Typical IWC Guy

Typical IWC Guy

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  • Matt Emery posted 744 days ago

    Matt Emery

    Your comments always have me laughing. You actually do sound like most people on this website. Excellent parody account.

  • Auranga'BAD GUY' posted 892 days ago

    Auranga'BAD GUY'

    Man you are good. Really good. Your comments never get old.

  • Edge's Biggest Fan posted 942 days ago

    Edge's Biggest Fan

    Your awesome dude

  • alex hudson posted 943 days ago

    alex hudson

    I don't say this often, but, I love you

  • Auranga'BAD GUY' posted 945 days ago

    Auranga'BAD GUY'

    You really believe in what you say or you hate IWC?

  • Sports Lover posted 962 days ago

    Sports  Lover

    Welcome back!

  • Dude you are awesome.

  • See ya posted 964 days ago

    See ya


  • Banned posted 977 days ago


    I like ya. You had me dying with " I want my Wrestlers to be built like 14 yo girls."

  • Lloyd Young III posted 989 days ago

    Lloyd Young III

    You say what I'm thinking so much.