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  • Atlanta Hawks Fan posted 7 days ago

    Atlanta Hawks Fan

    Cady Lalanne might be a steal for the Spurs. Almost aberaged a dub-dub with Massashutsetts.

  • Atlanta Hawks Fan posted 9 days ago

    Atlanta Hawks Fan

    Who do you want San Antonio to draft?

  • Atlanta Hawks Fan posted 15 days ago

    Atlanta Hawks Fan


  • It's cool bro I ain't tripping. Take your time.

    Yeah if you want to do it before the season that's fine. It's your league so you make the rules of just hate if one of our top draft picks got hurt in like week two and it could've easily been avoided if we waited til almost the end of pre season. But like I said, it's your league so whatever you want to do I'm down for.

  • Word of advice, don't have the draft until after week 3 in the pre season so we can avoid injuries. Wouldn't be fair if my first round pick for injured y'know?

  • Luigi Lama posted 48 days ago

    Luigi Lama

    Hey u filiponi stoneed brained piece of poop

  • Corey McDevitt posted 48 days ago

    Corey McDevitt

    I know that problem, i had to email B/R to fix it, it is a glitch on your account, i don't have that problem at the moment though!

    Hey, i've got another friend that would like to join the fantasy too. So there's three of us from New Zealand keen. Because both my friends hate joining leagues that end up with only a few actually doing it, while the others make a team then just never do anything again. So if thats all good?

    Wow, a Raiders fan since 2005! I've got respect for that! What do you think of the Raiders offseason? We'll me and my friend wanted to go for another team, so we supported two NFL teams. I don't know why i chose the Raiders, i loved Khalil Mack last year and i guess i wanted to support a young team that looks like they are making a come back, and a team with a young QB. So yeah. Ever since i've jumped aboard i've loved every thing the team has done this offseason, i love the Del Rio hiring, love Amari Cooper, Clive Walford, Max Valles, Jon Feliciano and the signings like Nate Allen, Curtis Lofton, Dan Williams..

  • Alright I got it, my team name is OVO Crew.

  • I never got the email broski.

  • Corey McDevitt posted 50 days ago

    Corey McDevitt

    hang on, are you a Raider fan too?!