duh duh duh duhduhduh   duh duhduhduh fan 2013

duh duh duh duhduhduh duh duhduhduh fan 2013

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  • Colton G posted 1691 days ago

    Colton G

    A picure of Khali?
    1. No mic skills
    2. No ring skills
    3. Doesn't sell moves well
    4. Botches alot

    Remind me why you are a fan.

  • The Villain posted 1694 days ago

    The Villain

    dp of Khali


  • Sports Lover posted 1698 days ago

    Sports Lover

    Is it no or Yes?

  • fandango posted 1700 days ago


    hey you remember the name of faaaaaaandaaaaango

  • I don't put time in to this im just doing it when I am bored so why don't you make a faaaaaann daaaaann gooooo account and do it right study his mannerisms do what ever it takes thanks for the comments

  • Fabian Contreras posted 1705 days ago

    Fabian Contreras

    hey is this okay faaahhhhhn daaaunhhn goat

  • DYRO posted 1721 days ago


    do u fan anyone

  • DYRO posted 1725 days ago


    i believe in the shield.

  • kelissa robinson posted 1725 days ago

    kelissa robinson

    really shield really really really really i just wanted o let u know that undertaker is coming back TONITE BUT YOU GUYS ARE A BIG MISUNDERSTARANDING OHH WAIT THE SHIELD OF UNJUSTICE ;)

  • The Sword posted 1728 days ago

    The Sword

    You don't need me I need you together we can fix the problem.