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I am a very Big Baseball Fan and the Yankees are my favorite team, I have been with them all the way. Ever since I could throw a ball I was a Yankee Fan never left stayed by their side through a tough drought for me 18 years, wow the 80's then almost half of that in 2000's. We have picked up a bunch of fans in the 90's but they are not like the older fans. You know how they say true Yankees well there are true Yankee Fans also! I never miss a game I listen on the radio have a sling box and my 65" TV or tickets when I can. If it is the Yankees I am sure I have heard it or will be one of the first I have lot's of friends and they all know I am a big Yankee fan and I get tons of text messages and calls anytime something breaks. I love Hot Stove and the spring start and November finish's!!!!!

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