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****Quote of the day, or minute, or hour, ya'll know Im as flaky as a Paula Deen pie crust!!***

7/8 From the cartoon Archer
{Backstory--They have found the Italian PM in the bedroom of Archer's mother Mallory, very very dead}

Archer: I bet I'll never be able to have sex again without thinking about this! I bet I won't even be able to eat spaghetti and meatballs. Oh God!

Malory: What?

Archer: I could eat. Not necessarily spaghetti and meatballs, but, you know, not necessarily not spaghetti and meatballs. I mean I really like spaghetti and meatballs. Man, if I don't get some spaghetti and meatballs, I may literally die.

Lana: So, we've got a dead Italian prime minister in the living room which—

Archer: Sucks, because I bet he knew how to make sauce.

****10/24/13 666 comments Ha! The Devil is alive people. Plan accordingly!!*****

Married mother of 2, 42 years old (just getting older and older) ! Am one of the few people who watches wrestling and reads the sheets but still manages to continue to enjoy the product. LOL, am one of the only people I know who enjoyed the invasion angle:)

As to the ever changing profile pic..I have a thing for the Diva's so I feature them in my pic. On a daily basis a beautiful woman will grace this space. Mostly you will see Layla, Melina, Lita, Eve, Naomi and a few other. Mostly Brunettes and Redheads although occasionally will see Maryse, because good lord she is one fabulous Blonde vixen :)

I am also a huge fan of Tech N9ne, Fear Factory, Machinehead, Metallica ( the older stuff), Megadeth(even though Dave Mustaine is the Whiniest Whiner Ever), Disturbed, Mudvayne, Trivium, Dark Lotus, Brother Lynch Hung, Prozack, Rehab, 5 Finger Death Punch, Tupac and so many others. The only thing I really dont listen to is country. I have no reason other than I hate it and wished that others did as well. I mean, Taylor Swift?? Gag me with 3 spoons.....but I digress.

I have a tendency to be reasonably sarcastic but its only because I am crazy :) For the most part I am easily approachable, have no problem giving props when they are due, and will also cut you down to size if I feel it necessary.

P.P.P.P.P means Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.

I find a lot of the IWC to be chock full of ridiculousness, hyperbole, vicious hatred and stupidity. But hey, I love it so here I am:)

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  • Luka Megurine posted 1 day ago

    Luka Megurine

    Cool. Nice to hear that your doing terrific and had a great fourth of july! Glad to have you back by the way. Place isn't the same without you in my opinion lol.

    Did you ever seen the movie Prometheus? I'm debating whether or not to watch it on Netflix anytime soon.

  • Bellatrix Lestrange posted 1 day ago

    Bellatrix Lestrange

    Spaghetti and meatballs! Do you enoy meat?

  • Luka Megurine posted 1 day ago

    Luka Megurine

    It was pretty good. Lots of people sent off fireworks like for five days straight. I admire them doing that but it keeps me from getting sleep.

    P.s. everything ok?

  • Heroes of Wrestling. posted 1 day ago

    Heroes  of Wrestling.

    Ah i c. Cant have the best female role model on here unhappy then the whole website is unhappy. Good point.

  • Bellatrix Lestrange posted 1 day ago

    Bellatrix Lestrange

    ROFL! Thanks!

  • Bellatrix Lestrange posted 1 day ago

    Bellatrix Lestrange

    What does the fox say?

  • Heroes of Wrestling. posted 2 days ago

    Heroes  of Wrestling.

    Cena is champ i am happy. U happy?

  • Luka Megurine posted 2 days ago

    Luka Megurine

    Hello Monique. How was fourth of july for you? Did anything fun that day?

  • Lil Ray-Ray Jr. posted 5 days ago

    Lil Ray-Ray Jr.

    Lol, love that Boondocks quote =). Riley such a n***a.

  • Ashley Jensen posted 7 days ago

    Ashley Jensen

    How do you see Bray and Jericho matches going? I am glad AJ is back, am looking forward to more chat with you!