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Born and raised in Texas, my favorite teams all have a local flavor (Tennessee Titans via Houston Oilers and OKC Thunder via Kevin Durant via University of Texas).

My grandfather inoculated me into the wide world of sports at a young age, watching games on TV with me and taking me to countless college football games (D2 Angelo State University) and minor league baseball games (San Angelo Colts). Since that time, my love and passion for sports has only grown.

Never a large guy, my dreams of playing professionally were dashed at a young age, so I instead latched onto watching a multitude of sports and games and, with a more feverish passion, playing fantasy sports.

My dream one day is to be a sports writer, preferably in the field of fantasy sports (though exclusively writing for the MLB or NBA would not disappoint me). I have little college education, but plan on returning this summer to work my way towards a degree in journalism.

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