tied it with a brilliant free kick. But still, Dortmund were again the better team

    Ajax away - Dortmund masterclass especially Goetze.. blew Ajax away 4-1

    Shakhtar away - this was the FIRST GAME in the entire tournament that Dortmund went behind to any opponent but they still clawed back impressively and earned a draw

    Shakhtar at home - Dortmund masterclass 3-0 blowout

    So again please explain to me how Dortmund winning the hardest group undefeated and not losing a single match still puts them BELOW a Barca team who lost twice and turned in 2 other very below par performances at home against Spartak and Celtic?

    Is is simply Barca bias? You see reasonably normally but that is just absurd to put Barca ahead of Dortmund. Dortmund's opposition was harder, they didn't lose any games while Barca lost twice etc. There is absolutely NO argument for Barca being ahead of Dortmund.

    Just wanted to hear your explanation here