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Favorite NFL QBs:
1) Aaron Rodgers
2) Drew Brees
3) Cam Newton
4) Andrew Luck
5) Russell Wilson
6) Peyton Manning
7) Eli Manning
8) MIchael Vick

Favorite NFL Running Backs:
1) Adrian Peterson
2) Arian Foster
3) CJ Spiller
4) Marshawn Lynch
5) Doug Martin
6) Jamaal Charles
7) LeSean Mccoy
8 )Ray Rice
9) Maurice Jones-Drew
10) Chris Johnson

Favorite NFL Wide Receivers:
1) Calvin Johnson
2) Andre Johnson
3) Julio Jones
4) VIctor Cruz
5) A.J. Green

Favorite NFL Non Skill Positions:
1) Von Miller
2) Darrelle Revis
3) JJ Watt
4) Muhammad Wilkerson
5) Patrick Willis
6) Quinton Coples
7) Antonio Cromartie
8) Jarius Byrd
9) DeMarcus Ware
10)Ed Reed

Favorite NBA Point Guards:
1) Deron Williams
2) Derrick Rose
3) Chris Paul
4) Kyrie Irving
5) Stephen Curry

Favorite NBA Shooting Guards:
1) Kobe Bryant
2) James Harden
3) Joe Johnson
4) Paul George
5) Iman Shumpert

Favorite NBA Small Forwards:
1) Carmelo Anthony
2) Kevin Durant
3) Andre Iguodala
4) Rudy Gay
5) Paul Pierce

Favorite NBA Power Forwards:
1) Tim Duncan
2) Blake Griffin
3) Kevin Love
4) Dirk Nowitzki
5) Kevin Garnett

Favorite NBA Centers:
1) Brook Lopez
2) Joakim Noah
3) Tyson Chandler
4) Marc Gasol
5) DeMarcus Cousins

Favorite Baseball Players:
1) David Wright
2) Matt Harvey
3) Derek Jeter
4) Mariano Rivera
5) Curtis Granderson
6) Robinson Cano
7) Mike Trout
8) Clayton Kershaw
9) Yasiel Puig
9) Matt Kemp
10) Brandon Phillips
11) Joey Votto
12) Zack Wheeler
13) Bryce Harper
14) Carlos Beltran

I love talking sports. If you would like to talk to me about anything sports related feel free to leave a comment.
1) I like both the Nets and the Knicks because I started liking the Knicks practically since I was born, but when I heard the Nets were moving to Brooklyn I fell in love with them instantly. I quickly fell in love with the team because when I was little I would go to Brooklyn every other day which I found amazing that they were finally going to have their own team.
2) I like both the Yankees and Mets because my Mother is a Yankees fan and my Father is a Mets fan so I was raised up liking both.
3) I like both the Rangers and Islanders because it was the same situation as the Yankees and Mets.

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    If the Yankess and Mets were playing, who would you choose?

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  • Long gone posted 368 days ago

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    As long as you are not a bandwagon fan.

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    Jet fan? That stinks.

  • Marco D posted 497 days ago

    Marco D

    Thanks for fanning me, Chris. It seems like we have the same taste when it comes to sports.