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  • Stephanie Greer posted 1331 days ago

    Stephanie Greer

    so why dont you like the clippers?

  • Alex F. posted 1334 days ago

    Alex F.

    Hey you;re the Bucks beanie ball. Why did you give up being a beanie ball? You were the best one.

  • Anoush posted 1336 days ago


    You're comments are annoying.

  • Eric Jiang posted 1338 days ago

    Eric Jiang

    Update your power rankings

  • Eric Jiang posted 1371 days ago

    Eric Jiang

    Weren't you BUCKS?

  • Heisenberg posted 1382 days ago


    Ding Ding Ding!!!!

  • HEISENBERG posted 1384 days ago


    don't mess with my family

  • Noah Atkinson posted 1390 days ago

    Noah  Atkinson

    Aren't you supposed to be dead?

  • Eric Jiang posted 1558 days ago

    Eric Jiang


  • Eric Jiang posted 1593 days ago

    Eric Jiang

    When are you coming back?