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  • Kasey Bolles posted 2843 days ago

    Kasey Bolles

    Really, I'm actually a TNA fan! but whatever, you wouldnt know what really wrestling is anyway. Im really you cant spell and you have no solid argument against me. Hell i did even know you sheamus was until he one the battle royal. Maybe you should focus on wreslting ability more then their mic skills. Dont get me wrong Orton But then again you probably dont understand that.

  • Roderick Sutton posted 2866 days ago

    Roderick Sutton

    no im actually 21 u dumbass biatchh i find out where u live bitch u pribably want to suck sheamus balls shallow fan probably only watch wrestling so u can look at the mens bodies go kill yourself haha

  • Kasey Bolles posted 2867 days ago

    Kasey Bolles

    Never said he did dumbass read my statement. I said it's a new direction for the WWE, or wait your sad cena lost. I bet your a 350 lb 5'5" bald mid 30's man living in your moms basement with Cena posters up all over. You dumb bastard. WWE has been going in a PREDICTABLE circle for the last four years this is something NEW... YOU CANT SEE ME