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Born, raised, and still live in Atlanta, GA where I have been following the ACC and SEC my whole life. 2004 Graduate of Georgia Tech where I wrote for the Georgia Tech Student Newspaper as a sports writer for 3 years.

Living in Atlanta, what I consider the epicenter of college football and cross roads of the ACC and SEC, allows me to follow two of the best and most intertwined conferences from a historical perspective. I write about all ACC and SEC teams, but focus particularly on UGA and GT with game predictions, rankings, and opinion articles.

If you would like to check out my personal site, The ACC & SEC Blog, you can do so at

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  • Allen Lopp posted 1861 days ago

    Allen Lopp

    Should NC State's Russell Wilson choose Baseball over football?

  • Allen Lopp posted 1863 days ago

    Allen Lopp

    Can NC State beat their recent losing streak?

  • Brian Hood posted 1878 days ago

    Brian Hood

    Hey man, always admired your work. Care to take a look at my latest..

  • Allen Lopp posted 1891 days ago

    Allen Lopp

    I would really appreciate it if you would check out my new slideshow

    Allen Lopp

  • Allen Lopp posted 1932 days ago

    Allen Lopp


    I would really appreciate it if you would take a look at my latest article,

    Thanks, Allen

  • Caleb M. posted 1941 days ago

    Caleb M.

    Check out the ACC Bowl predictions. Can the Yellow Jackets hang on for the ACC title?

  • The Sportmeisters posted 1946 days ago

    The Sportmeisters

    Come join Sportmeister Derek, head of Fantasy Sports, in the Happy Hour Fantasy Football Chat today, Sunday, November 29th from 10:45 AM to 12:45 PM EST. He'll be there to answer all your Fantasy Football questions for the week. Derek is a multiple Fantasy winner, in a variety of league formats. You MUST be registered to ask a question,but don't worry, it's free. Join the chat here:

  • Henry Ball posted 1953 days ago

    Henry  Ball

    As President of the Les Miles Fan Club I took a big hit on Saturday Night but is Les really on the Hot Seat?

    I'd appreciate your feedback and I hope you like it, if you find me worthy!

    Thanks in advance. - HB

  • Tanner Thoms posted 1954 days ago

    Tanner Thoms

    Just finished my latest, updated mock draft. Would love your opinion on the picks. Let me know what you like/dislike on it. Thanks!

    - Tanner

  • Blake Stansbery posted 1955 days ago

    Blake Stansbery

    Let me know what you think of my newest article.