Rob Helm

Rob Helm


I live in North Central PA. I'm a third generation ND footalball fan. I'm also a Penn State fan, I only live 40 miles away. But ND is my main team. I don't really follow the pros anymore, but I was a Vikings fan and Pirates fan when I did follow them.

Fran Tarkenton was one of the best Pro QBs, in my opinion
One of my hero's is Roberto Clemente

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  • Mike O'Rourke posted 1418 days ago

    Mike O'Rourke


    I have sent an email to Bleacher Report at outlining the insane behavior of the single Troll who has pretty much chased all ND B/R posters away from the site with his nonsense.

    Keith Arnold and other ND B/R writers plus their advertisers are going to be losing a lot of money if no one comes to the site to post any more.

    It is probably a good idea to send an email to Bleacher Report yourself and if we can get enough complaints going---something will be done to ban Mr. Troll for good and bounce him every time he tries to return. will listen because they want this site to make money.

    Mike O'Rourke

  • Emily O'Neill Elmer posted 1851 days ago

    Emily O'Neill Elmer

    Merry Christmas!

  • Mike Muratore posted 1957 days ago

    Mike Muratore

    Hey Rob. Carlisle is cleared to begin contact this week. He could be eligible for this week's game... BUT with Wood back, and Riddick, and Atkinson III, and McDaniel... I've read that Kelly is leaning toward a red-shirt.
    Unless he wants to play defense. (joke... no truth to that)

  • Sterling James posted 2197 days ago

    Sterling James

    Rob. I really thought 2011 would be a turning point for BK and ND and it was. They turned into the same old team of the past. The impact has hurt recruiting and this class looks like just another average class. He's lost two really great coaches and commits are starting to waiver. If BK doesn't right the ship in 2012, ND boosters will be looking for another coach at the conclusion of 2013. I really don't think BK has done a really great job of coaching and planning for the future and I truly expect ND to crash and burn this (2012) season. I still think he's going to start TR the first two games or if AH/EG start he'll pull them on the first misstep they make and replace with them with TR. In essence, this COULD be the turning point year and you know what happens when ND coaches falter. BK doesn't have enough wins or credibility at ND to have a 5-7 (2012) season. If he doesn't best a 22-14 CW record by year 3, win a bowl game and rebound in recruiting, he'll be on the hot seat in 2013. BK is currently 16-10.

  • Connor Killoren posted 2391 days ago

    Connor  Killoren

    Rob, thanks for the loyalty to my articles. I'll do my best to keep producing quality work.

    Have a great 4th!