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Hey I am a person living in U.S.A, I love almost all sports except tennis and golf. They are boring. Thunderstruck. Tampa Bay Ray fan for life. Bucs, Lightning and Seahawks are good to.

Favorite Basketball players right now
1. Kevin Durant
2. Damian Lillard
3. James Harden
4. Carmelo Anthony
5. Russel Westbrook

Favorite basketball players all time
1. Michael Jordan
2. Bill Russel
3. Magic Johnson
4. Kevin Durant
5. Shaquille O'Neal

Favorite Baseball players right now
1. Evan Longoria
2. Andrew McCutchen
3. Bryce Harper
4. Mike Trout
5. James Shields

Favorite baseball players all time
1. Stan Musial
2. Honus Wagner
3. Babe Ruth
4. Willie Mays
5. Jackie Robinson

Favorite wrestlers on current wwe roster
1. D-Bry
2. CM Punk
3. Seth Rollins
4. Dolph Ziggler
5. Kofi Kingston
All time favorite wwe wrestlers
1. Shawn Michaels
2. Mick Foley
3. Stone Cold
4. The Rock
5. The Undertaker

Favorite current NFL players
1. Marshawn Lynch
2. Doug Martin
3. Richard Sherman
4. RG3
5. Colin Kaepernick

Favorite all time NFL players
1. Derrick Brooks
2. Brett Favre
3. Joe Montana
4. Walter Payton
5. "Mean" Joe Greene

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