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  • Eric Jiang posted 11 hours ago

    Eric Jiang

    You wanna trade Trevor Ariza?

  • Small Fundamental posted 17 hours ago

    Small Fundamental

    Lol 310,000 km's on that badboy, though... First time it broke down this bad O_O

    Funnily enough, I love Mustang, too...... I think when it comes to muscle cars, very few look better than the Mustang.. And even if you compare it to a supercar like a Lambo or Pagani, the Mustang still has that awesome bada** look to it... Not very good on the mileage though, lol......

    Stuff I love
    Computers & Tech

    But you're the correct height D: So you aren't underweight or anything...

    Lol not in Sri Lanka.... It's much worse here..... I wish I could tell you, but I really don't feel like typing it out D: I saw a documentary on it, when I was younger and it still gives me nightmares sometimes :/

    So is it sweet and stuff? Like milk? Or does it taste meat.. ew.....

    Well rebounding is about position and nose for the ball, right? I mean, I think Faried has it more than anyone on the team..... And just to be safe, I got Hickson too :P

  • Small Fundamental posted 21 hours ago

    Small Fundamental

    Well... I started driving this year, too... So it's no biggie.. In SL, you gotta be 18 or over to drive.. :/ It was my dad's car, then mine.... If I drove it for 12 years, it most probably wouldn't last that long XD Not that I'm a reckless and or bada** driver... Sometimes, I don't judge correctly :/

    Choose your first car wisely :) Buy a name which is popular for reliability and not for speed and all that.... Otherwise you can do both and go for a GTR. I'll hate you, if you do, though... How dare you drive a GTR before me :(

    We had a Mc, literally next to our school:
    _________ ______ ____
    McDonalds | |School| |KFC |
    ---------------- -------- --------

    I'm not even kidding, that's where our school was. Right in a fast food restaurant war zone.... You might think I am kidding, but I literally cannot remember the last time I went to a Mc O_O I swear.... Not because I'm a health junkie or anything (I weigh 120lb ffs) but because I never liked them that much... That clown was scary AF... I loved the ball pits, though... If I could, I would go to Mc just to play in the ball pits.

    Dam, that's a lot of Mc, lol.... How much do you weigh now?

    No... I'm Buddhist and Buddhism doesn't say anything about don't eat meat... It says "Don't kill animals" but as long as you didn't kill the animal, it should be ok.... Again, I'm not trying to be a hardcore animal activist or anything.... But it just sucks SO SO much to see trucks full of chicken, cows and pigs going to the slaughterhouse :/ I wish I could be vegan but if I am thin enough already... Once/if I hit a good weight, I'm done with meat :/

    Also it's Indians who worship cows. Not us.. One of the few things we agree on, though, lol....

    Chickens is one thing... They just cut their heads off... But how they kill cows? Sometimes you don't mind an apocalypse coming and killing every human alive, including me.. We deserve it for what we do to some animals :/

    Eh depressing topic...

    I honestly don't even know what a protein shake is. I can google it, but eh.... What IS a protein shake? What are the ingredients?

    Micah's training is called "I'm-possible training" He goes around giving motivational speeches as well..

    And Faried for Ariza? Hmm... Thing is, I am expecting Faried to break out this season... He averaged 20 points 11 rebounds last year in the season's final 30-odd games... And seeing his success in FIBA, I'm sure he will break out.... That being said, I'm not looking at him for blocks, tbh... He, along with Jones, Boozer, Hibbert (?), Hickson and Randle (?) bring up my rebounding division....

  • Small Fundamental posted 22 hours ago

    Small Fundamental

    Lots of NBA players go to him though for handles.

    Him and there is this dude, whose name I don't know, lol...

    This is his twitter: https://twitter.com/dribble2much

    You're so lucky >.< You can go to their camps :(

  • Small Fundamental posted 22 hours ago

    Small Fundamental

    I feel so betrayed :( The engine of my car of 12 years, failed in the middle of the road :( Just.... BAM


    lol..... That sad feeling though..... When something you knew and trusted for so long, dies :(

    Anyway back to our convo....

    In Sri Lanka normal age of leaving high school is 17-18... So I'm not THAT behind my peers. For what its worth, if you stayed in the Philippines, and you followed a UK curriculum throughout school, you would be a 3rd year college student as well.... I don't know whether USA has British schools, but I doubt it... UK doesn't have American schools/colleges so I guess America returns the favor as well...

    How do I get fat?? I can stuff my face frm McDonald's but that would give me a cardiac arrest as well as fat.. I want a healthy way to get fat. Not just eating junk food.... I eat enough junk food as it is. And, listening to my gym instructor he says eat lots of meat and eggs and all that. But I eat only fish and chicken. No beef, bacon, pork etc.. They also tell me to make and drink protein shakes (...?) ain't nobody got time fo' dat

    Ware's leg literally took this shape: < Apparently he's playing again, so that's great... Wonder if he could have made the NBA if he didn't get injured... I know Peyton Siva did...

    I wish we could play on hardwood :( We have indoor stadiums but those are only for matches and not for practices and stuff... But not all matches. Only if it looks like its gonna rain heavily. Or its a big Final. Or if there would be a big crowd etc.. It's very expensive to rent out stadiums so they don't do it...

    Do you know Micah Lancaster? I think that was his name... Since you don't like the Professor, you might like him... He trains actual NBA players. And he is also very short.. 5ft 7 or something... His handles, though....

    I feel like most of his training videos are just him showing off, but meh... some work

  • Slightly Biased Thunder Fan posted 1 day ago

    Slightly Biased Thunder Fan

    Would you be interested in power ranking our league?

  • Slightly Biased Thunder Fan posted 1 day ago

    Slightly Biased Thunder Fan


  • Eric Jiang posted 1 day ago

    Eric Jiang

    You got any trades for me?

  • Real NBA Fan posted 1 day ago

    Real NBA Fan


    I actually think Wade will be huge this season. Not being biased.

  • Small Fundamental posted 1 day ago

    Small Fundamental

    Lol I watched the video some time back so I can't remember all the stereotypes, but I totally would be that guy who says foul all the time, and the guy who whips out the rulebook everytime, lol.... It's not my fault lol, I'm around 120lb which is underweight, but IT AIN'T MY FAULT!!! I EAT ALOT!!!! Goddam fast metabolism...

    Well if we ever get rich and famous, here's to not getting too full of ourselves....

    Well as Nate Robinson put it, it's always Heart over Height...

    Truth be told, I'm not the greatest defender either, lol.... Since I'm thin, I often get overpowered by the other guy, but I'm more like a Mills-Ginobili hybrid.... Both of them are pesky defenders... The kind of team who you would want to sucker punch in the face when you play against them, but like it when they are on your team.... Have you seen Mills guarding Westbrook?? He almost lost his sh*t... It was against Mills' defense Westbrook hoisted up that half court 3, lmao... He got too frustrated...

    I'm trying to put on weight and hit the gym, but it's SO hard to gain weight... FML

    Also, after watching Kevin Ware's injury, I have decreased my shot contesting-ness if that's a word, lol.... Ware's injury was...... It just snapped.

    Lol we play on blacktops though..... Have you ever fallen on a blacktop while running full speed? I have fallen and bruised all over including my face, lmao.... There was a short time I looked like Two Face...... lol....

    Thanks, bro-seph... Means a lot... You too... The only thing stopping you, is you.... :)

    Also you watch any tutorial videos on YouTube? Some of them are really good, while some of them are stupid AF and just videos to show off their skill, lol....