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  • Chris Stephens posted 1637 days ago

    Chris Stephens

    I'm more than happy to help.

    Right now, things are looking really good for the Dodgers. While I have criticized Yasiel Puig in the past, there's no doubt he inserted a lot of energy into the organization. Part of the reason they're in first place is because of his energy. If you'll notice on their schedule, 26 of their last 29 games are against teams in the division. If they struggle there, they're not making the playoffs. Side note - I think two teams out of the central will take the wild card spots so for teams in the east and west, they must win the division if they want to make the playoffs.

    Anyways, I feel after Aug. 11 we'll have a better feel for the Dodgers. They have Cincinnati (4 games), Yankees (2 games), Cubs (4 games), Cardinals (4 games) and Rays (3 games) up to that point. The Cubs are the only ones they really don't have to worry about. But those other matchups are not easy.

    The best thing that could have happened for the Dodgers, though, is that Josh Beckett is done for the rest of the year. He's pitched poorly and is a clubhouse cancer.

    I believe it will come down to Arizona and the Dodgers for the division...and it might come down to the last week. LA has Colorado at home, while Arizona has Washington at home. It will be interesting, but if LA continues to play the way they are, they should win the division.

    Hope that helps.