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  • Michael Gomez posted 1128 days ago

    Michael Gomez

    Thanks for proving my point "Beatdown the irish". You were commenting on USC being able to constantly bring in top recruits and pathetically tried to insinuate that USC was cheating by paying there players. If you weren't such an ignorant hater you would know no where in the NC2A report does it say anyone associated with USC was paying anybody and proved PC did nothing wrong. But you were only trying to stir up $hit and now you show your true colors while you hide behind a fake nice. Have a nice day "Beatoff".

  • TouchDown Irish posted 1128 days ago

    TouchDown Irish

    You are a punk...I really don't think there are any more ways to prove your a pathetic waste of life....I was commenting on Pete The Cheat. You have to bring up the tradgedy of Declan and the rumors of a that is staying on topic i'm not sure, but like most five year olds, when you know your beat down you start with the insults a name calling.....well done Miguel....You should be really proud of yourself

  • Michael Gomez posted 1129 days ago

    Michael Gomez

    Thats funny coming from someone who hides behind the name jesus. "Stick to the topic at hand"? Care to give some facts to back up your initial statement, or are your just a pathetic hater that likes to stir up $hit but can't take it? So tell me, how many students are your players gonna rape this year?

  • TouchDown Irish posted 1129 days ago

    TouchDown Irish

    You are a loser who can't stick to the topic at hand, Hope your proud of your comments Miguel. Couldn't cut it with the topic at hand so you mouth off about something irrelevant. Which just shows how small you really are......punk ass buster!!

  • TouchDown Irish posted 1130 days ago

    TouchDown Irish

    Was hoping you could be a videographer for our team this little, little man. Grow Up!!