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  • Small Fundamental posted 4 hours ago

    Small Fundamental

    If you're still interested, though... Watch this in your free time:

  • Small Fundamental posted 4 hours ago

    Small Fundamental

    Hmm that's weird... Guess my cousins just don't buy it in the US, then...

    Ehhh eff off lol.... Sri Lanka used to suck for a long time, till around 1995. In 1996, which was the year the fire incident took place, Sri Lanka went on to win our first World Cup so it was a major "suck-my-d**k-India", move.. That was our only world cup till 2014, when we beat India in the Finals, lol... Sri Lanka and Spurs both ended their droughts in the same year XD

    Seriously though, Indian fans are the definition of unclassy. And we think Miami Heat fans were bad. And it has rubbed off on their players.

    He flipped them off because they were booing him.

    Lol how long is a NFL game?

    You're kinda exposing yourself there, bud XD

    Yeah it is a bit... Also, I'm not very good at explaining XD

  • Small Fundamental posted 11 hours ago

    Small Fundamental

    SO Milo is available in the US? Because my cousins treat it like magic elixir when they visit.... I drink both. The milk packet and the milk powder (as milk :P)

    Yeah... In Sri Lanka, its either, business, engineering or medicine... There are others, but those 3 are the most common....

    Lol what I meant by gentleman's game was, there are rarely fights. There ARE. But not very often. And even by that, very rarely do players carry grudges. After the game they shake hands and its all good. The only real rivalry is India-Pakistan and Sri Lanka-India (to a certain extent). Thing with India is, everyone hates India. They are like the Miami Heat with Lebron. To their face, no one will say anything, but deep down, everyone hates India. Not to mention, they are pretty good as well, lol...

    Also what I love most about cricket is, how sportsmanlike some players are. Just watch these videos:
    Playing walking out after ref says Not Out

    Ref admitting his mistake and the captain allowing a player declared out to be brought back

    That's what I love most about cricket. I mean, if Ray Allen accepted that he fouled Ginobili in 2013, then we would have won..... Oh well... And the first video was a World Cup match. That's the biggest stage in cricket.

    And its practically impossible to hit someone with the ball ON PURPOSE. You can hit someone with the ball, and its not a foul or anything, but on purpose? You gotta be like a hitman or something to aim so well lol....

    How long is a baseball match?

    Cricket is played both outdoors and indoors. Although the indoor one is for pu**ies. lol.... They play with softball/tennis ball so it doesn't hurt that much...

    The shortest game of cricket will go on for around 4 hours. Longest one is 30 hours, across 5 days, lol.... I would really like to see some basketball players who think they are so tough, play in those conditions... Just for the fun of it :D

    Well its not that hard... There are 3 poles (called wickets) on either side of the pitch..... On the pitch there are 2 batsmen whose job is to defend the batting side wicket. The batting side is the side where the bowler bowls to. The 2 batsmen stand on either side of the wicket. The batsmen who the bowler is bowling to, will hit the ball and run. If batsmen cross sides once, its 1 run. Twice its 2 runs. Thrice its 3 runs. The field is oval shaped, most of the time, and near the border of the oval there is a line called the Boundary. If the ball bounces over the boundary its 4 runs. If it sails over the boundary WITHOUT HITTING THE GROUND, like in family guy episode you showed, its 6 runs.

    Guys circling the field are called fielders and if they catch the ball, BEFORE THE BALL HITS THE GROUND, its out. If the fielders catch the ball while it is rolling on the ground and throw it to either wickets. If the ball hits the wicket and a batsmen is not near the wicket, the batsmen closest to THAT wicket is out. Like baseball. If the batter isn't at a base and the ball reaches a fielder (or whatever you call it) he is out, right... Same thing.....

    Lol writing all that, I realize its more complicated than I thought it was. I was watching it since I was 3 years old so its okay for me :P But that's the basic gist of it. There are many more rules, though...

    Kobe Bryant himself said he wanted to try cricket, lol.....

  • Eric Jiang posted 1 day ago

    Eric Jiang

    Better hurry. I offered Redick to John Haviland.

  • Eric Jiang posted 1 day ago

    Eric Jiang

    Okay I sent the offer again just accept it if you can find a deal for Redick.

  • Small Fundamental posted 1 day ago

    Small Fundamental

    Lol yeah I drunk it when I was a kid.... I loved the taste, though.... Do they have Milo in USA? I can't remember if y'all do O_O I LOVE Milo... Although that isn't a protein shake or anything lol.... I prefer Milo to Gatorade, tbh... I love both, but given the choice, Milo it is..... Something about it, just makes me hyper, lol... Like one of those 5 year olds

    So you don't like it and just want to be one because its like your family tradition or like it and want to be one because its like your family tradition.... Not judging :)

    Meh... Cricket hurts like a b***h. Cricket has literally killed kids. It's one of the most dangerous non contact sports, lol.... The ball used for cricket is extremely dangerous. When you go out to bat, you wear helmet, chest guard, leg guard, arm guard and most importantly... BALL GUARD. You also have to stay in tip top shape, lol.... NBA athletes got nothing on cricket players in terms of durability and hardness, lol.... Some cricket matches last 5 DAYS.

    That's 6 HOURS in the sun... You know how hot it is in countries like India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan are right? XD On a cool day, its around 28 degrees (around 85 Fahrenheit)

    To put that into comparison, Lebron James got a cramps playing 36 minutes at 29 degrees (100 degrees Fahrenheit)

    Lebron James 19 million dollars a year
    highest paid cricketer 3 million dollars a year

    Because f*** logic

  • Small Fundamental posted 1 day ago

    Small Fundamental

    So wait, is Sustagen a protein shake?

    Also don't get offended but I'm pretty sure lots of people asked you this, and that fact that you still want to be one, is pretty great, but why do you want to be a nurse?

  • Eric Jiang posted 1 day ago

    Eric Jiang

    You wanna trade Trevor Ariza?

  • Small Fundamental posted 2 days ago

    Small Fundamental

    Lol 310,000 km's on that badboy, though... First time it broke down this bad O_O

    Funnily enough, I love Mustang, too...... I think when it comes to muscle cars, very few look better than the Mustang.. And even if you compare it to a supercar like a Lambo or Pagani, the Mustang still has that awesome bada** look to it... Not very good on the mileage though, lol......

    Stuff I love
    Computers & Tech

    But you're the correct height D: So you aren't underweight or anything...

    Lol not in Sri Lanka.... It's much worse here..... I wish I could tell you, but I really don't feel like typing it out D: I saw a documentary on it, when I was younger and it still gives me nightmares sometimes :/

    So is it sweet and stuff? Like milk? Or does it taste meat.. ew.....

    Well rebounding is about position and nose for the ball, right? I mean, I think Faried has it more than anyone on the team..... And just to be safe, I got Hickson too :P

  • Small Fundamental posted 2 days ago

    Small Fundamental

    Well... I started driving this year, too... So it's no biggie.. In SL, you gotta be 18 or over to drive.. :/ It was my dad's car, then mine.... If I drove it for 12 years, it most probably wouldn't last that long XD Not that I'm a reckless and or bada** driver... Sometimes, I don't judge correctly :/

    Choose your first car wisely :) Buy a name which is popular for reliability and not for speed and all that.... Otherwise you can do both and go for a GTR. I'll hate you, if you do, though... How dare you drive a GTR before me :(

    We had a Mc, literally next to our school:
    _________ ______ ____
    McDonalds | |School| |KFC |
    ---------------- -------- --------

    I'm not even kidding, that's where our school was. Right in a fast food restaurant war zone.... You might think I am kidding, but I literally cannot remember the last time I went to a Mc O_O I swear.... Not because I'm a health junkie or anything (I weigh 120lb ffs) but because I never liked them that much... That clown was scary AF... I loved the ball pits, though... If I could, I would go to Mc just to play in the ball pits.

    Dam, that's a lot of Mc, lol.... How much do you weigh now?

    No... I'm Buddhist and Buddhism doesn't say anything about don't eat meat... It says "Don't kill animals" but as long as you didn't kill the animal, it should be ok.... Again, I'm not trying to be a hardcore animal activist or anything.... But it just sucks SO SO much to see trucks full of chicken, cows and pigs going to the slaughterhouse :/ I wish I could be vegan but if I am thin enough already... Once/if I hit a good weight, I'm done with meat :/

    Also it's Indians who worship cows. Not us.. One of the few things we agree on, though, lol....

    Chickens is one thing... They just cut their heads off... But how they kill cows? Sometimes you don't mind an apocalypse coming and killing every human alive, including me.. We deserve it for what we do to some animals :/

    Eh depressing topic...

    I honestly don't even know what a protein shake is. I can google it, but eh.... What IS a protein shake? What are the ingredients?

    Micah's training is called "I'm-possible training" He goes around giving motivational speeches as well..

    And Faried for Ariza? Hmm... Thing is, I am expecting Faried to break out this season... He averaged 20 points 11 rebounds last year in the season's final 30-odd games... And seeing his success in FIBA, I'm sure he will break out.... That being said, I'm not looking at him for blocks, tbh... He, along with Jones, Boozer, Hibbert (?), Hickson and Randle (?) bring up my rebounding division....