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  • Fly Eagles__7 posted 1595 days ago

    Fly Eagles__7

    Just for you buddy! He started covering football maybe 3-4 years ago he is far from a guru lol

  • Fly Eagles__7 posted 1598 days ago

    Fly Eagles__7

    Yo, I read some of your comments on Brad Gagnon shitty bio, Just to let you know Greg Grant and Stan Kramer are his secondary accounts he uses to defend himself. Just FYI thought you would appreciate it.

  • Kevin Boilard posted 1615 days ago

    Kevin Boilard


    Good luck on your move to Texas. You don't have to root for Dallas or Houston, although you may be forced to watch them on TV. It will be very different to live as an out-of-market fan for the first time -- I have spent the majority of my life in Eagles country. Soon, you will find that you enjoy watching the Cowboys lose almost as much as you enjoy watching the Giants win.


  • Big Daddy posted 1642 days ago

    Big  Daddy

    Whomever actually is reading my profile I'll be honest. Bleacher Report is a horrible sports outlet and I have no interest in coming here. Most of the writers suck. The articles suck and all they care about is getting people to spend time on the pages so they can charge more for advertising, that's how it works. Almost Zero quality.

  • Big Daddy posted 1643 days ago

    Big  Daddy

    I'll respond on my profile. I don't converse with people who have deep seated personality issues. It's a waste of time, they are too wrapped up in themselves.

  • Brad Gagnon posted 1643 days ago

    Brad Gagnon

    Oh, good. Take shots at our educators now, too. Little tip on the media world, Big Daddy: Some of the best journalists we have end up teaching at institutions around the country. It's quite normal. There's money in it, as well as gratification.

    They tell us not to respond to juvenile trolls like you because it's just what you want. But you're just too fun. As long as you read the piece I linked, I'm satisfied with this exchange. You'll likely keep trying to tear down those who create, but at least I tried.

    I'm impressed, though. I see a lot of keyboard warriors like you with a goofy online pseudonyms who spend hours of their time trying -- inexplicably -- to personally offend and attack hard-working young writers. But rarely are those trolls older than 17. You, Big Daddy, are apparently in your sixties or seventies. I wish my grandfather was that internet savvy.

    Now, I'm guessing you're going to again respond with some personal insult about, um, my teeth, or my "issues," or my "bias." And then you're going to tell me that -- despite the fact you're responding for the 12th time -- you're giving me the last word. And I'm going to have another chuckle as an anonymous blip on my radar tries desperately to impact my career. And I'll remind myself that you're the customer. And the customer, Big Daddy, is always right.

    So thanks for the precious advice. I assure you I'm heeding it all. And eventually, maybe, if I'm really lucky, I'll become as successful as you are, Big Daddy. And then I'll be on easy street, ripping apart 20-something-year-old writers and anyone else foolish enough to try to create and craft content for the masses. I'll spend the next 40 years thinking of an alias and pondering whether to go with an ape, a bulldog or an elephant in my avatar.

    I'm leaning toward ape, but don't call it an homage. Mainly, because I'm not certain you'll know how to pronounce that word.

    With love,


  • Brad Gagnon posted 1644 days ago

    Brad Gagnon

    I love you, Bid Daddy. Didn't read much of your latest troll comment, but I did scan it. My only parting words will be regarding my "bias." Titans fan my whole life. Absolutely no partisanship within the NFC East. And I'd have no reason to hide it if I did. The reality is that I'm a neutral onlooker who thinks the Cowboys are a better team right now than the Giants. Foolish? Maybe. Biased? No.

    And thanks for educating me on my industry. I'll forget everything my media and journalist profs told me during my eight years worth of post-secondary schooling and instead defer to what my man Big Daddy professes.

    Peace, love, and some recommended reading: (I especially like the final section on page 2, which pertains to non-creators criticizing creators for their creations.)

  • Stan Kramer posted 1646 days ago

    Stan Kramer

    I guess I hit a nerve "Big Daddy". I am longtime fan of the Bleacher Report and a NY Giants fan. I too remember the days in front of the black and white tv but much has changed. I was getting very tired of your ridiculous comments when reading many different articles by different writers and finally needed to state my opinion. This is a great forum for fans but please stop bashing writers and writing mean spirited comments. You sound like a very tired, crabby old man who loves to argue.... how sad.

  • Glenn Grant posted 1646 days ago

    Glenn Grant

    Hey Big Daddy what name did you write under for the Giants Gab? I'd love to read some of your biased Giants loving stuff - I'm sure it would be good for a laugh. It doesn't seem like your "health issues" are keeping from typing mindless dribble on your keyboard now. Are all Giants fans idiots or are all idiots Giants fans? Gotta figure that one out...

  • Stan Kramer posted 1646 days ago

    Stan Kramer

    Since you are "elderly" as am I just don't understand why you would use profanity and "LMAO" in a post. Why the "nice teeth" comment? This site is a forum for sports opinions - including the writers. Who are you to judge anyone's writing skills? If you have an opinion about his writing then have some class when writing your remarks - make the comment and be done with it. The other garbage we can all do without.