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  • Brian Simpson posted 1570 days ago

    Brian Simpson

    What's up man!!! I've been a posting on BR for over a year and am JUST realizing that there is a bulletin board!!! LOL!!! Hope that you didn't think that I was being rude!!!

  • Josh Hicks posted 1585 days ago

    Josh Hicks

    Did you post on my profile on accident or something? I'm not sure what your problem is but I would appreciate if you would delete it, I don't like Texas or Texas A&M. I'm not sure what you were trying to prove. As far as you having a career as a law enforcer, I think that's terrific.

  • Josh Hicks posted 1586 days ago

    Josh Hicks

    Bob No one has even posted on your board. I suggest you stop being a phsyco and look at your recent history, you have anger issues. Please take your caps lock off.